How Many Calories Do I Burn Jump Roping: Health Guide (2024)

Almost every fitness freak includes roping in their workout session, whether in the warm-up, finisher, mid-workout, or more, as it has full-body benefits. From cardio and muscular strength to supporting weight loss goals, jump roping has tons of advantages for everyone. It is simple to do and gives the most satisfactory outcomes. On the other hand, keeping track of the progress report from this exercise is a bit difficult or can be said as tricky. So to answer those individuals who are very curious to know “How many calories do I burn jump roping? ” we prepared this complete guide which is full of informative content. Here, you will get to know the methods to calculate the jump rope calories burn, its benefits, ways to do it, mistakes to avoid, and so on which will surely help you a lot. 

How Many Calories Do I Burn Jump Roping?

Burning calories from jump roping depends on different factors which mainly include the roping time, intensity, energy, weight, and so on of the performer. However, it can be calculated through a formula which is mentioned below:

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Jump rope calories burned per minute formula = (MET x Body Weight in kilograms x 3.5) / 200 

In this formula, the MET stands for the metabolic equivalent of the task. This term is used for the measurement of the energy that is used in a physical activity for a certain period of time. So, if you do jump roping aggressively, then your MET figure is around 12.3, and you need to put this number in the formula for measuring your calories burnt. Furthermore, as per many researchers, it is reported that an individual who does jump roping at a moderate speed can burn an estimated 140 to 190 calories after doing about 1000 skips in just a single workout session.

Another example of jump rope calorie burn is that if an individual weighs 155 pounds and does roping for about 10 minutes at a moderate speed, then he/she can burn around 100 calories in just one set. The best thing is that this formula is common for all fitness freaks as it does not get affected by factors like age, gender, weather, location, and so on.  

Benefits of Jump Roping

Now, after getting the answer to how many calories does jump rope burn, it’s high time to have a look at its advantages or benefits for the performer. So, read the below-shared points to know about them specifically. 


  1. It helps in cardio fitness: Doing jump roping helps in strengthening the function of your heart and lungs. In this exercise, the body demands for constant and increased supply of oxygen into the muscles to do the workout efficiently which results in better cardiorespiratory health. 
  2. It makes the bones stronger: Jump roping stretches and stresses the bones which makes them stronger, denser, and powerful than before. This highly impactful exercise also increases the mineral density that is present in bones which improves the posture and strength of an individual too. 
  3. It boosts strength in muscles: By giving strength and endurance to the muscles, jump roping allows the body to work for a longer time with more intensity. From calves, buttocks, and thighs to shoulders, biceps, and abdomen, this exercise brings changes in every body part. 
  4. It enhances coordination: Jump roping is all dependent on rhythm which results in enhancing the balance of the body and coordination between the arms, torso, and legs of an individual. Depending upon the pace of your roping, you excel in this skill and maintain continuity in the exercise. 
  5. It adds a fun element: Jump roping is more like a game than an exercise as in this you relax your mind, warm up your body, challenge yourself for a maximum number of jumps, give attention to get proper coordination, and receive tremendous rewards in the form of calories burning or weight loss. 
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How to introduce jump roping in a workout?

Depending upon your goals, there are multiple ways through which you can introduce jump roping in your daily workout. To know about such ideas, read the below-shared points:

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  1. Do it in the middle of the workout: There are times when we have to wait for our next exercise due to the unavailability of props, excessive rush in the gym, or any other reason. So, during that vacant time, you can do jump rope in the middle of your workout. Doing this for about 2 to 5 minutes will not just keep you warm up but will also maintain your heart rate.
  2. Do it as a warm-up exercise: Jump roping at the beginning of the workout can stretch and warm up your body which prepares your muscles for further high-intensity exercises. For this, you just need to jump ropes at a slow to moderate pace and maintain its consistency for about 5 minutes before diving to the main exercises.
  3. Do it at the end of the workout: You can also introduce jump roping as the finishing element of your daily workout session as doing this will increase your heart rate and decrease the calories. For this, you just need to do 100 fast jump roping in one set. Furthermore, you can also take breaks and repeat the set for about 15 to 20 minutes. While doing this try to increase your jump roping count in each set as this will benefit you more.
  4. Do it when you are free: Jump roping can give you a rush of endorphins in your body which will help you in doing other tasks with more attentiveness and freshness. For this, whenever you feel free anytime in the whole day, you just need to take a jump rope, find a place with enough area, and skip for around 5 minutes as per your desired pace. This will not just become your daily habit but will also utilize your time giving tremendous health benefits. 
  5. Add it to your endurance exercises: Performing jump roping continuously for a long time with a slow to moderate pace can result in building strong cardiorespiratory endurance. For this, you just need to start the stopwatch and keep track of the number of skips and the time you consumed for that. Doing it consistently for about 20 to 30 minutes without taking any breaks can make you stronger in all aspects. While performing it make sure not to rush for the speed of roping instead look for the maximum time you can do that.  

What is HIIT jump roping?

HIIT basically stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. In this form of training, an individual goes through different forms of explosive exercises along with frequent breaks and less energy-consuming workouts in between. The benefit of following HIIT jump roping is that the performer becomes able to burn nine times more calories than the regular way of workout. Some of the amazing benefits of the same are mentioned below:

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  • If done with high intensity then it can burn a high number of calories in a short period of time only. 
  • HIIT jump roping eliminates belly fat very quickly. 
  • It helps in keeping the blood pressure balanced and results in great cardiovascular health. 
  • HIIT jump roping is an all-rounder anaerobic and aerobic form of workout. 
  • It also helps in making the respiratory system stronger. 

Note: Using weighted jump ropes for your HIIT training can give highly awesome results as it burns massive amounts of calories, gives more endurance to muscles, and turns out to be a full-body workout session. 

Tips for jump roping

There are a few things that you should keep in mind and follow to practice the most appropriate way of skipping and getting the best results out of your hard work. Some of such effective tips and tricks are mentioned below so have a look at them. 

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  • Make sure that your knees are bent when you are jump roping so that you stay protected from any sort of injury. 
  • Measure and take a rope that is of your size which means not so small or not too long according to your height. 
  • Make sure that you swing the rope with your wrists making small circles instead of rotating your arms. 
  • Try to avoid wearing baggy and heavy clothes as they can obstruct the smooth swing of the rope which may lead you to fall. 
  • Start jump roping from basic fundamentals and choose an appropriate surface for practicing that. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated and have patience while jump roping. 


Above we shared a brief guide answering “How many calories do I burn jump roping” along with its other aspects like fundamentals, HIIT training, benefits, tips, and more which might have helped you in acquiring complete knowledge about this topic. 

Doing jump roping is an excellent way to boost the burning of calories in a fun and easier way. Not only this but it also has many positive impacts on the complete body functioning. Lastly, I hope the page assists you well and if you still have the urge to ask something else then share the same in the comment box mentioned below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the factors that affect jump rope calorie burning?

Ans. Age, muscle mass, body weight, workout intensity, and fitness level are a few most impactful factors that can affect the rate of calories burned through jump roping. 

Q2. What are the fundamentals of jump roping exercise?

Ans. The basic jump, the double under jump, and the cross-over jump are the three fundamentals of jump roping exercise that every fitness freak should try, practice, and include in their workout sessions. 

Q3. How many calories do I burn jump roping?

Ans. It varies from one person to another and you can easily calculate it by following the formula: Jump rope calories burned per minute formula = (MET x Body Weight in kilograms x 3.5) / 200.

Q4. When should I do jump roping in my workout session?

Ans. You can introduce jump roping in the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of your workout session. Not only this, but you can also do it as a warm-up or endurance exercise. The best thing is that it can be done anytime or anywhere whenever you have free time. 

Q5. How many calories does jump rope burn?

Ans. An individual who performs jump roping at a moderate and constant speed can burn an estimated 140 to 190 calories after doing about 1000 skips in just a single workout session. However, there are a few factors which may affect the result. 

Q6. What are the benefits of jump roping?

Ans. Jump roping helps promote cardio fitness, gives strength to muscles, boosts coordination, makes the bones stronger, and adds a fun element to the workout session.