How To Match Your Wedding Band To Your Engagement Ring

First of all, congratulations ladies! on finding your significant other and for being engaged. It’s a lovely feeling to be so in love with someone to be able to spend the rest of your life with that person. Wedding bands strengthen that bond even more. Here you will know how to match your wedding band that compliments your beautiful engagement ring can be a pleasant but stressful experience.

Wedding bands have a deep feeling attached to them; it is something permanent just like the relationship you are going to have with your significant other. While selecting the ring you need to be mindful of many things. You need to pick the perfect shape, color, quality of the cut, and clarity of the stone. Then comes the weight/carat of the diamond. While you may have selected the perfect band then you need to decide on what metal would it suit the best. But would it suit your engagement ring? Is the most important aspect to keep in mind.

Since you may be buying the wedding band because your marriage and wedding bells are around the conner, you need to keep the factor of absolutely comfortable sizing in consideration. You also need to figure out what shape will suit best on your finger with the engagement ring because not all shapes may look good on one’s hand or go with the engagement ring. As seeing all these considerations, it is not wrong to say that one may feel very overwhelmed and stressed about picking up the right choice.

Sadly, blogs that share engagement ring guides just use fancy and vague terms like “vibe” and “aesthetics” to tell a man or woman what to focus on while shopping for the ring which ends up making the person even more confused.

One needs to feel confident of their choice while buying the ring as you would be wearing it for the rest of your life. Fortunately, finding that one perfect wedding band made for your hands and ring is not that difficult to find, with the right guidance you can find the wedding band that will forever remind you of your everlasting bond with your significant other. Your wedding band needs to compliment the engagement ring so well that you feel forever amazed by it.

You can do the shopping for a beautiful wedding band on your own without associating many people’s opinions with it.

Below we have curated the most helpful guide that will allow you to find the adorable wedding band for wedding that goes beyond the wildest stones you have saved on your Pinterest board. Even if you already have the inspiration or ideas for what you are looking for or starting from the starting line, our pointers will guide you into understanding the what band will go best with the engagement ring that you have.

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Let’s start by learning the tips that will help you in buying the wedding band without much stress.

  1. Make up your mind about the budget:

It is always good to have a budget in mind before you start searching for your wedding band. It may sound absurd to think for a budget before hitting the markets but believe us or not it really helps. You can always look for price ranges online. Having a budget allows you to narrow down your search and choices. It can help you stick to a particular set of wedding bands. No budget is less! No need to feel sad about having a restricted budget because finding the highest price value wedding band is not our first priority, to find a band that fits and looks perfect with the engagement ring is what we are looking for. You can have budgets of millions but can find the band that matches perfectly in thousands.

  1. Mix and match various designs:

match various designs

Never feel like you are wasting time by trying on so many bands instead take your time with it, look for all kinds of wedding bands such as contoured wedding bands, classic wedding bands, plain platinum, silver or gold bands. You never know which one will suit best with your engagement ring. There is no rule to follow your fiancés or family choices. Remember you need to have you own individual look as you will be the one wearing the ring 24/7 however if yours and your fiancé choices are contradicting for instance, he likes gold and you like silver band, you can always get a braided band with both metals to satisfy each other’s choices. It needs to be special for both of you.

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  1. Go for retail stores then online stores:

Things you see online can be very different in real life. When it comes to buying a matching wedding band, its always better to buy it from a retail store then buying it from an online store. Visual representations of wedding rings can be deceiving in reality and can disappoint you. You could also lose a great amount of money. In these case retail stores are your best option. You can look around get different quotes and try on various types of wedding bands, this way you will be able to make a decision that you are confident about and would love to wear it around.

  1. Decide on the basis of your life style choices:
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Your wedding band also needs to suit your lifestyle and career choices. It needs to comfortable and something that is easy to carry around. For example, if you are a police officer, you cannot risk wearing a big diamond studded engagement ring with pave wedding band, because your duty will make it hard for you to take care of it and the chances of losing it can be very high. In this case a simple silver band can work best. Just like this, you need to keep your routine in check so that you can easily show the world of your commitment, feel special and not be to scared to lose it.

  1. Keep a maintenance check:

Your diamonds can require effort to keep them healthy and shining bright. You might have to soak your engagement ring and wedding band in warm water to clean it, keep it away from perfumes, even though real metals do not get rust on them but it is always better to keep perfumes and water away to retain its shape. For some bands you might have to clean it with a tooth brush to clear all the small particles that might be ruining the brightness of the ring. After washing and rinsing you need to dry them up real nice. Cleaning and maintaining your diamonds can be a stressful job and if you cannot keep up with it then it is better to opt for platinum, sterling silver or gold bands, these bands are rust free and can keep you away from the hustle of maintaining and cleaning them. Minimalistic touch that these plain bands can give to your engagement ring can be remarkable as it would help you elevate the design of your engagement ring.

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