Your walkthrough guide to a minimal budget Pro-Metabolic Diet!

Have you heard of the concept of a pro-metabolic diet? If not, you will hear it soon! It is all about eating what your body wants, albeit with restrictions. It is no secret that the Covid 19 pandemic has ravaged the human biological systems, and many are still trying to work out a way with their respective bodies, albeit unsuccessfully. But, compared to what you have known or heard about managing a ‘diet’ earlier does take a beating in this case.

How? Well, that’s precisely what this content is all about. There’s no time to wait – health is wealth, and if this dieting format is trending in your searches, you clearly have a host of things to cover. Navigate with your mouse and figure out ‘which part of it you want’ and ‘what you must avoid on this diet’.

First things first – What is a pro-metabolic diet?

The basic concept of a pro-metabolic diet is eating what the body ‘requires’ for the correct cellular functioning. It completely contrasts the concept of the usual ‘dieting’ where we follow a ‘moral code’ for ‘eating food’.

Connect with any reputed nutritionist; the first thing you will get to hear is – nourishing the body according to its requirements. This is the core strategy of this format of diet.

The foundation of this diet approach is curating a strategy that ensures people include calories and macronutrients in their diet. The concept moves the body from the ‘surviving’ to the ‘thriving’ pattern. So, rather than ‘cutting’ down on food products, it is important to ‘know and understand’ your physical requirements before you prepare the checklist.

pro-metabolic diet

Now – that is just one aspect associated with this diet. There are myriad features associated with the same. How about you start with the key principles?

What are the critical principles associated with it?

Before you get to the details of this pro-metabolic diet and its regular constituents, it is important that you understand certain crucial principles that are associated with this. As already stated, this form of diet follows the concept of feeding the bodies as they are designed to be fed. Therefore –

#You must include foods that are easy to digest

The best route to success is – focussing on bio-available foods that are dense in terms of nutrition.

#Balancing is the key to success

The biggest key to the success of a pro-metabolic diet is balancing the carbs, proteins, and fats. When the blood sugar stays in control, the thyroid functions well, as do the cortisol levels. A healthy combination amounts to a healthy body.

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#Start understanding the concept of Seasonal Eating
This concept has been prevalent for centuries now, with our mothers and grandmothers telling us to consume seasonal vegetables and fruits. With the change in seasons, there is a shift in the body’s hormonal flow.
The body craves seasonal products and regulates the metabolism accordingly. Hence, it is nature’s gifts that can save you this time.

Forming an Eating plan in this diet

Repeating the facts once again – a pro-metabolic diet supports the body’s metabolic functioning. Therefore – you require a complete diet plan that matches the requirements of this concept. To keep that into account, here is a listicle that might expand your range –

Firstly – it is divided into – protein, fat, carbohydrates, and superfoods.
The sources for the same are –

#Carbohydrates sources – Most of the fruits and vegetables, with special mention of – carrots, citrus fruits, local raw honey, and sweet potatoes.

#Protein sources – The biggest protein sources are seafood and organ meat (mostly liver and kidney). If you are done with that, you can always rely on – eggs, bone broth, and collagen.

pro-metabolic diet

#Fat sources – Your best supplements are raw dairy products (cheese/ghee/butter). You can also check out specifically fortified coconut and olive oil.

#Superfoods – In this list, the included food -products are – mushrooms, acai, ginger, turmeric, and cocoa, to name a few.

That is just one side of a pro-metabolic diet. Another side to this diet chart includes maple syrup, root vegetables, and honey to be consumed twice to thrice a week for best results.

Planning the grocery list

The ones with pro-metabolic diet planning a grocery list may very well include – organic coffee, chamomile or green tea, wild caught seafood (shrimps, tunas, salmons), all types of cheese (made of raw milk), organic spices and herbs (such as natural sea salt, cinnamon, garlic to name a few).

For your diet cheat days, you can always pack chocolates and ice creams free from additives.

What if you prefer some midnight snacking?

If you are on the pro metabolic diet and midnight snacking (though it is best to avoid it altogether) is your habit, here are some options that you may try –

  • Whole grain toast and hummus combination
  • Cottage cheese for a roundoff and tart cherries just before hitting the bed for initiating better sleep cycles
  • Banana sliced and nut butter spread on it acting to induce the sleep hormones
  • Chickpeas with pomegranate juice as you binge-watch your series (colas and pizzas can be avoided!)
  • Greek yogurt with shreddings of blueberries atop that is always a lovely dessert to cherish

What foods must you limit on this diet?

Though the prometabolic diet is pretty inclusive, there are certain products you need to avoid while following this diet. A listicle of the same –

  1. Processed food products, along with artificial sweeteners and desserts
  2. Conventional dairy products and associated grains
  3. Nuts and butter extracts of those nut products
  4. A range of vegetable oils, such as – flax, safflower, sunflower, canola, soya, and corn, to name a few
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Surely, like any other diet, you have the right to cheat even in this. So, when you plan on cheating – you may very well gorge on some mouth-watering desserts or processed food. But eat only as much as the body demands, standing strong to the format.

The biological changes that you will notice

Given how a human body reacts to every change in its diet, it is no secret that the pro-metabolic diet, once instituted by the body, will show some changes. So, what are those precisely? –

#1. You will not just feel steady throughout the day but also regain the warmth in your hands and feet, which previously was lost.

#2. For females, there has been clear evidence of better periods and relief from PMS issues. While for the men, there is an increase in their libido and an overall better disposition.

#3. Unlike the usual diets (whether it is the specialized medical-based diet or the keto diet, all of which have their own set of positives and negatives), with a pro-metabolic diet, you will get to see better bowel movement in the body. Whether a change in appetite or a better digestion process, the body moves towards a stronger immunity base and a disease-free health status.

#4. Some quick positives – are effective weight management, stronger nails, reduced hair fall, better sleep patterns, and a healthier life.

For those who are keeping a strict watch or planning to initiate this diet into their regular lifestyle – these are the changes you will notice after 4-6 months (variable as per the body’s response capacity).

pro-metabolic diet

Exercise is an important part

Allowing the body a specific diet loaded with the best micronutrients is one thing. But – proper maintenance of the same via exercise is the key to success. Cardio, strength training, and punching in some leisurely activity (such as brisk walking or swimming) assist in enhancing the results of that diet.

Would you like to change?

As mentioned before, the pro-metabolic diet is specifically curated to work according to the human body’s requirements and is not targeted at changing its course. At the same time, you must understand that – every human body reacts differently and requires different nutrition to thrive. Therefore – give it some time and back it up with regular exercises to affirm its working process. In the meantime, pin this page up so you can get back to it later. Take care of your health.