Proposal unveiled for a new cricket stadium in San Francisco Bay Area

USA Cricket’s strategic partners American Cricket Enterprises (ACE) and the county of Santa Clara have agreed to sign an exclusive negotiating agreement (ENA) to design negotiate, and then seek approvals for an ultra-modern cricket stadium within the city of San Jose. The proposed 14-acre site for develop the stadium is located in the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds which covers a 157-acre area in the Bay Area’s heart which hosts major-ticket events throughout the year.

The new cricket stadium is expected to be built on prime Silicon Valley real estate with Google headquarters and Apple just 15 and 20 minutes away, respectively. The luxurious location is expected to engage new fans and increase the popularity of cricket beyond the borders of the South Asian diaspora.

The agreement for exclusive negotiations will remain in force for 12 months and enable both parties to focus on the details of the construction project. Plans are in place to build a stadium that can hold around 6,000-8,000 people. Temporary seating is also feasible. Sources say that the $ 50M stadium project will be completed in phases. The intention is to complete the initial phase before the 2024 ICC T20 World Cup. ACE believes that if everything goes well, they will be able begin construction in the beginning of January 2019. They’re also hoping to complete the first phase before May 2024. By the way, if you want to keep abreast of the news of cricket in India, we recommend that you follow this link.

The proposed stadium will serve as the home for Major League Cricket’s (MLC) San Francisco Bay area franchise. If the development agreement is able to take form, it will provide an important boost to cricketing infrastructure in the US following major plans to transform a Dallas baseball stadium to become a prime cricketing location was announced last year. According to the plan, Raleigh, Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles will be joining the San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas as hosts for the USA stage of the 2024 T20 World Cup.

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Cricbuzz has learned that the MLC owners have pledged to constructing and maintaining at minimum six ICC-grade stadiums, with capacities ranging from 6,000 and 12,000,000. In addition to advancing the stadium’s infrastructure, since the introduction of ACE the US cricketing fraternity has witnessed the number of turf wickets grow to nearly 20 and there are around four in the Bay area just in the Bay area. This is a far cry from the former USACA times. More interesting publications about cricket can be found in the section of free cricket predictions at this link.

The Bay area is home to an active cricketing scene with over 100 senior men’s leather ball teams and around 40 youth teams enrolled in the Northern California Cricket Association and the Bay Area Cricket Alliance. In addition to a myriad of teams using leather balls, more than 300 teams compete throughout the year in the different tape ball leagues. Three Minor League Cricket teams are also located within the Bay: Silicon Valley Strikers and Golden State Grizzlies.