My Girlfriend Left Me, Now What?

It’s Friday night and your local bar is packed to the rafters with after-work drinks sessions, friends meeting up after a long week at the office, and you hear the occasional laughter from the crowds when the pumping music has a slow moment or changes track. The problem is that you are that guy who is thinking My Girlfriend Left Me. The cliché, propping up the end of the bar whilst half leaning against the wall trying too hard to look casual while maintaining some air of ‘charm’ who is feeling sorry for himself because he went through a breakup.

We have all seen it, some of us have even been that guy on more occasions than we would like to admit, but that doesn’t mean to say that your situation can’t change. There is no point in feeling worse for wear for months on end, not only is it a waste of your life (of which we only have one so why would you want to spend it moping around) but your ex is certainly not waiting around. 

We would all like to think they are, that they are as depressed and forlorn as you are and will call you to get back together any moment now, but it rarely happens, and let’s be honest are you really that special? Are you that one in a million guy who has the girl chasing back after them claiming to have made a mistake by calling things off, perhaps you are, and well done to you, but if you are reading this you most likely fall into the former category and need help when only thinking of My Girlfriend Left Me. And this is where we come in.

Dusting yourself off.

If you want to get back with your partner, your ex, but not sure if they still have feelings for you or would even want to try again, then checking out industry professionals such as – how to get your ex back for guidance and advice on how to get the ball rolling could be a good place to start.

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Speaking to people in the know, others who have gone through your current situation and have come out the other end successful is always going to be helpful and you can hear what they have to say without any commitments or pressure. Simply hearing their experiences and learning from their mistakes will help you find your path.

Dusting yourself off


You have heard it, perhaps you have said it to someone who needed to hear it, but the old saying that no one can fix you besides you is an old saying that rings true to this day. It starts within and if you aren’t mentally ready then no matter how much professional help you get or support from friends or family, nothing is going to change. You have to want it, and taking that initial step may be daunting but it will also be life-changing.

Ok, so you know you need to make something happen, but you have been so closed since the split you don’t know where to begin. People have said that reading a book on the topic, see this link for some examples and great reads at that, giving them the confidence to get out from under the blankets and out into the world of fresh air and human interaction.

It may not be easy but simply by grabbing a cup of coffee, taking a walk, you will soon remember how wonderful the world can be and how interesting people are.

Once you have a regular morning walk and coffee down and the barista knows you by name now you are halfway there. The main objective is to get out of your funk, be social, and not dwell on what happened. Sure, you still want her back and if she said yes you would be there in a heartbeat, but showing the world you will not be knocked down is a sure way to get them to notice.

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No one enjoys seeing their ex having fun, going out, and living their life. It makes them rethink things, were they too harsh, did they say those things in a state of anger or exhaustion and was it the right choice. The moment you have them questioning you know you have made a stand and you essentially now have the upper hand, the higher ground as we like to call it. 

Relationships have their ups and downs like with everything and there are a few helpful tips and suggestions that can help make them easier or smoother, but at the end of the day if you both want it you will make it work. 


Want, not need.

Will you get over them eventually, yes, are there ‘plenty more fish in the sea,’ yes, but wanting to spend your life with someone is something you can’t just switch off. You will certainly survive without them and may even meet someone new, but no one can deny there is a place in another person’s heart that you once had a relationship with that will never be replaced or forgotten. 

You need to show them (without stalking or harassment please) that your life is ok without them, but better with them. You may have mutual friends who, if you have been having a good time together, may bring it up in conversation without realizing it but your ex will take note you can count on it. 

And before you know it that out-of-the-blue text as you stir your morning cappuccino may just be the cream you were waiting for, and response with an invitation to make that two cappuccinos could be your silver lining. What have you got to lose, right?