7-way guide on how to store sweaters during hot summers

The long freezing winters are gone! It’s time you stack up your sweaters so they stay well until the following winter. But the question is how to store sweaters properly till the next freezing season. What are the techniques you must use? Should you follow any specific off-season tips? Additionally- how will you remove the unwanted odor from the sweaters?

This write-up will give you a closer look at the business of preserving your woolens in the warmest of seasons and in the correct procedure. From ideal folding techniques to storage ideas – be assured of getting every detail. Scroll down for the details –

How to store sweaters safely?

The moment summer comes knocking at your door, you will need to store away your sweaters. Though most advise a dry and dark place, but garages or basements are not really the ideal alternatives. So, where and how to store sweaters properly? You could try some options –

1. Dresser drawers are a good storage place

How to store sweaters that are thin and suitable for tropical regions? The dresser drawers are the most considered option since they take up a small space and you can stack them up well. You will have to horizontally fold the sweaters and place them one over the other in a straight line. Put in a piece of lavender soap or cedar pieces to prevent pest attacks.

2. Pull-out shelves are another alternative

Have you seen pull-out shelves? Especially the ones that have baskets within them? They are one of the best storage sites for your sweaters. To pick out one sweater, you will have to just pull out a rack and get the desired one.

how to store sweaters

3. Shelf Dividers for stacking

What if you want everything organized, then how to store sweaters in an organized manner? With shelf dividers, you can use maximum shelf space and place up stacks of sweaters in a vertical manner. Check out any of the fashion outlets, you will see how these shelf dividers are used. Are you the artsy type? Acrylic shelf dividers are in fashion!

4. Storage drawers

They are old, classic, and space-saving. Choose any of the various storage drawers that are available in the market and customize them as per your requirement. In these drawers, you can either stack up the sweaters horizontally in two rows or you can also put them in horizontal and vertical lines – as per your convenience.

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5. Storage Bins and Baskets

Are you wondering how to store sweaters in storage baskets and bins? You will have to read this section to get the details. You can fold the sweaters and roll them when storing them in sweater storage bins. This will save you some space and ensure that you get to put in more woolen at one go.

However, in the case of baskets, you will have to stack them up in a vertical or horizontal manner, one on top of the other. Do you have to stack up a bulky set of sweaters? This is the best alternative.

6. Drawer organizers

Does your dresser have side drawers? Then there’s no need to worry about how to store sweaters. You can stack your sweaters in drawer organizers that will help you differentiate one set of woolens from another. Put them in a horizontal or vertical line as per your requirement.

7. Organizer cubes

Do you have some light sweaters? Then the freehand organizer cubes are your friend. These little cube boxes assist in putting away your sweaters in an organized manner – mostly vertical format. Place them in a closet, box bed, or any rack with lavender soap bars inside – and be assured, they will be absolutely fine.

These are some of the ways in which you can store your sweaters. However, what if you live in extreme conditions and these strategies do not work out for you? In that case, you can choose a ceiling closet. If you live in a house that has high ceilings, you can always build a closet close to the ceiling and store your sweaters, horizontally folded in that closet.

You might also have box beds or storage boxes underneath the bed. Stack your woolen in silica packets and place them there. They are not moisture prone and will save your sweaters from unwanted pest attacks.

What must you remember before storing sweaters?

This is how to store sweaters in different ways when you wish to preserve them for a long time. However, before you store them in any of the above mentioned techniques, you must follow these steps –

Step 1: Completely dry after laundering the sweaters

When you want to know how to store sweaters the first thing you must note is – to dry out your sweater completely. Whether you use a dryer or you get it dry-cleaned before you store it,  make sure that it is dried out. In case, you have doubts, put the sweaters in silica packets.

how to store sweaters

Step 2: Keep similar materials together

Never put normal woolen sweaters and pieces of cashmere in the same bunch. This will compromise your fabric and enhance the moisture built-up in the sweaters, harming the quality levels.

Step 3: Keep the pests out

If you can care for your sweaters well, they could last for years. Therefore – when you store the sweaters in any of the aforementioned places, drop a piece of lavender soap or cedar chips to protect them in the long term.

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What are the different folding techniques?

If you have been carefully reading, then in the aforementioned segment you have seen several ways to store your sweater. But how to store sweaters by folding them? You can follow these techniques –

Flat-folding the sweaters

Lay the sweater flat with its back facing you. You will have to fold one sleeve across the back of the sweater. Once that is done, repeat it with another sleeve. Fold one side into the sweater’s center and follow the same with the other. Finally, fold the bottom part up to the top and vice versa. The sweater is flat-folded.

File folding the sweaters

If you are wondering how to store sweaters in a file folding format, you have to try this technique. Alternatively known as the Konmari method, in this, you will have to draw an imaginary line on the sweater when it lies on a flat surface. Then fold both sides of the sweater one by one to meet that imaginary line. In the next step, you will have to fold the sleeves almost like a triangle. In the end, you will have to fold it from either top to bottom or vice versa.

How to store cashmere sweaters?

If you are wondering how to store sweaters made of cashmere, you must know at the outset that it’s a difficult job. However, if you follow the right procedure – it is long-lasting. Here’s what you must remember –

  • You must fold cashmere sweaters well (by any of the above-mentioned formats) to prevent their wrinkling
  • If possible make a specific sweater bag to store it.
  • In case you got a sweater bag, then you fold it and stack it there. If not, you must keep the cashmere in a temperature-balanced room that is not high in moisture (avoid basements and garages).
  • Do not hang cashmere sweaters.

How to store cashmere sweater

How to remove unwanted odors from sweaters?

Assuming you have read through this write-up and know how to store sweaters, one question that lingers is how will you remove odors from the sweater. Here are several techniques –

  • Wash the woolens properly and before you store them, spray them with Lysol or any other spray (specifically for woolens).
  • On a bright sunny day, after you have laundered the sweaters, hang them out under the sun. The sunlight acts as a natural deodorant. If you wish you may use an organic deodorant. But do not try this with cashmere sweaters.
  • When you wash the sweaters – rinse them in vinegar and baking soda blended water. This will reduce the odor of sweaters.
  • When you are drying the sweaters in the dryer, put them in a low heat setting and use scented dryer balls.

Closing thoughts

That’s how to store sweaters in the off-season! If you have not tried any of the techniques beforehand, you could always try and see how it works out. Let us know about your experience in the comments section. For more details on clothes and lifestyles – keep checking this website.