Want to know the benefits of cinnamon tea? Here’s your answer!

You really did not think that a cup of hot cinnamon tea would ease your period cramps for the time being? Precisely that is why when your friend offered you the orange-flavored cinnamon tea – you were a bit apprehensive. However, now that you are back home, a search out for the benefits of cinnamon tea is a must, right? Then, scroll down this walkthrough article to get a clear idea of the same.

By the way, how about starting this walkthrough with the details of that orange-flavored cinnamon tea? Since the previous searches were all about that – know-how of the same is a must!

# Orange – Flavored Cinnamon Tea – This is a DIY option. You will need cinnamon tea leaves – if you get the cinnamon green tea, that is another great option. You will also require orange peel powder. Take them in equal proportions and pound them. Stack it up in an airtight container and keep it in a dry place. Every time you want a cuppa to ease your menstrual pain or just like that, you just need to add a teaspoon of it to a cup of hot water. You can always enjoy an apple pie with this tea.

benefits of cinnamon tea

Benefits of cinnamon tea?

Some of its most important positives include –

1. Do you have an issue with menstrual cramps? This can be your savior! 

No miracle will completely stop menstrual cramps. However, using an analgesic or an anticoagulant can reduce the level of severity of the cramps. Cinnamon tea is a great rescuer. With consistent usage of this product, you will find that the side effects such as – nausea, menstrual cramps, and vomiting are reduced considerably.

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2. Do you have a problem with blood sugar control? A cup of cinnamon tea can be your friend

This benefit of cinnamon tea is still under observation – however, Ayurvedic and Chinese medical methodology have proof of this. One of the biggest benefits of cinnamon tea is that – it reduces both blood glucose levels and serum lipids. Therefore – the triglycerides and the fasting plasma glucose are also reduced. In this manner, the body’s blood sugar levels are maintained at a certain control point.

3. Trying out different therapies for weight loss? Cinnamon tea is one option 

Did you know that cinnamon tea improves metabolism levels in the body? Well, the higher the metabolism – more the rate of conversion of carbohydrates and proteins and therefore – the higher the possibilities of weight loss.

What you also must note is – when you consume this tea – as per previous reports: you will find that gastrointestinal issues such as – bloating, gas formation, and constipation are reduced considerably. Therefore, all these promote better metabolism and hence rest assured – promote weight loss!!

benefits of cinnamon tea

4. Cinnamon Tea improves blood circulation greatly – you can surely try it out 

Bettering blood circulation is one of the prime benefits of cinnamon tea. This spiced tea variety contains polyphenol antioxidants, reducing the level of bad cholesterol (the LDL type). This process helps to reduce blood sugar levels in the body and lowers the triglyceride content of the human body.

Overall result? Well, with improved blood circulation, the heart receives a pure blood supply and functions better. Hence, it has been suggested as an additional for patients with heart-related issues.

#Just in case you are intrigued a little more – the cinnamophilin and the cinnamaldehyde components of this spice – expand the vascular tissue.

5. The range of benefits that you can derive from a cup of cinnamon tea 

It is not a piece of new information that cinnamon tea is anti-bacterial in nature. So, if you have a sudden cough, flu, or cold attack, you can no doubt consume it for relief. Also, when you combine a cup of cinnamon brew with honey and wash your scalp with it, it improves blood circulation in the follicles and helps to promote hair growth.

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What’s more? This is also beneficial for those of you who wish to maintain your youthful skin. The flavonoid content in this tea helps reduce the level of free radicals and therefore protects your body.

benefits of cinnamon tea

There’s more!! They can help you fight the cancer cells as well as some heart-related issues (as per lab test results – preliminary stage).

Would you believe – that consistent drinking of cinnamon tea can also help to inhibit the effects of Alzheimer’s? It helps to stimulate neural passages, which again improve the focus of the brain.

However, even when you are completely mesmerized by the benefits of cinnamon tea and planning to consume it regularly, do consult your doctor. Since it is one of the most powerful spices, there are chances of it intruding into any of the compounds you might intake as a medicine.

Also, for those of you who enjoy your cup of tea twice and thrice a day – make sure that your cinnamon tea consumption is restricted to one cup. The coumarin chemical reduces blood sugar drastically at times and affects the liver if overdosed.

This professional Invisalign dentist in West Point also adds that due to its antibacterial properties, cinnamon tea could help freshen your breath and prevent tooth decay.

What makes cinnamon so famous?

Whether you go back to the books of Ayurveda or the Chinese medical doctrines – cinnamon has always been one of the most preferred spices. Its power to cure inflammation, cold, and cough is some of its most prominent features. However, apart from that – it is also beneficial in treating diabetes, improving blood circulation, reducing the proliferation of cancer cells, and regularizing blood sugar levels in the body – some of its features have been medically proven.

That was quite some information, right? Well, as you now know the benefits of cinnamon tea, you can surely place your order for the same. Make sure you also place simultaneous orders of honey and orange peel! A concoction works great!!