How to write an emotional and heartwarming proposal speech?

Proposing to your sweetheart may be one of the most upsetting and exciting encounters a fellow (or young lady) might at any point have. People say that this is the most important event they will ever plan. Indeed, even the most sure, cool, and created individual will be alarmed by the possibility of bringing off the best proposal speech

You will find the best ideas and inspiration on how to write the most emotional and heartwarming proposal speech. We would advise you on what to do and how to express your feelings to your soulmate. All in all, prepare to express more than just ”Will you marry me?’ 

  1. What are the reasons why you love your partner?

If you plan to marry someone, then there should be many reasons why you absolutely need this person in your life. They might have upheld you in understanding that having sentiments and considerations for them is alright. Or else, they may have helped you to face your fears and achieve your goals. 

Let all these feelings out by writing out every one of the grounds you love them. If we can give you one tip: it’s not the moment to think about grammatical mistakes or incorrect phrases. You can fix them afterwards. Just note down everything that comes to mind. If you don’t like writing, then maybe you can record your voice or even a video. 

2. Mention memories

Here are some moments you spend with your loved one that are worth mentioning:

  • The time you first met
  • The moment you realized he/she is the one
  • Your first trip together
  • Any other memorable experience
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They probably don’t know how you felt during that event or how big of an influence it had on you. That’s why the proposal speech is the perfect time to let them know.

Considering your past together and trading anecdotes about critical relationship achievements or essential occasions, without a doubt qualifies as an optimal proposal speech. 

3. Talk about your future together.

A proposal speech is great to talk and dream about your beautiful future that lies ahead of you. Allow them to know you basically cannot wait to accompany them for the rest of your lives. What are your arrangements for what’s to come? What are you most excited about? This is the ideal way to let them know and convince them.  

Have you already thought about your future? Maybe you want three children and a bungalow. Maybe you want to travel the whole world. Or perhaps you wish to move to the Maldives and live on the ocean front.

What your future goals might be, write them in your proposal speech as this is the right time to realise how beautiful life would be if you both got together. 

4. Say the magical phrase: 

This is the moment that you’ve all been waiting for. Hopefully it goes as smoothly as possible. Those fundamental words will not speak for themselves. It’s your responsibility to say it because everyone is waiting to hear “will you marry me?” 

With this sentence you can end your proposal speech, so take a deep breath before saying them. We wish you good luck and don’t forget to be on your knees. 

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Make sure your proposal speech is written by yourself and it’s everything you’d really want to say to your loved one.