5 recent fashion trends

Everyone wants to look good. To do this, you have to follow the fashion trends. You of course can’t impress people while looking like you’re from a different time. In this blog, we’ll list five recent fashion trends, that could help you to inspire your next outfit. 

  • Vintage

This might look out of place in a blog that’s about current fashion, but vintage is a trend that fully made it’s comeback due to TikTok. On this platform, a lot of teens share the fun they have while visiting thrift stores and buying nice clothes for very cheap. A lot of these clothes carry a vintage look, which makes sense because they can be more than 20 years old already. Vintage made such a comeback that clothing brands are now releasing new clothes that purposely look older than they are, so they carry a vintage look.

  • Oversized

Oversized clothing became a fashion item because of Billie Eilish, as she was the one who made this fashion trend truly mainstream. Oversized clothing means that your outfit is a little baggy, and can be used with hoodies, sweaters but pants and shorts as well. This fashion trend has been going for a while in the skating community, but was fully pushed to the mainstream when Billie Eilish had her breakthrough. 

  • Loafers

Do you want to go for a classy look, like you’re ready to visit a casino? Loafers could be the perfect type of shoes for you! These leather shoes can be used in several outfits, as they go well with a suit, but could be the perfect finishing touch in your summer outfit as well. Loafers come in many different colours, but we prefer the complete black ones, as they go with almost anything. 

  • Jewellery
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Jewellery has been a fashion trend for a long time and we don’t see it leaving anytime soon. However, what jewellery is in at the moment, is always changing. At the moment, rings and long necklaces are what you want wear. We fully support you wearing jewellery, however there’s one thing you definitely have to look out for: you can’t wear both gold and silver jewellery. Make sure all your jewellery is the same colour, as it won’t look good if you don’t make sure this is the case. 

  • Colour

Black and white outfits have been dominating the fashion world for a long time, however this year we’ve finally seen some change in this as colour fully entered the fashion world. Not softly either, as it’s bright colours that truly grabs the attention. What colours you want to wear, and how you want to style this, is all your choice. Don’t be scared to blend though, as a good colour blend doesn’t only look good, but showcases your creativity as well.


What will be your look? Are you going for your classic look, or are you going to change things up?