Are you here searching for a career change at 30? You do have some concerns! Let’s hear them out. Am I too old for this? What if I don’t get a worthy career? What will my parents and friends think? What about the finances? Yes – they are too overwhelming.

But let’s take a step back and imagine what if you had made this decision years back –

At 23, you have just passed out of your course. Your go-to food is ramen and you are chilling with Netflix till 4 AM in the morning. You probably get a job that helps you sustain, but you are nothing more than a money-spinning resource. That’s how you live your life, even beyond 30!

Now read that again! Which one of these above-mentioned scenarios looks more overwhelming?

So, for the time being, put aside your thoughts about this apparently ‘unrealistic’ idea and concentrate on the crucial factors you need to know before opting to change. Here we go –

Why do you need a career change at 30?

There can be multiple reasons for the same, but lack of passion for following your job, restrictions in terms of your contributions, and fiscally-less opportunities are the key concerns. Also, a career change at 30 is still a comparatively better scenario than realizing at 45, that you are stuck in a productive-less routine and now with too many responsibilities you have no way out.

So, what could be the other reasons for you wanting a job change?

1. Your job profile is monotonous and you see no challenges ahead. There are no goals to accomplish and despite a deadline to meet targets, you are not motivated to do the same.

2. You do not see further prospects in your job, whether financially or personally – growth-wise. The situation is critical to the extent that either you go in for a career change at 30 or be stuck in a rote position.

3. Lastly, medical issues are hindering your work schedules. Also, there’s nothing called a work-life balance and you are always fantasizing about better opportunities in terms of career and finances.

Surely, there could be some other issues as well, both personal and professional. Broadly speaking, if these affairs along with some others are troubling you – it is time you look forth to a career change at 30.

career change at 30

How will you prepare for a career change at 30?

Are your ‘why’s in place? Then it is time to chart out a framework you can work upon. Here we will give you a rough idea about how you may work out to better your career prospects at 30 –

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1. First things first – What change are you aiming at?

You want a career change at 30. Understood. But what kind of change? Do you have a specific sector in mind? If you do, then what are the future prospects of that sector? Are you aware of your strength and weaknesses? Have you thought well about your current profile? Figure out answers to these questions by researching independently, consulting your peers, and networking with the correct people.

2. The next thing is – Find the pedagogy and training you will need?

It is not unrealistic, but career change at 30 is not easy as well. When you are sure of the change, you will have to immediately figure out the pedagogy you have to follow to be a part of that crowd. The next thing you have to check is the training required for that job profile. Got the details? See, if it fits your career chart and enlists in the program at the earliest.

3. Thirdly – Acquire new skills that match the professional demands you have

When you have chosen the alternative and understood your strengths – acquire skills to match that professional demand. You may already have some of the required skills, but updating them is important. Once that is done, learn new skills to accelerate your chances in your chosen field.

4. Fourthly – Networking is the crucial step

According to data analyzed by a noted CEO of an MNC – almost 70-80% of job-seekers get one via ‘people they know.’ To meet people who are into the job you are vying for is a huge boost. This expands the circle and enhances the opportunities that are coming your way. When you make the correct set of connections, apart from the job profile you are aiming for, you may also find a support group or a mentor who will push your career prospects forward.

5. Lastly – Update your CV

The final step you have to take for a career change at 30 is to prepare your CV, catering to the news of the market you are aiming at. State your professional goals, place your skills, and categorically put forth how your skills match the demand. Research states the recruiter spends a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 60, before deciding on a CV. Therefore, highlight your skills in accordance with the demands.

#Once you have attended to the above-mentioned needs, you must start managing your finances. We will get to the other factors you will have to note before switching careers after three decades of your existence in the latter half. 

Do you have the required degree?

Now that you know the path you may follow while proceeding with a career change at 30, here’s another query to baffle you – what if you do not have the required degree to cater to your career change? We will speak on that –

  • Seek professional help from a career counselor. They comprehend the job market and are trained to analyze which skill fits where. This will place you better in the competitive market vis-a-vis others seeking that profile.
  • Join a course for the same and back it up with an internship program. It is not necessary that you will have skills to match your career change. But you must work to obtain them at the earliest. There are multiple short-term programs and courses which will help you match your standards. Follow them up with an internship to gain practical knowledge.
  • Stay updated and showcase your transferable skillset. It is a hard fact that when you are looking for a career change at 30, you are behind the people who are in that job. Hence, you must upgrade yourself and ensure to boost your skills which may be used in multiple arenas.
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What factors you must take into account?

If you are still reading, we may assume – you are serious about the change and are looking forth to a better career moment. In that case, before you proceed to do the needful, you must keep these pointers in mind –

1. What is your current financial status?

The first thing you have to note while looking for a career change at 30 – have you arranged your finances to make this transition? The more you age, one expects you to be in control of your finances, spend wisely and invest in profitable domains. If you have attended to these, the transition process becomes easier. If not, you might have to face some hindrances. So, check your investment details and update if you have the financial backup (we insist you must be financially independent).

2. What is your work experience?

If you are looking for a career change at 30 – it implies you have a work experience of a minimum (of 3-4 years). Now, you have to concentrate on whether that professional experience is useful in the profile you are looking for. If not completely, then what is the positive you can draw out of it? Also, how favorable is that work experience to your current profile? Check these factors before you decide to switch.

career change at 30

3. What kind of person are you professionally?

Check out any of the HR videos online, you will find the key qualities that a firm looks for in its employees is – a capacity to learn new things, a sense of obedience in terms of company policies, and definitely, an individual who can rise to the challenges of the professional space – amidst certain other criteria. Concentrate on these factors – and figure out if you match these qualities professionally. If you cannot figure it out yourself, patch up with a mentor and seek professional advice.

4. Are you physically-mentally fit for this change?

When you are looking for a career change at 30, whatever your reasons – check your level of physical and mental fitness for the job. It is not necessary to have an athletic build or an Einstein-like IQ for a career change. What you need surely are – a disciplined lifestyle, a healthy mind, and a schedule to follow.

Before you jump in to check out the available career options – ensure you have taken the above-mentioned factors into context. Moving on – to what could be the available alternatives.

What are the available career options?

Though we would leave the decision to you, but here are some alternatives for your career change. You could switch to join the professions of – a teacher, a business manager (to create strategies and oversee team performance), a web developer, a financial assistant, any executive position that requires an MBA degree, and a physician assistant to name a few.

One can choose these career alternatives after completing a Master’s degree, a limited-period course, or a coding program. The growth currently for all these jobs is predicted to be within 6-13%, with salary peaking at $77,000 on average.

Key takeaways

When you are done reading this write-up, we hope you will have a better insight into a career change at 30. If this write-up was helpful for you, do share it with someone who is looking for a change of career. Good luck!