Texas in September? Here are the things to do in Corpus Christi!

Do you have an extended September weekend holiday with no plans to stay at home? Corpus Christi, near the Gulf of Mexico, offers you the perfect weekend getaway recipe! With the fall season being the best time to enjoy the beaches, shores, national parks, and museums that this city in Texas offers – you simply cannot miss out on the fun. This travel listicle will give you a glimpse of the places to visit and things to do in Corpus Christi when you take that trip down the road. 

Before you book the tickets, take a virtual look at this semi-tropical southern coastal bay that, according to a 16th-century legend, was founded on the Roman Catholic Feast Day of Corpus Christi –

things to do in corpus christi
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What are the things to do in Corpus Christi? 

If you are visiting Corpus Christi, in Texas – you will be at a loss of time and energy given the number of places it offers for a visit or the activities that it lays out for the tourists. So, for starters, let us check out what kind of a tourist you are – 

Are you a nature lover? 

One of the most stunningly blessed areas of Texas (speaking in terms of the natural views) is Corpus Christi. If you are a nature lover, then here are the things to do in Corpus Christi for you – 

1. The South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Centre 

For lovers of birds, this botanical garden cum nature center nestled along Oso Creek is one of the most valued areas for watching the avians. It is wrapped up with – landscaped gardens, a reptile house, and rare plants. This floral haven is specifically known for housing a sensory garden and a hummingbird-restricted area.

activities to do in texas
Image Credit: South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center

 2. Birdwatching at the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve 

Are you a fan of seabirds? Then you will have to mark out a visit to the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve in your things to do in Corpus Christi list. Amidst drapes of greenery, you will get to see a host of avians, such as – herons, egrets, pelicans, kiskadee, and spoonbills. As you enjoy the leisurely stroll through the restricted area 

places to visit in corpus christi
Image Credit: Oso Bay Nature Preserve and Learning Center

3. The Corpus Christi Bay Trail is another area to explore  

Many have this fascination with enjoying a stroll when in a new area. The Corpus Christi Bay Trail offers a perfect opportunity to explore the city’s waterfront area on foot. As you walk by – it passes through the art centers and the Oso Creek and bay area, and if lucky, you might get to spot a rare bird or two! 

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places to visit in corpus christi
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4. Visit the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge 

As already mentioned – September is one of the best times to visit Corpus Christi, and when you do so, you might get lucky to see a host of whooping cranes on their migration routine. Apart from that – it also serves a diverse array of wildlife, such as – bees, roseate spoonbills, peccary, alligators, and ibis. 

things to do in corpus christi
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What things to do in Corpus Christi if you are a fan of historical places? 

Just like its fantastical origin story, Corpus Christi has a host of historical places for all lovers of art and architecture. Are you one of those? In that case – these are things to do in Corpus Christi – 

1. Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History 

Founded in 1957, this museum delves deep into the story of the origin of the city, the tales of the Karankawa tribes, and the industrial wonders of the area, and documents the city’s history. Apart from that, when you step into the science domain, you will not only get to see the meteors and crystals but also trip back in time to see what prehistoric creatures looked like. 

tourist spots to visit in corpus christi
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2. Visit the USS Lexington Museum 

For a history lover, visiting the Lexington Museum comes marked as ‘most important’ in their listicle of things to do in Corpus Christi. Bearing the battle scars of World War II, this educational museum warship nicknamed The Blue Ghost now offers a touring facility. 

If you have time to spare – then take the Hard Hat tour and sit through the 3D Fighter Pilot film that will give you an insight into the great war. 

activities to do in corpus christi
Image Credit: BBC

3. Take a session at The Art Centre of Corpus Christi 

The Art Centre is another area that a history lover cannot miss out on! The city has had an artistic culture entrenched in it, and this led to the foundation of this center in 1972 to foster it. 

With a wide variety of art forms on display, this offers you a chance to attend a clay-making session at the Barry Brown Clay Studio. The center also sets up a farmers market on Wednesday evenings to sell fresh produce and clay art. 

places to visit in corpus christi
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4. Visiting the Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures 

The East, or the Land of the Orient, has always been magical for the observers of the West. If you too wish to take a sneak peek at some of the ‘symbolic markers’ of the East, you can muse through the – Japanese Hakata dolls, Haniwa figures, and kimonos. As you walk through, you will get to see traditional artifacts from Singapore, China, and the ‘then golden land’ of India. 

The museum is also known for celebrating Eastern festivals and hosting Orient language lessons and presentations. Check the schedule before visiting; you might just land in the middle of a demonstration. 

activities to do in corpus christi texas
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Are you a sports lover? 

Do you love sports and categorically looking for sporty things to do in Corpus Christi? Here are some of the options that you could check out – 

1. You can try kayaking at the Padre Island National Seashore 

The Padre Island National Seashore is one of the most-opted destinations – specifically noted to be the world’s largest untouched barrier island. While the beaches offer nesting spots for turtles and other amphibians – the salty waters offer you a chance to kayak along the shores. That’s not all! There are specific picnic spots where you can camp for the night and continue star gazing. 

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things to do in corpus christi texas
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2. Practice golfing at the Treasure Island Golf and Game 

Golf is supposedly the national pastime of Texas people, and of all the things to do in Corpus Christi, there’s no chance you can miss out on golfing at the Treasure Island course. Starting with the standard 18-mini golf hole course, there are plenty of other opportunities available for you to tee it off. 

activities to do in corpus christi texas
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3. Try your hand at Go Karting 

If you are on a family trip and wish to pick up a sports-kind-of-activity that would involve the whole family, Go Karting at one of the multiple amusement parks in Corpus Christi is your ideal getaway. Suitable for every age group, this is one activity you cannot miss out on if you are visiting this bay area. 

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Image Credit: Driven Raceway

4. You could happily windsurf 

For lovers of beach and water sports – windsurfing at Laguna Madre, amidst the strong winds and calm waters, is one of the key things to do in Corpus Christi. There are multiple outlets that provide you with surfing equipment and training (if you wish to learn the art). 

activities to do in corpus christi
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Want to spend a lazy day? 

If you are one of those couch-potato types who like to sit back and watch as the world unravels – then Corpus Christi is one of the destinations you can plan your holiday at. Even for someone as lazy as you, there will be a couple of things to do in Corpus Christi – 

1. You could sunbathe at the North Beach 

The sun is strong, the water is calm, and the coastal winds are blowing at your face – that’s how you sunbathe at the North Beach. If you just wish to spend a day lazily at Corpus Christi, take out your swimwear and hat and go down the beach to enjoy the sun. 

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2. There are plenty of cocktail bars on the beaches 

While you are out sunbathing, you could very well try out some cocktails from the seaside joints. There is a handful of them offering a wide range of drinks (something that the beaches of Corpus Christi are famous for) for you to choose from. 

things to do in corpus christi

3. You could go visit the Selena Museum 

No, if you think it is Selena Gomez – you are mistaken! We are talking about Selena Quintanilla Perez – Grammy-winning Queen of Tejano music, the best of Latin pop artists in her genre. Visiting the museum that exhibits her personal memorabilia is a must on your list of things to do in Corpus Christi

This dedicated museum documents her growth into a Latin pop icon and has an attached shop that offers a range of souvenirs paying homage to the Latina. 

tourist places to visit in corpus christi texas
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4. Take a trip down to the McGee Beach 

One of the most noted beaches of Corpus Christi is McGee Beach. One of the noted downtown destinations, this has clean sandy shores, perfect fishing jetties, and calm waters to entertain you. 

activities to do in corpus christi texas
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Wrapping up the virtual tour 

Assuming you have read this listicle and have an idea about the things to do in Corpus Christi – if you wish to take the September weekend trip, you have alternatives in the form of a flight, road trip, or train. Fly into the Corpus Christi International Airport, which is connected to a host of South and Southwest airports. 

If you are flying into San Antonio, then you can always hit the road or take the local US bus network. As far as your stay is concerned – stick around the Downtown area or the Marine area. The islands of Mustang and South Padre are the other available options for a vacation stay. Do you have some queries? State the same in the comments section, and keep browsing for more! 


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