Crafting breastfeeding jewelry to safeguard the most cherishable moments!

Congratulations once again! Hopefully, you, your partner, and the baby are all doing well. In that case, then – it is time to indulge in the subject that has come to your notice recently – breastfeeding jewelry. It might be trending currently – but this little form of keepsake is almost a decade old. Though recently – when celebrity momma – Myleene Klass wore a piece of jewelry made of her own breastmilk, the topic did come back to the forefront.

Well, now that you are on this page – it will have answers to all your whats, hows, and whens! Navigate down this page, and you will find some very unique facts about this ornament, which will help you decide on your type if you plan to get one someday.

Breastfeeding Jewelry – The concept

The concept is basically a souvenir to commemorate this priceless journey that the mother and the child strictly share. If you decide to breastfeed your child – there will be some hurdles in the path. Call it the pain of having sore nipples or that of a fussy newborn who doesn’t seem to respect the body clock – it is no less than a feat to achieve.

Now that you have – or you are in the process – the least that people around you can do for you, or you may do it yourself, is to – celebrate that moment – via a piece of breastfeeding jewelry.

Though the trend started in 2013 – with the list of celeb mothers nowadays donning a piece – the rage for this trinket is huge!

breastfeeding jewelry

What are the available forms?

Bracelets – Primarily, it is a pendant that is to be made out of the milk that you deposited, and then you can pair it up with a chain to wear on your wrist.

Rings – Figure out the size – store your breastmilk, and send it off to the concerned person. They will curate a ring with metallic flakes and colored glitter, and you can sport it on special occasions.

Neckpieces – Wearing a chain with a pendant made of breastmilk is not just one of the most opted but also one of the most fashionable forms of wearing the same.

Earrings – Studs are the most opted form of breastfeeding jewelry when it comes to choosing a dangler.

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Weird it is – would you buy one?

We might portray ourselves as the most progressive of individuals; however – there are certain areas like this – where all the minds do have certain reservations. This piece of breastfeeding jewelry is perhaps a mode to break this conservative attitude and embrace a rather all-too-fleeting but one of the most primal remembrances for a mother. It is a souvenir that constantly reminds one of that deep emotional bond that she shares with her child. So, rather than considering it weird – it is time to celebrate that moment wrapped in a memento.

Rather than buying, how about gifting it? The husband or the mother or mother-in-law can surely gift it to the new mother. Also, if you are a single mother who is undergoing this moment – you can gift one to yourself. Just connect with the reputed brands, follow the procedures and get that moment etched!

breastfeeding jewelry

How is this jewelry curated?

In this segment, you will find answers to another very important query regarding breastfeeding jewelry – that is, how are they curated? Well, when you connect with the concerned bijoux designer, you will find that – they will ask you to ship your breastmilk (almost 2 tablespoons – but quantity can variate) to their company.

Though different companies have myriad procedures to curate this piece of trinket – the general procedure that is followed is – the breastmilk that is received undergoes a proprietary curative process that ensures that the milk does not yellow over time.

In the next step – the milk is dried over the next 24-28 hours and then ground into a fine powder. Next, with the assistance of a jeweler’s grade resin – this powder is set into a mold and left to be cured for another 24 hours. As you must have realized by now – by the time the milk is completely hardened (turned into a stone), it is placed into the concerned trinket, and the customization is completed.

#What you must know – Breastmilk at different times during the breastfeeding journey changes its thickness and, thereby, its shade. Initially, if you see it – you will find the milk to be of a watery texture. However – with time it will thicken due to the protein content of the milk. Based on this – the jewelry changes its shades, and it might happen that no two piece will be the same. Now that is some miracle – truly unique breastfeeding jewelry for every mother! 

Can you customize them?

Yes, you can! Given that breastfeeding jewelry is perhaps one of the most intimate pieces of bijoux that you may have in your entire lifetime – add some hues to it, or imprint it with your child’s hands and sprinkle some shimmers on it – you are bound to find something incredibly beautiful.

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So, what are the add-ons? Adding birth colors – especially the ones according to their zodiacs is the most chosen format. Along with that – adding a touch of shimmer or including some silver or gold flakes is a regular affair. Ever heard of pearl powder? You can customize this trinket with that as well.

breastfeeding jewelry

#Something extra special range – While customization, add a lock of your child’s hair or a small message for your child or even ink the name on the stone. That will make it extremely intimate. 

How would you care for the pieces?

If and when you get yourself a piece of breastfeeding jewelry – it is important that you care for this in the correct manner. Here are some of the procedures to care for the same –

  • Please avoid using any cosmetics around this jewelry. Whether it is perfume, cream, or any gel-based lotion – it would harm the ornament
  • Keep this trinket separated from your other pieces of jewelry. Wrap it in a cotton towel or napkin and keep it in a safe.
  • Keep it away from water. Whether you are splashing water on it or storing it in a humid place – this trinket is not the one. Direct sunlight is also not the right place to expose this piece.
  • Clean your jewelry with a flannel cloth, and at intervals – do give your keepsake a gold bath.
  • While you are cleaning it – do not use any abrasive solution that will cause any scratch on the base of this ornament. Simple cool water and mild soap combination are perfect. Never use any alcohol-based solution, as they can be extremely harmful.

Do follow these steps to save your keepsake for a longer period.

Saving the best for the last!

Speaking sincerely, you are now in a better position regarding the knowledge that you obtained about breastfeeding jewelry. Therefore, you will be able to figure out which of the piece you like and if you wish to customize it, then how. If you have any queries or comments, revert to this page. Till then, find a reputed brand that will help you craft this keepsake. Hope you choose well.