Reasons for Low Libido in Women

Have you lately been experiencing the lowest urge to get involved in sex with your partner? We understand the feeling. Low libido in women can have various reasons and causes that can be looked into, and you can get back to your original self towards your partner. There are certain medications and drugs you can counter under a generalized prescription from your medical practitioner. 

We are mentioning a few of the very dire reasons that can foster low libido or low sexual desires in women. Keep reading!

Birth Control Drugs

The hormonal changes progestin and estrogen are found in the majority of birth control medications. A drug that contains both may cause your testosterone production, the hormone that fuels your sexual urge, to diminish.

Additionally, typical side effects of antidepressant medicines, particularly SSRIs, are sexual side effects (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). By increasing your body’s concentrations of serotonin, SSRIs keep you feeling calmer and less worried. Your libido may also suffer from this. You may experience less sexual desire if you take additional drugs or have certain physical conditions.

Your personal healthcare physician or gynecologist can advise you on prescription treatments or dosages and assist you in managing any health issues that might be affecting your wellness.

Poor Mental Health Factors

When you don’t feel good, sex is inclined to be the last thing you think about. Reasons for this range from untreated nervousness or depression and excessive discomfort to poor body image and minimal self-esteem. Additionally, if you use tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs to alleviate stress, your general state of health will deteriorate as the probable effect of it.

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It’s time to see your physician if your psychological state is negatively affecting your general health. A therapist may teach you good coping mechanisms for stressors and assist you in managing any mental health disorders you may have.

Hormonal Imbalance 

The sexual drive may be diminished by altering testosterone if you are pregnant, just gave birth, or are lactating. Your libido might decline as a result of fatigue, physical changes, and the aggravation of becoming a parent for the first time. This is typical, especially in the initial months following childbirth. When going through menopause, you could also experience a decrease in your sexual desire. Your estrogen levels decrease throughout that time, which can result in unpleasant sex and a loss of libido.

Your physician can assist if you’re having trouble regaining your sense of self after giving birth or experiencing pain when having sex which can certainly lead to a lesser amount of risk factors later in life. Do not be averse to speaking out!

Lack of Intimacy with Your Partner 

For numerous women, connection depends on being emotionally close. So, if you’re experiencing troubles with your companion, it can be the reason why your sexual appetite is lower than usual.

Relationship counseling or couple’s psychotherapy can assist you in working with each other to handle the difficulties at hand and concentrate on reestablishing your partnership if connectivity with your partner is inadequate, you have emotional problems, or there are possibly some trust concerns.

Scheduling off space for interaction and romance can go a considerable way in freshening up your romantic life if your issue is merely a shortage of additional effort.

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Bottom Line

There are certain over-the-counter medications and prescriptions available for combating the issues of low libido in women. These are most probably the best treatments if and when done under the consideration and prescription of your general care physician. Do not make haste and buy anything that seems fit on the ground of uncertainty. It is always better to consult with your typical practitioner about what and when would be best for your situation after they are done examining you.