Blank Facebook ad templates

Do you want to advertise something you like on Facebook? Or maybe you want to promote your own brand or yourself, increase your visibility with the public? But perhaps you do not have enough experience or time? In this case, blank Facebook ad templates can help you. We will discuss what they are, how to choose and use them correctly in this article.

The templates themselves exist as part of Facebook. They are a set of buttons and tabs for a page. Initially, they were invented by the company itself to facilitate the work of page administrators who claim to be recognizable.

Types of templates on Facebook

There are several types of templates on Facebook:

  • Template “Services” – used by companies that provide certain services. For example, online stores.
  • Template “Company”. It is used by different companies that maintain their pages on this social network. For example, to search for employees or publish various promotions and special offers.
  • Template “Platforms” – template for finding useful information. For example, the hours of operation of your institution, its location, the next scheduled events.
  • Template “Non-profit organization” – allows you to advertise and promote your initiative and encourage people to donate money to various good causes.
  • Template “Policy” – helps politicians to communicate with potential electorates and inform them about their goals.
  • Template “Restaurant and cafe” – the name speaks for itself
  • Template “Purchases” – shows different products. It also automatically activates the “Shop” block on your page.
  • Video maker template – designed for different content makers, helps to promote their creativity.
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All of these templates help you develop your page depending on its theme and focus. But regardless, you will need ads from more popular users. Or, for example, you yourself have become popular and want to advertise what you like. In this case, blank Facebook ad templates will help you.

Creating a high-quality template for an advertisement is not a trivial task even for experienced users. And to create a really high-quality template, you need to have experience, taste and knowledge of design and advertising. Those who find it difficult can use ready-made templates. 

Why use ready-made advertising templates

Such templates are created by professionals. It means that if you use them correctly, you can successfully promote your page and get even more popularity. Also, they save you time and help to increase your popularity or awareness of your brand, company, organization

How to choose the right template

The template must be of high quality and have a good resolution (from 1080×1080 and above):

  1. Choose a template based on the theme of your page. For example, if you sell military products, you should not choose a pink template with glitter.
  2. If your Facebook page has already gained some popularity and recognition – choose a template that looks appropriate for your page. The template should not differ much from the main body of content. 

All these advices are not mandatory and you are free to choose. Do whatever you think is best for you and your Facebook page. 

Where to Find Free Facebook Ad Templates

There are a lot of resources on the Internet with free templates for advertisements. For example, like Let’s start with the fact that not only templates are available, but also other materials and video tutorials. ( This will be useful to anyone who is trying to gain popularity or maintain it at a high level.

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Most of the material on the site is available free of charge to everyone. If you don’t have enough free materials, you can buy PRO status for a small monthly fee. After the purchase, you will be able to use the site and all its materials at 100%.

Why you should trust us

Before choosing, it will be useful to find out the opinion of other users. Finding reviews on the Internet is not difficult. If you have experience, you can create templates yourself using the convenient functionality of the site. It will provide you with everything you need to create the perfect template. All the templates including those you found can be changed according to your taste and needs. Here you can find anything to create a sucessful project. 

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