How To Take Off Makeup Without Makeup Remover

Beauty comes from within. Your heart and soul should be beautiful enough rather than your face being beautiful. For some people, this is the fact and for others, it is just a bookish language. A partly true description is that beauty is necessary but of the soul. But society will measure you up by the criteria of facial beauty and then give you preferences. If a girl who doesn’t like makeup goes to a party, there are hundreds of people telling her to behave like a girl and get ready well. But just being herself will make her look beautiful. 

However, some are pressured by society and some willingly do makeup. Learn how to take off makeup without makeup remover.

Why is Makeup Needed?

Today make-up is a necessity. It gives women confidence as after wearing makeup they look presentable and attractive. A quote says, ” A makeup brush is just not a brush, it is a powerful tool to paint the world the way I want.” It is the perfect quote to explain why women aspire for makeup. Whether it is a regular day or an occasion, makeup us on but with different intensity to use it. 

Now let us know what accomplishes that it has become an important part of women’s lives. 

Starting with, makeup provides contouring to the face. If your face is chubby and falling outward, make-up can contour the edges. Makeup creates a non-patchy, even tone look on the face. It hides all kinds of dark spots on the face and removes the patchiness. It also makes your brows look fine and symmetrical. It enhances the volume of your eyelashes by using a mascara too. It overall gives a smooth blemishing look to your face.

Why Is Makeup Removal Necessary? 

Makeup removal is crucial. You can not sleep with your makeup on. The materials that we use on our faces like primer, foundation, contours, blushes, liners and many more, have harmful chemicals in them. These harmful chemicals have a severe effect on your face. They can cause acne issues to you as the pores of your skin get contaminated with the overuse of make-up. Thus, you can face pimples which will later leave marks on your face. You should remove your makeup after coming back home because makeup brings early ageing to you. The use of makeup can bring fine lines and wrinkles to your face which makes your skin look older and quite mature than your age and it loses its original moisture and softness. 

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how to take off makeup without makeup remover

How To Take Off Makeup Without Makeup Remover?

To remove chemicals, another chemical should not be used. This means that to remove makeup, makeup removal with chemicals should not be used. Learn how to take off makeup without makeup remover with the help of the products given below: 


Moisturizers are very helpful in removing your makeup. You have to take a moisturizer of your choice and add a little amount of rose water or normal tap water to it. Apply them to your face and massage it well in a circular motion with almost no pressure on the fingers. Massage it well on your eyes and then remove all of it with a wet cloth or cotton in your hand. This will take away all your makeup and will also moisturise your face well. You can later massage your face for 3 to 5 minutes with ice cubes to freshen up your skin.

Face Wash 

The selection of the face wash is very crucial. Select one according to your skin type. If you have acne-prone skin, try using an anti-acne face wash. If you want a lighter complexion, face wash of those types is also available. After applying makeup to your face, you can remove it directly by washing it away with your selected face wash. Create proper lather on the face and gently massage your face with it. Wash it with lukewarm water.

Wet Wipes 

Many companies sell wet wipes. These wipes are essential in summers especially. If you are on a summer trip, trust me, you will need it. It removes all the dirt from your face and hydrates your skin. You firstly must check what kinds of wipes you are choosing for your skin. Harsh wipes are going to scratch away your skin and softer wipes will be promising. When you are loaded with makeup, you can easily use wipes to remove your makeup.

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how to take off makeup without makeup remover

Aloe vera 

Aloe vera gels are now easily available in the market. It has certain properties like soothing your skin, they are anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. It is applied to the face and massage is done so that it covers all the portion of the face deeply. With the help of tissues, cotton or wet cloth, you can easily drag down all the makeup.

Luke Warm Water 

You can simply use lukewarm water. Splatter this water on your face and rub your skin with a gentle moisturiser in a circular motion. You can remove all your makeup by just wiping it away with a towel in one go. When people use warm water, their skin gets dried up. Thus, moisturiser is necessary. 

Rose Water can also be used in a place of warm water. It gives a natural glow to your skin and has anti-ageing properties. You can dip your wipe in rose water and then remove all your makeup.

Oils And Petroleum Jelly

Oils like baby oils, coconut oils and petroleum jelly have anti-inflammatory properties. They stick to your makeup while you massage it on your face and then you can wipe them off. This removes makeup as well as keeps your skin wrinkle-free. 

how to take off makeup without makeup remover

Summing Up

These were some of the best methods with the help of which you can easily know how to take off makeup without makeup remover and by using harsh chemicals on your face to remove make-up.