How Kava Causes Euphoria

Although the name itself is very reminiscent of the most popular hot beverage in the world, Kava has little in common with coffee. Instead, it resembles more like mint or pepper, to whose family it actually belongs. It originates from the Pacific Islands, and since about three hundred years ago, the rest of the world knows about it. Read How Kava Causes Euphoria-

Back in the day, sailors who visited these islands noticed positive changes in the behavior of the natives after consuming a special drink. They became more relaxed, cheerful, and open to strangers, to whom they revealed the secret of their euphoria – Kava. Thus, this plant found its way to the western world.

The active ingredients in Kava are kavalactones, of which at least 15 are psychoactive. Although mind-altering, this effect is not like that produced by drugs. It’s actually more similar to alcohol but with a lower risk of addiction. 

If you need Kava causes euphoria, you have to check prevalent kavalactones in it. Some encourage mild euphoria, while others improve attention. In combination, you get a very desirable effect – you’re calm and relaxed but fully focused and altered.

How It Acts on Body

Since it found its way to the western world three hundred years ago, Kava has been the subject of much research. So far, studies have yielded promising results. Some analyzes indicate a good chance that this herbal supplement will replace certain pharmaceuticals. Indeed, further research is needed, although this herbal supplement has already found its way to the users.

The most well-known effect of Kava is to calm the central nervous system without disturbing mental abilities. Its active substances affect relaxation while the brain stays awake and focused. (Zolpidem) Their concentrations differ depending on the strain used, but also a dose of this supplement. The higher it is, the more intense the effects.

When you drink Kava, you can feel its mild soothing and sedative effects on your body. It first hits the muscles and bones and then the nerves. You become more relaxed in less than 40 minutes after just one cup. The muscle tension eases, and you feel like floating.

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No Brain Function Disturbance

And while your body is in a state of nirvana, your brain is active, but in a good way. The great thing about Kava is that it doesn’t cause hallucinations. These are a side-effect of other drugs and are related to the user’s stress levels. Instead, your mind is clear and focused, and your mood reaches its peak. 

When using Kava, brain functions are undisturbed, making this herbal supplement ideal for people who feel anxiety while working, on exams, public appearances, etc. Then they need to stay focused but bring their brain into a state of mild euphoria to overcome the anxiety more easily.

That’s how it triggers a good mood. Kava is a natural relaxant but has nothing to do with the brain. Instead, active substances from this plant can boost the levels of dopamine, which regulates mood. Its regular intake can increase sociability – just like alcohol. 

Is Euphoria Good?

In psychology, euphoria is characterized as a pathological condition that occurs as an excessive response to a particular emotion, most often positive. Simply put, it is an overly elevated mood for no good reason. It can be considered sick if it lasts longer than a few days and is accompanied by episodes of depression and nervousness.

But not every euphoria is bad. The one we are talking about, caused by Kava, is actually the mildest variant of this condition. Its effects are more similar to the feeling of joy when your long-awaited wish is fulfilled, or you simply feel carefree and happy in good company.

Types of Kava known as Heady ones produce that euphoria-like stimulant. They won’t make you sleepy and slow, so you can use them to prepare drinks for a party or some social gathering. That’s when you should be friendly, relaxed, and joyful. This drink will give you just a good kickstart for a great mood.

Better than Sedatives

Due to its natural origin, Kava has the potential to be a worthy alternative to synthetic sedatives. It’s better for pain relief than painkillers. It relaxes muscles as it acts as an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory. At the same time, it has anxiolytic and anticonvulsant properties. 

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Find more on information on these actions on the following source: 

But unlike sedatives, it won’t have major side effects. Plus, the withdrawal risks are low. Also, its psychoactive effects can’t be harmful unless you take a higher dose. In that case, your perception can be changed, so it can’t be said you’re high on Kava.


It’s difficult to determine the exact way Kava works in humans, but it is marketed as a safe, natural high. Although its effects on the body are not fully familiar, some studies suggest it may reduce anxiety and improve diet. Moreover, it helps the body’s digestion, can reduce the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders, and even combat some severe conditions like cancer.

Still, drinkers should know that Kava is not safe for everyone. While its benefits may be vast, you should avoid drinking too much, as it can lead to rebound anxiety. The euphoria can turn into fear and pressure in a matter of seconds. That’s why it’s not recommended for people with diagnosed depression. Also, mixing this herbal matter and alcohol or synthetic supplements is not a good thing.

That’s the reason to consult your physician before taking this supplement since they know your medical history and the effects of other medications. Besides, they will recommend how long you should take this supplement. After three months, you should take a break. During this time, use Kava only according to the instructions and prescribed doses.

A cup or two of Kava per day causes Euphoria can be highly beneficial for you. While the empirical results on its positive effect on physical health are still pending, its favorable impact on the mind is more than clear. It can make you insightful, creative, and mildly euphoric, just enough to make you feel good.