Who is Robert Wagner? | Robert Wagner’s Net Worth:

Who is Robert Wagner? | Robert Wagner’s Net Worth: A brief biography of American actor Robert Wagner, who has been working in the entertainment industry since the 1950s, is presented throughout the article.

A summary of Wagner’s early career and breakthrough success, his television successes, and his accomplishments as a producer is presented in the article. 

As well as providing information about Wagner’s personal life, the article provides some insight into his net worth. 

The article provides an overall overview of the life and career of Robert Wagner, making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about this Hollywood legend.

Who is Robert Wagner?

A veteran actor who has worked in the entertainment industry since the 1950s, Robert Wagner is an American actor. A Kiss Before Dying, The Pink Panther, and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery are some of the films in which he starred. 

Early Life of Robert Wagner’s 

He was born in Detroit, Michigan, on February 10, 1930, and is perhaps best known for his roles in these films. As an actor, Wagner has appeared in multiple television series, including “It Takes a Thief,” “Hart to Hart,” and “NCIS.” He has been nominated for various awards throughout his career, including an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

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Aside from his acting career, Wagner is also known for the media attention he has received as a result of his personal life. As a married man, he had a daughter named Natalie Wood, who died under mysterious circumstances in 1981.

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Robert Wagner’s Net Worth:

Based on the information provided by Celebrity Net Worth, Wagner is estimated to have a net worth of $20 million. 

Even though this is not as high as some of his contemporaries, it is still an impressive amount for someone whose career has spanned over 70 years. Actor and producer Wagner’s net worth is derived from his success as an actor and producer, as well as from various investments he has made over the years.

Early Career and Breakthrough Success:

Wagner began his film career in the late 1940s when he started as a contract player for 20th Century Fox during the mid-1940s. With his role in Titanic, he became a Hollywood heartthrob whose films have included “A Kiss Before Dying”, “The True Story of Jesse James,” and “The Kiss Before Dying.”

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Wagner appeared in several successful films, including “The Longest Day,” “The Pink Panther,” and “Harper,” among others.

Television Success:

It was Wagner’s success on television that cemented his reputation as a Hollywood icon, not the success he achieved in the film industry. During his career, he appeared in several hit television series, including “It Takes a Thief” and “Switch.” 

Both series ran for several seasons and were highly rated by audiences. Besides starring alongside his wife, actress Jill St. John, Wagner made numerous guest appearances on other popular shows.

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1. Who is Robert Wagner?

It was on February 10, 1930, that Robert Wagner was born as an American actor. Among his most notable roles are those in films such as “The Pink Panther,” and “And a Kiss Before Dying,”.

2. What is Robert Wagner’s net worth?

Approximately $20 million was estimated to be Robert Wagner’s net worth as of September 2021. There are, however, a variety of factors that can cause net worth to fluctuate, such as investments, real estate, and other assets.

3. What other TV shows has Robert Wagner appeared in?

The actor has also appeared in several TV shows, including “Hart to Hart” and “Switch,” as well as “NCIS”, “Two and a Half Men,” and “Boston Legal.”

4. Is Robert Wagner still acting?

According to my knowledge at the time of the cutoff date in September 2021, Robert Wagner was still in the acting business. The important thing to remember, however, is that actors may choose to retire or take a break from acting at any time.

5. Has Robert Wagner ever been married?

The answer to this question is yes, Robert Wagner has been married Three times. At the time of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, he was still married to actress Jill St. John, who he married in 1990.

6. What is Robert Wagner’s most famous movie role?

Several of Wagner’s well-known roles have been featured throughout his career, but his most well-known role was that of George Lytton in the 1963 film “The Pink Panther.”


A Hollywood legend whose career spans more than seven decades, Robert Wagner is without a doubt one of the most recognizable actors of all time. Throughout his career, Wagner has been a fixture in the entertainment industry, beginning as a contract player at 20th Century Fox and culminating in his iconic performances on television. His net worth is estimated to be $20 million, a result of his considerable success and contributions to the film and television industries.