Technology Examples: How Is Technology Changing Our Lives?

Brands these days have been making the most of digital technology to attract and engage customers. They are implementing new and better methods to attract the attention of their customers. They are taking a look at some of the prominent technology examples to bring a change.

According to a recent study, companies are using simple technology examples to solve the most complicated tasks. They are using different technological examples such as machine learning, the Internet of Things, gesture control, hybrid cloud computing, and more to bring a change. Furthermore, many of these companies are indulging in marketing efforts to attract the attention of their customers

The leading global brands are simplifying the advanced technology examples to suit the needs of customers. There are different factors to consider when implementing the technology in your house or commercial space.

What is a communication technology example?

When it comes to communication technology, it is one of those technologies that has been transforming the world. With the help of communication technology, people can quickly check on all the things around them. Most businesses are working towards boosting communication technology along with high-tech upgrades. The buyers often have a hard time purchasing items.

Some of the standard communication technology to look forward to including the following

API is contributing towards communication technology

API has been existent before 2018. Furthermore, it has played an essential role in boosting or instead increasing the value of communication technology. The increased sales of API have been able to make even the most crucial functions quickly.

Businesses and consumers are focusing on using API. The basic needs are increasing. Furthermore, API is helping to find faster and easier solutions.

Two-Factor authentication

One of the most significant benefits of communication technology is paving the way for two-factor authentication. Several brands have already understood the importance of 2FA, and hence, they are implementing it. This is playing an essential role in increasing privacy.

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While 2FA may appear to be simple technology examples, it is not. In the back-end, 2FA is highly complicated. The app or system sends a message to the registered number for confirmation. 2FA plays an important role in bringing the change by identifying the code and avoiding third-party intervention.

Two-factor authentication has become extremely popular in today’s time. It is predicted that in the coming times, 2FA will become even more popular. One of the most commendable features of two-factor authentication is that it combines a simple frontend with a complex back-end system.

Cloud will be the best

One of the best advanced technology examples is the Cloud. Thanks to the Cloud, you can access anything you want and from any part of the world. Cloud has existed for a long time in the market. It is anticipated that Cloud would grow in the coming times too.

Cloud allows you to store all your crucial data. Furthermore, it will play an important role in transmitting data, thereby helping the device to be on edge. It ensures that the right step is taken. Well, the Cloud is evolving each day, and better cellular connectivity will also play an important role in bringing new dimensions. Although Cloud isn’t everywhere, it will soon be everywhere.

What are some disruptive technology examples?

Disruptive technology or disruptive innovation refers to a simple version of the complicated product introduced. There have been several products that were very expensive in the past. But, now, these products have become extremely affordable because of the low-grade solutions.

Disruptive technology tends to hit the bottom of the market, but it is playing an important role in enhancing the relatively cheaper way. Well, disruptive technology is very underrated, but it is also very popular.

Some of the common examples of disruptive technology in today’s time include the following

Video Streaming

The introduction of video streaming platforms seems to be a better advancement than other basic essentials like cable. However, it is one of those sectors that have brought into light how disruptive technology is changing the business.

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The video streaming industry has brought a significant revolution in the entertainment industry. It started from the low level and went to hit the upper market. Netflix is one of the most common videos streaming platforms and yet has become the largest and the most popular one.


We can’t begin how smartphones are bringing a change. Smartphones and their app business model has become far more convenient than computers and laptops. Almost everyone uses the internet from their phones. Well, the app marketplace is also changing and is giving birth to a wide range of services.

With the help of smartphones, we can eventually understand how the disruption model works. This is one of those platforms that is working on bringing changes around the smartphone models. iPhone brought in massive disruption.

Innovative Self-service Technology Examples

The market research analysts are looking out for ways to enhance the impact. The self-service technology example is changing, and the public-facing sector is thus bringing a change accordingly.

Some innovative self-service technology examples are noteworthy. These include the following.

Automatic Telling Machines

An ATM or Cash machine is one of the best examples of self-service technology. Almost everyone has been using it. With the coming in of ATMs, we no longer need to wait for bank branches. The high-tech wireless data communication technology allows everyone to check their available cash and items they can purchase.

Barcode scanners

The barcode scanners maybe a little weird, but they have been extremely helpful. The supermarket owners are implementing different types of technology in their business that is helping in their growth. The barcode scanners are indeed one of the best ways to enhance the sales process and speed it up.

Online banking service

You don’t have to wait in queues for getting your work done. With the help of online banking services, you can get everything done. This is one of the most convenient things. The self-service option is helping to lower the day-to-day overheads.

Technology has played an important role in bringing changes to our day-to-day life. The different technology examples help us understand how the coming in advanced and simple technology changes has led to massive changes in our business.