Top 10 Korean winter fashion trends you cannot miss!!

Winter’s here, and your wardrobe needs an update. You’ve loved Lee Min-ho acing the monarch’s look in long coats, Lisa performing ‘Duu -duu – duu’ in bright-hued jackets, BTS’s Jungkook rocking the Chelsea boots look, and Park Min-young stealing hearts with her knit vests! With the craze of Hallyu wave engulfing your senses, there’s no chance you are settling for anything less!! So, here’s listing for you a plethora of exceptional Korean winter fashion trends inspired by your favorite celebs.

Navigate through this digital write-up, pick up what suits your taste and adopt the same in your closet. Here we go-

What are the trends in Korean winter fashion?

Korean winters are biting and chilly. The open areas have huge temperature drops, while interiors have segmented foggy areas. Korean people have a huge appetite for fashion, and with this kind of environmental conditions to battle, rest assured – you need layers of clothing, but, inclusive of style. So, here’s starting this range of Korean winter fashion with-

1. Long coats

Oversized clothing is the defining factor of Korean winter fashion. A classic long coat (westerners would refer to these as trench coats) is a must-have to ace your winter Korean fashion statement. Made of wool, they are unisex – check both Kim Go-Eun and Lee Min-ho wearing them, and goes with every attire – from suits to dresses!

If you haven’t invested in one, it is time to. Choose beige, cream, brown, taupe, and white shades to add-on to your wardrobe.

When to wear it?

From Korean mild winters to biting Siberian chills, you can wear it anytime of the day, and for both casual and formal occasions.

Korean winter fashion

How to pair it?

If you are in for a casual get-together, pair it up with a plain shirt and jeans. When looking to attend a formal occasion – pair it up with turtlenecks and high boots, with a sling bag and dangler earrings for company.

2. Baggy jeans

You may think that this went out with the retro age, but Koreans have still managed to hold it back – and with some style!! As part of all-seasons Korean streetwear, these high-waisted and wide-legged pants are perfect for a casual walk through the street or a friends’ – day out. A staple of Korean winter fashion this is not losing its place anytime soon.

When to wear it?

This is mostly touted as casual wear, when with friends or for a busy day at the university. If you can style it well, it could very well stand out at a winter-evening party.

How to pair it?

Pair it with either tucked-in sweaters or oversized hoodies with a bucket hat to get the perfect winter look. Add high boots, sneakers, or even sports boots to get through the busy day.

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If you haven’t watched Squid Games already, check out how Ho Yeon Chung strives through life games in style with baggy jeans.

3. Turtle neck sweaters

For all those who have watched the hit Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, you must have swooned over Park Hyung-Sik’s cute turtleneck looks (if you haven’t, watch it now)! It is time you add the same to your wardrobe as well! Available in a variety of bright and pastel hues, this unisex appendage is a Korean winter fashion trend you cannot miss. Whether you get a fitted one or an oversized attire, the snug collar will shield you from the piercing cold.

When to wear it?

This attire suits both mild and tough winters. Also, it is an all-day out or night-party wear as well.

How to pair it?

These high necks blend perfectly well with long coats and blazers, with ankle-length boots or high heels for company. While buying – go in for trendy shades such as lavender, mustard, fiery red, green, or pastels.

4. Puffer jackets

Call them padded jackets and buy them at the earliest!! 80% of Koreans wear them and if you are not an early bird, they will be out of stock most of the time. What’s more? It is part of Korean streetwear, staple wear, and even party wear.

When to wear it?

An integral part of Korean winter fashion you can wear it anytime, anywhere – from a casual walk to shopping or enjoying ramyeon at a convenience store. For the unversed, it is mandatory in schools during the winter sessions.

Korean winter fashion

How to pair it?

Long boots, cardigans, and knit vests are its good-looking add-ons. Check out how Red Velvet’s Seulgi carries the puffer jacket looks.

5. Oversized hoodies

The Hallyu wave and Seoul’s street fashion have amplified the fashion pointers of oversized hoodies in recent times. Unisex, multiple shades, comfortable, and goes over any clothing, are the key factors that have enhanced this winterwear’s popularity.

Add them to your closet in shades of lavender, beige, cream, green, and the classic black.

When to wear it?

This is one for every outing. Casual wear to fine-dine dinners, you can throw it on every time.

How to pair it?

Oversized hoodies go best with tight jeans and ankle-length boots. Check out how Park Bo-young wraps a knitted scarf over it in Strong Woman Do Bong-soon.

6. Knit vests

One of the biggest street Korean winter fashion trends – the knit vests are available in blended shades, or even in monochrome colors as per your demands. Categorically part of female closets, you can pop this up with statement scarves and light trinkets.

When to wear it?

This is designed for the end of fall and winter beginnings. As the trees turn bare, and the morning chill sets in, you can wear it on your regulars for a good day out. Stylish as it is – this is not your nighttime wear.

How to pair it?

French tucked-knit vests with simple tops or plain shirts – backed by a pair of fitted jeans. Add a pair of heels, pumps, or sneakers to that, and take a sling bag for the company. You are all set to compete with Jisoo!

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7. Winter suits

When you have a business meeting to attend and you want to ditch long coats and blazers, winter suits can be your perfect chingu. One of the most underrated pieces in the Korean winter fashion domain, this suit is double-breasted and is a statement piece available in bold hues.

When to wear it?

This is perfect for an afternoon business meeting or a business lunch. What’s more, is – you can very well make heads turn when you wear this for your university conferences or seminars.

How to pair it?

We would suggest you go with shades of black-white-grey. A tote and pumps with statement jewelry are how to make a mark in this attire.

8. Quilted jackets

Look at Blackpink’s Jisoo wearing one in her famed appearance in Snowdrop and you are ready to get one for yourself! Though they originally belong to the 80s era, recently, they are making a comeback. Not the too thick type, but good enough to beat Korean winters – this jacket brings a traditional vibe to it and is available in various patterns and hues.

When to wear it?

An old trend coming back to Korean winter fashion this year, this suits a casual evening stroll or a random friends’ get-together at a cafeteria. This warm wear can be alternatively used as a party-wear.

How to pair it?

Mid-length skirts and fitted jeans with a casual top are the best compatriots to this quilted jacket. Sneakers fit in well with a sling bag for the company.

9. Vintage sweatshirts

If you are amidst the early winters in Korea, a sweatshirt could be your dear friend. Recently, this apparel has been trending in the Korean winter fashion market with the vintage style taking over – thanks to their affordability and designs.

Made of thick fabric and available in retro designs, this is winter clothing for the budget-conscious youth. One has to credit the Korean actress and model Cho Yi-Hyun for popularising this.

Korean winter fashion

When to wear it?

This is mostly taken to be casual wear and regular college wear. If you have an evening get-together with friends, you could do this for that as well!

How to pair it?

Team it up with a pair of fitted jeans, and back it up with a sling bag, dangler earrings, and half-knotted hair. A French tuck style would go well with this!

10. Ankle-length boots

Boots can never go out of fashion, especially when one talks of winter fashion. Classy, comfortable, warm, and brown – whether a man or a woman, there’s no chance you are missing out on this one.

When to wear it?

Works both as casual and formal wear – this is better suited for your evening outs. Opt for brown and black shades, since they go with every attire.

How to pair it?

This just goes with everything!! Long coats, turtle necks, puffer coats, quilted and denim jackets – name it and you can match it up with everything. See how Mr. Queen’s famed Shin Hye Sun paired her boots with long coats for her Insta picture.

Key takeaways

Korean winter fashion quite like K-Pop, K-Dramas, and K-Cosmetics is cementing its ground globally. Added to the ease of wearing them, it is the brightness of the hues which makes these apparel better on the eyes vis-a-vis the gloomy winterwear of the west. Winter greys and blacks have taken a backseat, and red, mustard, greens, and pinks are roaring the clothes racks. Therefore, it’s time you go in for a shade upgrade in your personal winter collection.

If you’ve watched some styles that we missed out on here, do leave your comments on this page. For more updates on Korean fashion, food and celebs – keep watching this page!