What Can Cats Eat From The Fridge? 8 Treats For The Kitty!

Even on the hottest day, you might see your kitty rolling around in the sun without a prick on their body. You might be sweating and cannot wait to take a bath, but your furry friend will not even step back from enjoying her frolicking moments. However, your cat spending some quality time outside in the sun is not always great news. You might be unaware that cats have a tendency to overheat themselves and, unlike humans, cannot cool down fast. Hence, they, at times, require some cool treats to maintain their body temperature. Are you looking for what can cats eat from the fridge? Your search ends here!

This article will give you an insight into what they can have from the fridge as well as an idea about a recipe that you may prepare and store to treat your cat at times! Let’s get to the specifics –

What can cats eat from the fridge?

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You will actually be quite surprised to know what all cats can eat from the fridge. Before getting to the list, let’s make you aware that if not anything else, you can always give your kitty a little ice cube to suck from in case it needs cooling down. At times, you can alternate it with frozen milk cubes and allow them to suck on that as well.

Let’s explore some more options – 

  1. Tuna treats

tuna treat
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When nothing comes to your mind when you scratch your head wondering what can cats eat from the fridge – just remember one thing, tuna treats, especially frozen ones, are always a cat’s favorite. As a cat parent or a cat lover, you must have stocked a host of wet food for your cat already. In that case, all you have to do is – open a can of water-packed tuna and add 1/2 cup of water to it. Blend the concoction well and make it thick.

After that, you can pour it into silicon-made ice cube trays and freeze it for 3-4 hours. Once frozen, pack them up in a freezer bag and give your kitty a taste of the frozen tuna once in a while.

If you wish to look for an alternative, you can always use canned salmon. Follow the same process to create the little pops!

  2. Frozen treats from goat’s milk

frozen goat milk treat
Image Credit: Rover.com

Frozen goat milk is a must on your cat’s diet chart. Treats made out of that frozen milk, especially in the summers, are a perfect add-on to your cat’s eating list from the fridge. For the unversed, goat milk is packed with probiotics and digestive enzymes. All you need to do is – open up some packs of goat milk and pour them into silicone molds. Freeze them for 3-4 hours, pop them out, and store them in freezer bags. You can always share a treat or two to ensure that your furry friend stays cool throughout.

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  3. Frozen yogurt drops

frozen yogurt drops
Image Credit: QueRicaVida.com

If your cat is not lactose intolerant, then do you know what can cats eat from the fridge? Yogurt drops, that too frozen ones! Let’s show you how to prepare the same. Take a cup of Greek yogurt and concoct some cat food into it. If you are having a problem, you can always use a food processor to concoct this combo.

Now take this mixture and pack it up in a plastic bag, and then on a parchment paper, you can squeeze it out like drops. Once set – freeze it until it becomes solid.

As and when your cat would like to have a treat or two, you could spoon out these drops and feed them well.

  4. Frozen wet food

frozen wet food
Image Credit: Odie’s Kitchen

There are a host of wet food available for your kitty that you can freeze and scoop some out as and when you like. Get a pack of wet food and combine it with dried catnip. Pour them into silicone molds and freeze them until solid. Pack them in freezer bags and store them well.

  5. Frozen fish or chicken lollies

Image Credit: kiyafries

Fish or chicken lollies are everyone’s favorite finger food. Trust the experts; frozen lollies are the perfect treat for your cats as well. You need to poach some amount of fresh chicken or fish (2 cups must be enough), and once done – keep the water that was used for poaching.

Then take the fish and flake it, or cut the chicken into small morsels. When done, fill them up in an ice-cube tray. You may sprinkle a little catnip on it and then fill up the rest of the ice cube with the leftover water, and freeze it. Break them into small pieces and feed your cat as and when required.

  6. Cold broth

cold broth
Image Credit: Better With Cats

Pureed fish or chicken mixed with shaved ice, creating a broth-like combo, and then put into the fridge is another of the food products that cats can have directly from the fridge.

  7. Frozen fruits

Image Credit: Super Healthy Kids

Cats love berries (blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, and blackberries) apart from mangoes, bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, oranges, and pineapple. Therefore, you need to cut the fruits into small pieces and freeze them. Put them in an air-tight container and freeze the same. Then you can occasionally treat them to the same.

  8. Frozen cat sticks

Image Credit: Cheshire and Waine

You must have heard of cat sticks. They are snacks available to put those sudden cravings of your cats to rest. It is best that you buy packets of those and then freeze them. Treat your cats occasionally.

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Apart from that – you can also give it a little bit of specialized cat ice cream. You can also give them catsicles occasionally.

What cold food items to not give to your cat?

You are already aware as a cat lover or a cat parent that onion, garlic, and any kind of raw meat are not their bowl of food. Apart from that, also know that – ice cream, sweetened yogurt, or popsicles are also not for their consumption. Hence, avoid giving them the same.

The recipe that you can cook and store

carrot and salmon
Image Credit: a Veg Taste From A to Z

You have been reading this article and have a fair idea about what can cats eat from the fridge. Along with that, here’s a recipe that you can cook and refrigerate to feed your cat from time to time to fulfill her desire for frozen treats.

Note: The measurements are as per US metrics.

Check beforehand whether your cat is allergic to oats, salmon, or carrots. If they are, then this is not a recipe for them, and it is better that you stick to cool fruits and frozen milk cubes.

What you will need? 

  . Carrot – small size (1)

  . Rolled oats – (1/8 cup)

  . Boneless tinned salmon – drained – (2/3 cup)

How to make it? 

. Start by peeling the carrot and cutting it into small pieces. Then you must boil it in water till it becomes soft.

. You will then have to blend the oats in a processor to create oat flour. If you wish, you may directly use oat flour as well.

. After that is done, add the carrot and salmon into the processor and blend it well. If required, use a little water, enough to make a paste but not too watery.

. Combine this concoction with oats, and mix it well.

. Put this mixture onto a silicone mold or an ice tray. Freeze it until it is completely set (if possible, freeze it overnight).

Slice it into small pieces and freeze it in an air-tight container. Treat your kitty with this for the next 2 months.

Final thoughts

Unknown to one and many, cats should be treated more than occasionally to cold food products since they do tend to get overheated and have no self-made mechanism of cooling down. Hence, it is important to know what can cats eat from the fridge so that you may feed them the same at times. Just ensure that the food products are not too cold and do not result in your cats’ vessels cooling down. Also, list out if your cat is allergic to any of the concerned food products that have been mentioned above, and you must avoid the same. If you liked this content and are looking forward to such exciting and engaging reads, keep following this website.