The ultimate Vegas bomb shot recipe for your house parties!

If you are looking for a classic shot recipe that can be enjoyed at your home or at a house party, the Vegas bomb shot recipe is the one to choose! With just 4 ingredients to pair up, this is a cocktail that comes with a royal flush shot, ensuring that despite all the partying, you are in no way down on energy levels. 

This recipe content will quickly give you an outline of how to prepare this bomb shot drink, and if you are not in the mood for any of the concerned ingredients, then the suggested alternative for the same. Here’s getting it straight for you – 

Vegas bomb shot recipe

How to make this Vegas bomb shot recipe? 

Note: The metrics are in US terms. 

You will also require a cocktail shaker with a Hawthorne strainer. Keep the rock glasses ready! 

What you’ll need – 

1. Crown Royal Whiskey – (1.25 ounces) – With notes of apple, vanilla, and caramel – this is one that gives the best base to the Vegas bomb shot. This whiskey was customized to the time when Queen Elizabeth and King George VI visited Canada. 

2. Cranberry Juice – (2 ounces) – You will need one variety of fruit juice (if you have a taste for it) to add to the concoction. 

3. Peach Schnapps – (1.25 ounces) – This brandy is made of distilled spirit with mashed fruit and is ideal for the perfect bomb shot recipe. 

4. Red Bull – (2 ounces) – Though this is the most opted energy drink, you can also substitute it with Malibu rum. 

How to make it? 

  • Add the Royal Crown flush, cranberry juice, and peach schnapps together with a couple of ice cubes and shake it for 10-15 seconds. 
  • Once you find that the shot has been mixed perfectly, you will have to strain it and pour it into the shot glass. 
  • Now take another pint glass and fill it half with the energy drink. Make sure that you do not pour too much into it since that will change the ratio of the concoction when the flush shot is poured in. 
  • Here comes the crucial part of this Vegas bomb shot recipe. You will have to drop the whole shot glass into the drink!! Trust the experts – if you simply drop the liquid, you will not get the same feel. 

#Some tips to remember – If you are not the traditional type and wish to add a little bit of a tang to this recipe, you can – either have just the whiskey as the shot and let the other ingredients blend at the base. Apart from that, add an ounce or two of Malibu rum to this drink and leave out the juice. 

How to make this Vegas bomb shot recipe

How to serve it ideally? 

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Tip: If serving this, be prepared to let the booze come in. Also, you must not mix two components together while serving. 

How to serve it ideally

Which dishes to pair it with? 

Who cares about ‘healthy options’ with a bomb shot? So, get a plate of cheese-smothered nachos or even slices of cheese-dipped pizza to pair your bomb shot. 

Are there any variations available? 

As much of a hotshot as this Vegas bomb shot recipe is – there are days when you would want a variation or maybe looking forth to customize this. Let’s see what alternatives you have – 

  • Amaretto Vegas bomb 

This is the perfect customization of the traditional Vegas bomb shot. Keep all the ingredients and just add the Italian amaretto – assuredly, you will love this changed taste.

Amaretto Vegas bomb 

  • Johnny Vegas bomb shot 

Another Vegas bomb shot alternative that you may try out is this one. A blend of watermelon liquor and tequila shot, this is a tone you cannot miss out on!!

Johnny Vegas bomb shot 

  • Virgin Vegas shot 

Are you, not a drinker? Well, that doesn’t mean that you will lose out on your bomb shots!! Here comes a combo, quite akin to the Vegas bomb shot recipe, albeit non-alcoholic, and with a vanilla, cranberry, and peach juice concoction. It has all the flair and fun of the shot, minus the booze!

Virgin Vegas shot 

  • Butterscotch shot

This is more of a customization rather than a whole new drink. Even if you keep the other ingredients the same and simply replace the cranberry juice with butterscotch schnapps – you will get a delightful creamy taste to the bomb shot. 

Butterscotch shot

Some quick queries that you may have

Though you have got an idea about curating that perfect Vegas bomb shot recipe, you still might have some queries about the same. So here’s answering all your queries – 

1. What is the origin of the Vegas bomb shot? 

For those who love this shot and want to explore a little more about its origins, here’s a quick look at its history. Though some say, that its origins are unclear, however, one may call it – an evolved format of Royal Flush. It became rampant at the party scenes around 2010, wherein the inventors combined – peach schnapps, whiskey and cranberry juice and twisted the concoction with a dash of Red Bull! 

If you particularly like the taste of this flavor, there is more than one alternative available! 

What is the origin of the Vegas bomb shot

2. What are the basic ingredients of the bomb shot recipe? 

Here’s a quick recap of the ingredients of this Vegas bomb shot recipe – peach schnapps, cranberry juice (or alternative), whiskey, and energy drink. 

What are the basic ingredients of the bomb shot recipe

3. Are there any alternatives available? 

Though Vegas bombs are categorically the party favorites, yet, there are a handful of alternatives available. Just in case you wish to try something different, you can always pick up options such as – Jager bomb (German liquor), Smurf bomb (blue Curacao – citrus plant), Sake bomb (Japanese alcohol combined with beer), Cherry bombs (soda, combined with cherry liquor and lime juice), Apple bombs (sweet schnapps and whiskey combo) and finally the lagoon bomb (lemonade, blue Curacao and vodka). 

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Are there any alternatives available

4. Where to drink this bomb shot? 

Just for the record, the Vegas Bomb is not the classic drink that you can have while reclining on your chair. It’s a hard-core party drink for those looking to enjoy a wild night ahead! A wild night out, a bachelorette, or a party-centric bar are the perfect bomb shot domains!! 

Where to drink this bomb shot

5. Can this bomb recipe be pre-made? 

Surely you can add the rum(if you are using it), whiskey and schnapps earlier – but add the Red Bull at last to prevent the loss of carbonation. 

Can this bomb recipe be pre-made

6. Can you make a large batch of it? 

You can prepare a large batch of it simply by adjusting the ratio of the concerned ingredients. A set of 8-12 shots can be pre-made. 

Can you make a large batch of it

7. What are the whiskey brands to opt for the Vegas bomb? 

In this article earlier, you already got a glimpse of the prime whiskey brand (Crown Royal Whiskey) that one uses. However, what if you are not much of a fan of it, and in your Vegas bomb shot recipe, you want some other brand? (Remember, not every whiskey brand can give you that distinct taste). 

Here are some of the alternative brands that you can definitely try out – 

Kirkland 6-Year Blended Canadian Whiskey, Alberta Premium, Forty Creek Barrel Select, Canadian Club, and Gentleman Jack. 

What are the whiskey brands to opt for the Vegas bomb

Last thoughts 

If there’s ever a moment when you feel that vodka shots are not for this party night you are hosting, or you want something peppier – trust us, there’s no better option than Vegas bomb shots. One of the easiest shots to prep, and that too within a very short span of time; you can also customize the Vegas bomb shot recipe with your choicest base or otherwise. Be assured – there’s no chance that you will miss out on the original taste of this. If you still haven’t had a taste of it, it’s time you add this to your must-have shots for the next house party. Like this recipe content? Add your tidbits to it, and follow this page for more exciting food recipes like this!