How to tie a bow on a dress in 3 ways if you are at a wedding?

Tying a bow on your dress is an age-old fashion style. With little ladies trotting about in their bow-tied dresses, this style had entered the domains of young lasses. However, it has now made its way to wedding ceremonies, with the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls opting to tie a bow to their dresses. Contour Cafe brings you details about how to tie a bow on a dress for a wedding ceremony.

As you will scroll down this content, you will find out how a bride may tie a bow on their wedding dress to enhance the look. Apart from that, it will give you an insight into the dress combinations of flower girls and bridesmaids as well. Here’s taking a look at the same –

How to tie a bow on a dress for the bride?

You might be thinking that a wedding gown needs no embellishment. The bridal happiness is just more than enough. Let us tell you otherwise. Tying a bow on your waist with a waist chain over it will not only enhance your bridal aura but also bring in a fusion style to your wedding (waist chains are typically an Indian style addition).

So, how to tie a bow on a dress if you are the ‘doll of the day’ –

Choose the color of the sash well. Assuming it is a pristine white gown, you can opt for ribbons in traditional shades of blue, yellow, olive, or green. You can also opt for variations of these shades.

  • For doing the traditional ribbon bow (in the front of your dress), you will have to hold the ribbon around your waist and put the left sash over the right one.
  • Next, you will have to bring the left part of the ribbon under the right and place the set at the center. You will then have to pull the left sash through and leave it like that.
  • With the right sash, you will have to make a loop and then turn it to the right. Pick up the unlooped sash and place it over the already looped sash.
  • Again you will have to bring the left part of the ribbon under the looped sash and pull it. When you pull on both these loops, you will automatically find it to form a bow.
  • The last thing you will have to do is adjust the sashes to manage the extra length of the same.

how to tie a bow on a dress 1

That’s how to tie a bow on a dress for your wedding day. However, you are the bride, and there’s no way to let it go so easily. To amplify your bridal look, you may wear a beaded waist chain over the bow. Silver and gold options are most sought after, but you may wear one studded with pearls or colorful beads. Are you a little experimental? Then a thick gold and diamond studded waist chain on your bow will make you look eloquent.

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How to tie a bow on a dress for the bridesmaid?

You are the bridesmaid, and this is your dear friend – a sister for life who is getting ready for her biggest day. With her bow-waist chain combo and bridal glow, she’s all set to compete with Aphrodite. So, why should you be left behind?

Here’s how to tie a bow on a dress if you are the bridesmaid –

If you are the bride’s dearie on her special day, then you have to be extra cautious about your gown. From lavender shaded to blush pink to powder yellow or pastel shades, you have a plethora to choose from. In that case, you will have to choose the hues of the ribbons accordingly. You can either tie the bow directly on the gown (on her waist) or pin it at the top left side of the gown.

  • If you are planning to attach a flat bow, you will have to lay the ribbon straight on a flat surface or place it around the waist. Then you will have to continuously fold the ribbon over and over again to create a couple of staggered layers. You can start from one end and then fold it and bring it back to the same position to create this layer.
  • Ensure that a thick layer is formed in the process. When that is done, you will have to hold the ribbon up at the center and fold its free end downward at a right angle.
  • You already have the free ends hanging. You will have to now wrap the free ends around the layers about 3 times and pull them tightly so that there is no disruption at the center of the bow. It should look completely centered.

Flip it upside down and place it at the center of your waist. If you wish to put it up on your dress, then you will have to pin it up against your gown with perhaps a little floral dangling inside.

How about trying a different style? We will tell you how to tie a fancy layered bow on your bridesmaids’ gown.

  • You will need a wired ribbon here with a 2-inch wide ribbon. Make sure that the piece of ribbon is of 36-inches. Put it around your waist if you wish to put it on your gown.
  • Start with one end and keep folding the ribbon forth and back to create a set of layers. For starters, try to make 4 layers on each side, and that will increase the volume of this.
  • Once you have set a voluminous bow, you will have to hold the ribbon in the center and fold its free ends downwards at a right angle.
  • Now around the center of this bow, you will have to wrap the loose ends consecutively. You will then have to pull back the tail under itself and pull it down tightly.
  • Lastly, you will have to cut off the tail ends of the bow and fluff it up by pulling the loops apart.
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how to tie a bow on a dress

Are you confident about how to tie a bow on a dress now? You can use any of the 2 above-mentioned styles and either wrap it around your waist or pin it up on your gown.

How to tie a bow on a dress for the flower girl?

Done and dusted with the bride and her coterie of friends? It is now time for the little one to dress up. She’s the little soul who will be holding the floral grace on that day, and there’s no chance that you must compromise on her looks.

Having said that, you will also have to keep in mind that the little girl must not face any discomfort with the bow’s placement.

So, here’s how to tie a bow on a dress if you are the little floral in charge lady –

  • Have you heard of the Folded bow? It is one of the simplest and will suit the little floral lady’s dress code. For that, you will have to take a silk or a satin ribbon and tie it around her waist.
  • You will have to cut 2 pieces of satin; where one of the satin pieces is 12 inches long, while the other one is 4 inches long. As you hold the ribbon onto your waist, you will have to fold the left end of it at 45-degree angle.
  • Now you will have to fold the right end downward in a way that the whole bow overlaps in the middle. From here, you will have to gather the ribbon set at the center to bring it into a bow-like formation.
  • Pull the loose ends to tighten them in the middle. If you see any hanging ends, cut them off. You will automatically see a bow-like formation on the dress.

Summing up

Do you now know how to tie a bow on a dress when you have to go in for a wedding ceremony, or you are the bride? Which of the above-mentioned styles did you like? If you wish to add something to enhance the look, do let us know in the comments section. For more updates, keep following Contour Cafe.