Spider bites in Bed: How To Identify And Get Rid Of Them?

Bed bugs are known to bite for sustenance. However, one of the most important things to note about spider bites is that these aren’t for sustenance. Often a spider will bite a person as a part of their defense mechanism. Many people go through spider bites in bed. No matter how painful these sound, it can actually be pretty annoying. 

Often you may not note spider bites because their fangs are too small to affect humans. If you ever wake up to a spider bite, the chances are that the spider feels threatened due to your presence. 

What are spider bites? 

Spider bites can be harmless. This is mostly because when a spider bites you, it will not cause much harm to you. You can check out the spider bites in bed pictures and eventually note how harmless these are. 

spider bites in bed
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If these are not taken care of, spider bites can lead to pain and swelling. Furthermore, it will lead to the entire area turning red. If you overlooked a spider bite and still feel the pain, it is advisable to check it. There are few species of spiders around the world that have harmful fangs. 

Widow spiders and recluse spiders have different species. This can, however, be extremely dangerous. These may look like pimples. 

What are the symptoms of spider bites in bed? 

If you ever suffer from spider bites in bed, you will need to be careful. Well, a spider bite looks very similar to a bug bite. You can check out the different spider bites in bed pictures to confirm this. Both of them appear as if there were a pimple on your skin. 

spider bites in bed
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Since most of the time, spider bites are painless, you may not even notice them. If the spider bite is harmless, it will not cause any symptoms. Nonetheless, in many cases, it can lead to sore skin. Bacterial infection can also be one of the most common symptoms of spider bites. 

The symptoms will be more serious if you suffer from spider bites due to recluse and widow spiders. 

What are the widow spider bites symptoms? 

If a widow spider has bitten you, the symptoms will be serious. Therefore, it will become essential to address these as soon as possible. Some of the common symptoms of widow spider bites include the following:


If a widow spider bites you, it will become common to suffer from unbearable abdominal pain. The cramping can often make you feel as if your appendix is rupturing. 

Pain and redness

The area where you have been bitten will turn red completely. Isn’t that dangerous? Spiders often bite you around the chest, abdomen, and back. 

Vomiting and nauseous

You may feel nauseous due to spider bites. Sometimes, spider bites can also cause unnecessary tremors. Moreover, whatever you eat, you may feel like throwing it up. Therefore, it is advisable to be extra careful. 

The symptoms due to a widow spider bite can last for one to three days. 

What are the symptoms of recluse spider bites? 

Recluse spider bites can be confusing. However, these may not be as painful as widow spider bites. You must be careful with understanding the difference between the two. This will play an important role in seeking proper treatment. 

Some of the common symptoms due to recluse spider bite include the following:

  • During the first eight hours after the bite, you may experience extensive pain. 
  • The area around the bute will turn either pale or dark purple or blue. 
  • The bite will turn into an open-source wound. 
  • High fever and body ache. 

What are the causes of spider bites in bed? 

The spider bites are caused due to the venom that the spider injects when it bites you. However, depending on the type of spider, the severity can vary significantly. Moreover, the human body is very sensitive to venom. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the different causes to get the benefits. 

spider bites in bed
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What are the risk factors of spider bites? 

Before understanding the risk factors, you need to understand the difference between bed bug bites vs. mosquito bites. The risk factors further increase depending on the area in which the spider lives. These are often found in warmer climates. 

Widow Spider Habitat

Widow spiders reside in almost all warm and dark places. Therefore, if you have any such corner in your house that can be prone to widow spider infestation, you should try fixing it up. Some of the common areas where widow spiders reside on a large scale are garages, sheds, woodpiles, and closets. 

Recluse spider habitat

Recluse spiders are equally harmful. Although it is not as dangerous as widow spiders, recluse spiders can be of great help. Recluse spiders are also called brown spiders. These spiders are mostly found in calm areas. These usually tend to hide away from too many spiders. Similar to widow spiders, recluse spiders can also be found in warm conditions. (Diazepam)  

Recluse spiders often hide in bed linen and clothing. Therefore, most spider bites in bed happen during the daytime. One can find them in quiet, dark, and dry spots. 

How to prevent spider bites in bed? 

Since spider bites can be very dangerous, it is advisable to adopt measures to eliminate them. Spider bites are mostly defense mechanism attacks. So, it would help if you were careful. 

Some of the common tips to prevent spider bites include the following:

  • Understand the habitat of the spider and check what a dangerous one will appear like. 
  • Always keep insect repellent in your house to keep away spiders. 
  • Do not keep the beds close to the walls. This increases the risk of spiders crawling on your bed easily. 
  • If your room has any spiderwebs, try to get rid of them as soon as possible. 
  • If you are cleaning your room from spider webs, always wear gloves. 

Final Thoughts

The spider bites in bed are noticeable and risky. If these are left untreated, it can lead to grave impacts. It is advisable to get in touch with a doctor as soon as you notice the symptoms of spider bites. 

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