What is unique about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy?

Oprah Winfrey, the TV queen herself, has been a frequent guest on talk shows and morning television in recent years to discuss bio-identical or “natural” hormone replacement treatment. Since none of us like abusing synthetic medications, the notion that you can treat the symptoms of a natural occurrence like menopause in a more natural manner has long been well-liked.

Since the 1970s, menopausal women have received regular prescriptions for synthetic hormone replacement therapy. This treatment was understandably very well-liked up until a Women’s Health Initiative study revealed links between prolonged use and an elevated risk of cancer, particularly breast cancer. The validity of the findings of that research has been questioned in subsequent years, but at the time, it served as a catalyst for natural health practitioners to look for more natural alternatives.


Bioidentical hormone replacement treatment was the end consequence.

What is unique about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy?

Contrary to what some have claimed, free-range alternative lifestylers with homeopathic degrees do not generate bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) in the field of daisies. BHRT is created in a sterile facility by licensed chemists wearing lab coats, exactly like any other pharmaceutical. (xanax) Possibly a lot safer but not nearly as picturesque.

The main distinctions between bioidentical hormone replacement treatment (BHRT) and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are as follows:

  • Hormones used in BHRT are pharmaceutical-grade and chemically equivalent to those generated by the body naturally. Typically, these hormones come from soy, yams, and other plant sources. HRT, on the other hand, also employs hormones generated from plants, but it also contains certain substances that are not exactly the same chemically as those produced by the body. You may have heard that mares’ urine is used in HRT. That’s accurate. Although it is secure and, some would say, “natural,” it is not bioidentical to human estrogen.
  • Standard HRT is produced by a foreign pharmaceutical firm using a strict established formula. There is no regard for the unique characteristics of each patient; it is a one-size-fits-all approach. However, BHRT is made up of a compounding chemist who makes medicine specifically for you based on a prescription that you get from your doctor. With BHRT, your doctor may modify the amounts of various hormones to meet your specific and particular health requirements. This medicine is customized for you.

What dangers might hormone replacement treatment cause?

Hormone replacement therapy, whether bio-identical or synthetic, can benefit some menopausal women when properly administered by a medical professional. However, long-term use of estrogen and progestin (a synthetic form of progesterone) has been associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases, stroke, and blood clots in clinical trials.

Because of all of these factors, it is essential to discuss the possibility of hormone replacement therapy with your primary care physician before beginning any treatment of this kind. Your doctor will take into account your medical history and current state of health when deciding if hormone replacement treatment is appropriate for you and which kind. Your doctor will carefully analyze your individual circumstances to determine if the advantages of hormone replacement therapy outweigh the hazards before creating a personalized treatment plan for you.

Do so with care.

There are a ton of companies on the internet that sell inexpensive BHRT drugs, “natural” estrogen, and hazy advice, but you should always speak to your doctor before beginning any course of therapy. It’s crucial to heed a doctor’s advice since there are health hazards associated with any kind of hormone treatment.

But surely it can’t hurt me if it’s ‘natural,’ can it?”

Wrong. Any hormone replacement medication, whether it is “natural” or not, might be hazardous if it is used incorrectly or in quantities that are not right for the patient. You have no assurance that you will get what you ordered via the internet or from someone who isn’t a licensed compounding pharmacist, much alone that it is secure for usage.

Final thoughts

The body’s endocrine system’s hard-working bicycle couriers, hormones, transmit information to cells that may alter how they behave and respond to various stimuli. Interfering with the levels and balance of hormones in the body may have a cascading impact on your health that can have serious consequences. Find the best BHRT center near you by searching “bioidentical hormone replacement therapy near me.” You will find a bunch of lists.


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