The Top 3 wedding decor trends that you cannot miss!

Congratulations!! Wish you both a lifetime of happiness! It’s been years of waiting, and finally, the date has been fixed! So, how’s the feeling? Excited? Surely, you must be looking forward to the new life together. Now that the responsibilities of organising the marriage are divided – you have already spent two sleepless nights looking for the latest wedding decor trends

Well, now you can put those swollen fingers to rest. You have clicked on the correct article that will help you plan your big day in the best manner. So, keep it two and two more or go all bling – make sure that yours is the DAY TO RECALL!! Scroll down and figure out which trend suits you the most. 

Pashmina-themed wedding decor trends for two and two 

If intimacy is your keyword to marriage celebration – then pashmina can be your dear bridesmaid!! Kashmiri designs (especially pashmina theme based) are trending these days globally. So, why not go for it? After all, wouldn’t you love to contribute to the purse of the artisans? 

As one of the best wedding decor trends that you can choose to opt for – with pashmina shawls prepared from the warm fleece of Changthangi goats to Kani shawls and Wagoo mats – for the lover of Kashmir – there’s a lot to choose from. 

  • Setting up the mandap (the ceremonial ritual area)

Pashmina shawls and tulip rolls – placed alternatively or like a curtained space – choose your decor well. 

You can always choose from lace or embroidered pashminas (for this wedding space – go in for lace pashminas in brighter shades such as red/ ombre/ orange/ bright yellow/ grass green or any other of your favourites) and roll them in stage curtain style all around the mandap area. Alternatively, you can hang the tulip ropes in two bunches (don’t make it too floral). 

Now, for the bride and groom – rather than tagged chairs – use the Wagoo (Kashmiri reed mats) in vermillion red or maroon red to sit on. 

#In case it is a winter wedding – the couple can choose embroidered phulkari pashminas to wrap themselves up with while participating in the rituals. 

  • For the dining space

How about keeping it both traditional and western? As in – traditional Kashmiri weddings, people usually prefer to sit on Namda carpets and enjoy the wedding meals. So, bifurcate the guest dining area into two – one where people enjoy the meal by sitting on the floors placing the Namda carpets – while the other space is where the tables and chairs are placed. 

wedding decor trends!
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On the other end – decorate the chairs with pashmina-infused Kani shawls and add a bit potted bloom on the tables (why not let the world decide if your decor was one of the best wedding decor trends they have seen?)

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# When choosing the Kashmir style, there’s no way that you can miss out on the earthenware of the same. So, decorate the dining entry area with traditional Kashmiri earthen pots with lamps placed inside. You can place it on both sides at the entry point and hang some of them like a chandelier at the dining entry gate area. 

The key to the success of a pashmina-themed Kashmiri-style wedding is placing subtle night lights or fairy lights in the correct place (places that will reflect the embroidery of the pashmina). 

Heritage-themed decor for the one holding on to their roots

Suppose you are the heritage and culture and traditional kind of a person. In that case, choosing heritage weddings (especially ones that celebrate the lineage of your parents) is a perfect way to celebrate your day. 

  • For the ceremony area 

Flowers – lights – chandeliers – heavy curtains – are the top 4 elements to match up to the heritage theme you have decided on. In case of blooms – go in for the traditional jasmines and marigolds, all twisted in proper beads. Either hang them curtain-wise or go in for long rope-like fall-downs! 

In case of lights – choose bright lights, chandeliers and standing lamps that you can place all over the ritual area. Choosing a heritage theme also means choosing bling – so decorate the lamps with garlands and tie a red cloth twisted with these garlands (red is undoubtedly the most auspicious colour – for every wedding ceremony). 

The curtains that you hang – make sure they are both heavy in weight, and if the theme and colour suit, then lacy as well. Pick out colours such as – cadmium orange/ blazing tomato/ electric ultramarine blue/ vermillion red/ neon greens, and the brightest of yellows. Place the lights to highlight the colour of the curtains. 

wedding decor trends
Image Credit: Fan C Design
  • For the dining space 

With the usual table chair set-up, make sure to add a bouquet of flowers in traditional vases to every table. Also, ditch the usual plates and go in for earthen vessels. Rather than flashy lights all over the place, stick to the bare minimum and, if possible – put a candlestick on every table. Also, if you feel like adding some floral decors or customising the vases and sitting arrangements according to your liking – be my guest. Rest assured – you actually might find your customised wedding in the list of wedding decor trends on the market. 


Green-themed wedding decor for those who towards the future 

The concept of eco-friendly weddings is not new. It has been trending for a couple of years now (personally, actress Natalie Portman’s wedding to Benjamin Millepied was one of the best eco-friendly decors of the year). 

Well, when one plans an eco-friendly wedding, one of the first queries that arise is – is it really eco-friendly? Does it not pinch the pocket much? Clearly, read up and find out – how much you can actually save if you choose this amidst the other wedding decor trends that the wedding planners advertise! 

  • How to set up the ritual area?

Rather than going all bling and floral on that day, what if you choose a rustic locale already furnished with trees and blooms for the ceremony? Well, plenty of garden venues or even resorts strictly manage their carbon footprint standards. In most of these places – the trees and blooms are customised, and the basic set-up is already there. All you have to add is a couple of lights to them. 

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wedding decor trends
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Choose carnations to hang on the curtains. You can also tie two ends of the cloth material into a knot. Also, either go in for contrasting bright colours – purple and green, pink and black, red and yellow – or settle for subtle options such as mauve and neon, pink and light blue or even the lightest shade of orange with sea green variety. Let your wedding set a benchmark for wedding decor trends of the future. 

For the artsy ones, you can also twist the dupattas or saris for the artsy touch and then hang the blooms accordingly. Also, place the earthen lamps where the primary ritual will take place. If possible – just keep these lamps in such a manner that there is no need for any other source of external lights

  • Managing the dining space 

Here is a tricky situation – how do make the guests feel at ease at a sustainable wedding? Well, here’s the solution! When setting up the dining space – keep wooden tables and chairs. Since you have track of the guests attending your wedding, you can constantly personalise the wooden tables and chairs by putting in the names of the guests. On those tables – keep potted plants with their name tag (which you can later present as wedding favours). Decorate the tables and chairs with reusable cloth material and keep the tone earthy. 

In terms of dishes, customising the dishes with fewer delicacies will help save wastage. The guests, rather than taking it all and wasting it, can choose cuisines – hop from one dish to another, thereby reducing food wastage. 

Also, vegan dishes are in great favour with people these days. Combine that with vegan wines (if you are out of favour with it – red wines are good enough) and enjoy your meal well. 

So, which one’s your pick? By the way – did you buy your wedding attire? If not – here’s a tip! 

# It is indeed your big day, but how about you give a contemporary twist to the wedding attire of your parents? Get a good designer and add up a couple of ruffles or stitch in your partner’s and your names into the attire. That’s one of the best ways to respect both the families and the love you have promised to share. 

If you have finalised the decor from the latest wedding decor trends mentioned in this write-up, make it a point to consult with your partner on the same. Maybe, your spouse would have a different opinion. Cross check and figure out – it’s a life of togetherness that you will lead now –  wish you luck and love for a lifetime.