Which is the best time to travel to Greece?

“Happy is the man, I thought, who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean Sea!” 

Nikos Kazantzakis

Greece – an ancient land cradled between the Aegean and Ionian Seas, home to Zeus and Aphrodite has beckoned travelers since its modern inception. One of the very few mountainous European domains with golden sands and azure skies, every season in this Hellenic Republic welcomes you. So, for those looking for the best time to travel to Greece – this walkthrough will embellish your thoughts.

Scroll down and choose a season that suits your calendar – because Greek landscapes offer abundant sunshine and are ready to drench your soul with moonlight whenever you befriend it!

Which is the best time to travel to Greece?

Greece is one land that welcomes you every season. So, whether you are looking for a summer family vacation, a winter getaway, or even wish to experience the sudden spring and fall of the year, this little Gem of the Aegean Sea welcomes you with its arms open. What is your getaway season? Take a look and figure it out – before you reserve the dates!

Spend the spring of your life with Greek springs 

If you are looking for Greek holidays to plan your honeymoon or babymoon – this balmy Easter season is the best time to travel to Greece. Spring sailing in Greece is worth enjoying, from the island archipelagos to the quaint little mountain villages.

best time to travel to Greece

The time frame to visit

March to May (8 – 17°C)/ Minimal rainfall/ Cooler Evenings/ Sunset between 6:30 to 8 PM.

Locales to check out

The quaint little beaches are the best places to check out. Sail off to the islands of the Saronic Gulf, which brims with its culture at this point. What you would discover is that every isle of the Saronic Gulf has a distinct feature and if you discover the gem called Spetses, get ready to be surprised. The exotic Southern Greek domain of Crete welcomes spring earlier than others. Visit the remains of Triopetra Cave and take a quick dive at Preveli Beach.

The Chios coastline offers visual pleasure for the honeymoon or babymoon couples. As an ecotourism locale, this offers opportunities for a silent time with each other, and if you can manage some time out – the Chios Mastic Museum is a walk down history lane. How about planning to shoot your post-marital or pregnancy photos here?

To explore the mainland – you cannot miss a trip to the Byzantine little castle towns of Mystras and Monemvasia. Athens is a little less populated this season; try finding a way to visit this.

What to do?

When you are done checking out this land’s beaches and historical artifacts, you can indulge in the local celebrations. The Celebration of Annunciation occurs on the 25th of March, and you can then participate in the marathons of Nafplio and Athens. If you are exhausted running them, a carnival in the streets of Athens awaits your visit. Just to take a little care of your beauty – the Beauty fair, with its range of multifarious products, comes in all galore!

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However, nothing can beat the magic of a Greek Easter time. Greece revels in all its vibrancy, and this is a sight you must check out if you are on a spring break. No wonder many would vouch for the fact that this is the best time to travel to Greece.

# Keep a pair of mesh shoes – just in case you suddenly decide to go for a swim. Also, carry a scarf for the slight temperature drop with the sun drop.

The glorious sun waits to welcome you! 

Greek summers – the magnificent sun shining on the crystalline Mediterranean waters with the architecture soaking you in – is the best time to travel to Greece. Bustling with tourists and creating a hubbub of activities – the months of June to August showcase this ancient land’s splendor to its visitors.

The time frame to visit

May to July (25 – 35°C), with prevalent conditions of heatwaves when the temperature can range up to 40°C / Mediterranean climate/ Rainfall is limited – may just come as a refreshment from the steaming heat!

Locales to check out

Summer is the best time to travel to Greece! The Mediterranean domain exudes its beauty with all the blooms and showers while the warm sun is ready to scorch you. The beaches, with their range of activities, will warm up your heart while you must take care to visit the archaeological sites well in the morning.

The beaches of Greece are the first places to check out on your trip! Book yourself a place to stay at the Paros Islands. Its beaches with whitish yellow sand and calm crystalline water (match it up with hours of sunbathing) will overwhelm you. Don’t forget to satiate your bellies with the exotic seafood. Some other islands to visit include – Agkistri, the Minor Cyclades, Anafi, Pserimos, and the Group of Sporades islands.

The next stop is the archaeological ruins of Athens – a sun-kissed picture against the evidence of initial human history, the theories of Socrates and Plato that pervade every soul.

#Do wear comfortable shoes (flats and sports shoes) and carry your sunblock!

best time to travel to Greece

What to do?

Once you are done with the visits and the pictures – it is time that you explore the cuisines of this Balkan sweetheart. As the earth starts blooming in all its might, the fruits that plume this season are – peaches, cherries, watermelons, melons, figs, and vanillas!

If you have cherished the sweet palate of this season, you can always try out this country’s salads – the traditional horiatiki being the starter! Follow it up with – the Greek moussaka, gemista, chicken shish kabab, greek sea bass, grilled Greek chicken, and lamb souvlaki. Wipe it off with traditional Mediterranean salads and tsipouro with a cube of ice.

Stuffed up with Greek delicacies – watch a performance or two at the Greek theatre and visit the summer music festivals such as the Athens and Epidaurus Festival or the River Party. Wish to go traditional? A visit to a Panigiri is a must!

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#Just a suggestion – If you wish to explore the wildlife of Greece – (the Greek bears are wide awake now), you can always stop at the Nymfaio Sanctuary or even the Agrapidia Sanctuary. Want to check out the water buffaloes? Stop at Lake Kerkini!

#Just know – The Greek autumns, officially referred to as the shoulder season, bring out a completely different side of this European sweetheart. Greece revels in its glory when the rest of the world decides to shed its old times. You can pack a visit even then!

Wait for the winter surprises

A little cold – but a lot less rush! If you just wish to laze around the beaches – visit the churches and sit down with your BAE in one corner with a cup of Tsai touvonou; this is the best time to travel to Greece.

The time frame to visit

November to March (9-17°C)/ Mild and Sunny – chances of Snowfall and surely Rainfall.

Locales to check out

Greece in winters is for the average backpacker. So, start off in northwestern Zagorochoria, where you can enjoy activities such as – kayaking and hiking, camping, and trekking! The next stop-over would be the magical and charming city of Thessalonica – revel in its Byzantine history before you decide to move on to the concoction that Pelion offers.

For those who truly wish to experience the Greek snowfall, the quaint little getaway of Karpenisi is a great escape. Go for skiing, caving, rock climbing, or mountain biking – just pick your activity!

best time to travel to Greece

What to do?

Though for the laidback visitors, this is the best time to travel to Greece, officially, it is the off-season on the archipelago. So, when you are done checking out the above locales – you must not let go of the chance to explore the history of this place. A trip to the National Archeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum is a must if in Athens. The town of Arachnova is a great site for skiing (do stay back for its nightlife as well)!

For the little adventurous souls – a hike on the Menalon trail followed by a quiet visit to the breathtaking monastery of Meteora is a great diversion. Do taste the Greek coffee and have a slice of baklava for a perfect conclusion to your trip.

The feasts of St. Nicholas and Kladaries, along with Christmas and New Year celebrations, are galas you must attend.

# Greece is a land of winter rains, so carry a rain jacket. Also, the chilly winds will tear into you, so pack warm.

#Note for travelers – Since this will probably be the first time you will visit Greece, do make it a point to carry cash. Cash works best in remote areas – Greek tavernas and other village outlets.

Also, do make it a point to avoid untoward hand gestures – it is considered rude in Greek culture.

Speaking otherwise – Greece is a fine country welcoming its tourists with open arms. Rest assured – you are bound to have a lovely vacation with your people. For a country that places bets on – the best time to travel to Greece every season, you will have memories of a lifetime to cherish!