Looking for bridal shower brunch ideas? The quickies are here!

It is truly a very happy moment. After all, she was always this ‘I don’t care,’ ‘Boys are hopeless’ kind of girl. However, she has found her hippie mate and is finally taking the vow. Your girl best friend is getting married, and you are happy, BUT you have a monumental task before you! She deserves a bridal shower, and here’s the caveat – you never thought that this moment would ever come, which is why – you are pretty nervous looking for bridal shower brunch ideas!

Well, there’s not much to worry about! This walkthrough will guide you regarding how to plan a bridal shower, points you must remember, and the dishes you can dish out. Now, less talk and more information as you navigate this page –

First time – so prepare the checklist

Preparing a checklist for the occasion is a must. This will help you note down the likes and demands of that specific event. Here are some of the most important points that you need to note –

bridal shower brunch ideas
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1. You need to set up the space. An outdoor space is the best, but even if it is a banquet hall or more of a house party – you will have to make the arrangements accordingly.

2. Regarding the food – as you go in for planning bridal shower brunch ideas, note what the bride likes. You know your bestie pretty well, so what is her go-to food? Also, what is that ‘just bring it on’ food that your girls’ group can have round the clock (if boys are invited, then you can consult them, but best to stick to the group food)? Finally, does your girl buddy have any food allergies? You must be careful of that.

3. The next important thing is managing the scenario. Since you are the host, would you require help from any external source, or would your friend be enough? Also, keep the invitation list short, friends only (if not girls only), and ensure the theme is appropriate.

The range of bridal shower brunch ideas

As the sun will just play along the end of the Eastern sky, so you too can play along with the myriad of brunch dishes. Here’s how –

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1. A Mimosa Bar is a great starter 

A DIY Mimosa bar for guests to whip up some cock and mocktails are a must! The champagne bottles must be corked, and the platter must have – a range of juices in the choicest flavors – orange, cranberry, mango, and grapefruit. Surely – help will be offered to the guests – but you can always let them whip up their own concoctions.

Here are some choices – the apricot-orange mimosa punch is a great sale. The others are – cappuccino punch, celebratory fruit punch, and peach bellinis, to name a few! How about naming it – Drink but Don’t Drop Counter?

bridal shower brunch ideas

#By the way, don’t forget the Bloody Mary!

2. It’s a brunch – so let your fingers flick always 

Its between breakfast and lunch – so make sure that the fingers are occupied. On your platter the varieties must include – quiches (from the French to the Mexican – you pick), egg-ham sandwiches, finger chips (again, the usual french fries or some fritters with fillings), salmon tarts, Bloody Mary Deviled eggs, gingerbread rolls and stuffed avocados. Name this counter – Smack as you Snack!

#This is an area that you can always alter as per choice. Ever thought of placing an omlette counter? Well, keep the toppings ready – and whip up the omlettes according to the guest’s demands. Well, though it might sound a bit odd – but why not let the bride (if she is the enjoys cooking type) serve up some omlettes?

#Keeping the traditional quiches are fine, but how about twisting the cuisine? Go Asian and try out tteokbokki, kebabs, croquettes, and the very Indian concoction – chats!

3. A bit on the filling side 

This is almost like the main course! Hence, rest assured – this is one of the most important part of planning for the bridal shower brunch ideas. So in this platter you can include – french toasts (baked or the standard types), pizzas (choosing the topping is totally upto you, however, the spinach artichoke type is trending these days), the Mexican burritos, the African shakshuka, lasagna, casserole (egg-ham-cheese combo) and smoked salmon strata.

What to name this? Well, how about you choosing this one yourself?

4. Never forget your health! 

You might be a bit surprised to find a sublet on health foods in this article on bridal shower brunch ideas. However, remember that none of you can afford to fall sick now since the big day is knocking on the door.

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So, while you continue to enjoy your smacking delicacies – a bowl of fruit salad, a cheese-included Greek salad, or even a set of low-sugar oat pancakes are great ways to maintain your health and weight (that pressure of fitting into the gown) amidst the party! Do keep a separate area – you can always call it –Fit Into the Gown Platter’!

5. Desserts are needed

No bridal shower brunch ideas are complete without the desserts! The choices – you cannot stop counting. However, some of the never-goes-out-of-style varieties are – doughnuts (especially the potato-cranberry format), parfait (customize it according to the taste buds of your guests), macarons, pancakes (the range is wide – pick up what fits your tongue), blueberry muffins (must-have), crepes (banana – strawberry ones are universal choice) and pancakes (oat, blueberry, chocolate, banana – apple- caramel – topped with honey).

bridal shower brunch ideas

#If you can manage – keep a separate waffles counter. Its the standard rule – nobody says no to waffles!

Keep the rose petal jam handy for the dip. Call this counter – ‘Just be Sweet – the Tongue and the Heart’. 

#Some etiquette notes – This is the perfect moment to give that special gift to the would-be bride. It is obvious that every friend would want to gift something personal. However, just in case you plan to go in for a combination gift – something sentimental, perhaps a note or a keepsake would be a great idea.

What about the set-up – some suggestions

Though this write-up is primarily on bridal shower brunch ideas, here are a couple of suggestions on the set-up. Once you are done with the choice of place, you can set it up against the backdrop of mauve, sunset orange, pastel shades. In case of flowers – nothing can beat the magic of carnations and orchids!

Wrap it up, then

Well, that was quite a list, albeit, for a first-timer, you must be pretty astounded. However, there is still a month left; hence, you need not worry much. Hopefully, you can pick up something from this outline on bridal shower brunch ideas.

Yet, again – you can always bring in some last moment twist into the occasion, being the host. For future reference, do pin up this page, and surely leave a comment if you like this article. Also, a request – do share this link with someone you know who needs to plan a bridal shower. Happy to help. Enjoy well!