How To Pick The Perfect Bridal Car

So, you’ve finally said yes to the person who’s been waiting for you their whole life.  Once the wedding preparations get underway, you’ll come face-to-face with quite a long checklist of must-haves, one of which is the bridal car.

No matter the size of your wedding and regardless of your theme, a bridal car is one of the indispensable wedding elements. The bride needs a ride to the ceremony, and the couple needs the same to chauffeur them to the reception.

Many photos will also feature the bridal car, adding to the pressure of ensuring you get this choice done right. When it’s the biggest day of your life, it’s understandable how you’ll want a bridal car that’s no less than the perfect one.

You’ve come to the right place today as we’ve rounded up some of the best industry tips on how you can say ‘I do’ and tour in style with wedding cars that are perfect for you.

1.Book As Early As Possible

Don’t wait until later to book your wedding car. You may get caught up and overwhelmed with the other ‘grander’ and ‘bigger’ elements of your wedding that you could potentially put off choosing the bridal car until the last minute. A good approach is to book one ASAP.

By this, it means as early as when you’ve already booked the venue for your ceremony, reception, and post-wedding party with final dates. Once you’re sure there won’t be any changes or adjustments to the date, you can book your wedding car. This ensures you won’t run out of options, especially if you want an exceptional car during a busy wedding season.

Being turned down can be very disappointing because another bride books first. Don’t let your dream wedding car slip away from your hands by taking it easy with the time.

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2.Choose The Car Model You Love


Your chosen bridal car doesn’t have to be the most expensive model the car rental company offers. It only has to be the one you truly love for it to be considered perfect. So, don’t feel pressured to give in to trends where the bridal car has to be luxurious. So as long as you love the car and it’s what you envisioned for your wedding, it’ll complement all the other details you’ve set.

For example, you have a classic vintage wedding theme. Since you were a little girl, you’ve always dreamed of riding in a vintage car to your wedding. Don’t give that dream up, especially if your planner knows someone who can lend or rent out their vintage car.

3.Consider The Season

Your bridal car will never be the perfect one for you if it doesn’t suit the season your wedding will take place. For instance, while you may have always wanted to be in an open wedding car, much like how a carriage is, this won’t go well if you’re having a winter wedding. You’ll want to be comfortable, and there’s no way you’ll feel that way when you can feel the freezing breeze.

It’s enough that you’ll already be anxious with all the wedding jitters before walking down the aisle. Don’t add to the discomfort by forcing yourself in a bridal car you’re not even comfortable in.

4.Read The Contract Fine Print

Before finally sealing the deal with a bridal car company for your chosen rental, read every contract clause carefully. Double read it if you have to. You need to be sure you don’t misunderstand any critical part of the contract.

Remember that even bridal cars aren’t exempt from the likelihood of breakdowns. Those can still happen, and the worst is a mishap on the way to the ceremony. If the car breaks down and you still have a long journey ahead, does the car company have a backup plan to take you there?

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This is a small detail that’s often overlooked by many couples, so be sure not to skip this. Instead, you need a plan B bridal car just in case of issues with your primary choice.

5.See The Cars Before Booking And Paying

You wouldn’t want to have that ‘expectations versus reality’ moment, especially when your wedding is at stake. While there are trustworthy rental companies, there are also those who may just give you a run off your money. Don’t fall for the latter, where the photos are better than the cars are in person.

If you’re not planning a destination wedding and have the means to see the car in person before paying the rental price, do so. This can be that final straw of assurance you need that what you’re choosing is indeed a perfect one, at least according to your standards.


Surely you wouldn’t want to walk to the ceremony or the reception. This just doesn’t make sense at all. But, as usual, a bridal car is truly a must-have. While this can be any car, brides also have something special in mind to complete their wedding.

If your wedding planning is underway, don’t forget the tips above so that you can book the perfect bridal car. Most importantly, remember that ‘perfect’ is subjective: you must let your heart decide, so what you have is truly the car of your dreams. It’s not always the grandest, just the one that makes you happy.