How to massage ear wax out? The relief – guide is here!

Are you suffering from ear blockage? Clearly, it is one of the most frustrating and daunting situations, especially when you have ten other things to take care of, and visiting the ENT has yet to be on your priority list! Though anyone would suggest you connect with a medical professional immediately, here’s a quick fix that you can try. It’s a natural technique with roots in Ayurveda and Chinese methodology known as ear drainage massage. We will show you in this guide how to massage ear wax out by following this traditional route. 

This comprehensive guide will outline the preparatory steps for this ear drainage, followed by some benefits, tips, and safety measures, and answer your queries regarding the same. Let’s start – 

Signs your ears are clogged 

Surely, you are facing some auditory challenges recently, but is it really due to the clogging of your ears or something else? Before jumping to figure out how to massage ear wax out get to know the symptoms – 

  • A sudden feeling of fullness in your ear that affects your auditory capacity. 
  • Sudden ringing of your ear. 
  • Itchiness in your ear, even going to the extent of an ache.
  • If there is an untoward odour in your ear or constant discharge from your ear. 

You can try this natural massage to alleviate the pain in either of the cases mentioned above.  

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How to massage ear wax out? 

To understand the process, you have to first prepare for the same. Let’s guide you about doing the same – 

Caution: You may think that using a cotton bud/swab and trying to clean your ears first and then following this massage therapy would work better. However, that is far from the truth. With utmost caution, let us warn you not to use cotton swabs since they push the ear wax inside rather than loosen it up. Hence, categorically avoid this before following this technique (and also in general). 

Preparing for the ear drainage massage – 

Step 1 – Get the necessary items 

For starters, you will need a fresh towel, a bowl of warm water (a basin is the best alternative), ear drops (hydrogen peroxide-infused ones), or a small amount of olive oil. 

Step 2 – Wash your hands properly 

Before starting the process, wash your hands well with soap and water for 20 seconds (the traditional pandemic-time-approved handwashing format) to remove the dirt and germs. 

Step 3 – Set up a comfortable position 

Lastly, you will have to select a comfortable position so that you can massage well. The concerned person must lie on their side with a pillow for support. Apart from that, there must be no sharp objects in and around so they don’t get hurt. Also, ensure that the room or area is silent for the desired effect. 

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How to massage ear wax out

Performing the ear massage – 

Step 1 – Soften the ear wax 

You must do this by putting two drops of the eardrop or olive oil onto the affected ear. After that, gently massage the outer area around the ear, so that the the concerned liquid penetrates into the ear canal. 

Step 2 – Here’s how to massage ear wax out 

Once the liquid has completely penetrated your ear canal, then you will have to begin the massage. You will have to massage the outer ear with your fingertips slowly and in a circular motion. Continue doing this for 3-4 minutes. 

After that, take your index finger and insert it into your ear canal. Again, massage the canal in a circular motion to loosen the wax buildup. But do not insert it too much since that could result in an eardrum injury. Continue this for another 3-4 minutes, slowly and gently. 

Step 3 – Remove the loosened ear wax 

You have understood up to here how to massage ear wax out? The last step is to remove the wax that has loosened already. For this, you will need that bowl of warm water. Flush that water, little by little, to allow the loose ear wax to come out. Also, in the process, you must tilt your ear to the side so that the wax can come out quickly. Then, pat the ear dry. 

Step 4 – Aftercare 

To understand and follow step-by-step an outline of the massaging technique is not enough. You need proper aftercare to derive maximum results. Here is what you must do – 

  • Clean the excess moisture or oil from the outer portion of your ear. 
  • Though it is advised not to use any cotton swabs/earbuds, specific medically approved ear wax removal kits assist in cleaning up after the process is over.

Note: Apart from massaging your ears to remove the congestion due to excessive building of the wax, you can try yoga forms like – Karnapeedasana and Halasana to amplify the results. 

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Tips to remember when massaging 

Here are some tips that you must remember when massaging your ear wax out. They are – 

  • This process may take some time before delivering results. You have to be both consistent and patient and continue for several minutes or even sessions (if the earwax buildup is a bit too strong). 
  • While following the process, you must concentrate on the key points. The hollow behind the ear, or the area behind the earlobe, are an essential focal point that eases the decongestion. 
  • Lastly, always listen to your body. If you notice any discomfort during or even after it, immediately stop it, and do not continue with it. Consult a professional at the earliest. 

What are the benefits of this? 

When you have read this know-how guide on how to massage ear wax out and are ready to try it out to relieve your ear congestion, just hold on a bit. Let’s give you an idea about the other benefits that this massage entails so that, apart from ear congestion, you can use it otherwise as well. 

  1. It specifically improves your hearing capacity. In fact, if you generally practice this massage daily for 5-10 minutes, it would amplify your capacity to receive information. 
  2. The nerve endings also get stimulated by rubbing your ear in this way. This leads to enhanced blood flow to your ears and makes you alert. In fact, a survey states that this massage leads to the release of endorphins and thereby eases muscle pain. 
  3. Since this massage directly affects the shells above the ear, it alleviates stress-related headaches and aids in better sleep to the extent of fighting insomnia. 
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So the next time you have a headache or are feeling anxious or stressed out, try this ear drainage massage therapy before popping the pills! 

How to massage ear wax out

What precautions to take? 

It is a well-known fact that you must be concerned about the prevention of an injury rather than curing the same, in case it is within your hands. On that note, here are some precautions you must take while you try this technique – 

Measure 1 – Ensure that your approach is gentle 

When you are trying this massage, always do it gently. If you use any aggressive measures, then there are chances that the earwax will go inside further. 

Measure 2 – Do not insert any object 

As already stated, sharp objects like hairpins or even cotton swabs push the earwax down into the ear canal. If you perform the ear drainage massage after this, or even before this (and then you insert the sharp object), it could damage your ear to the extent of a perforated eardrum. 

Measure 3 – Do not hold the moisture for a long time 

Know it for a fact that, too much moisture, and that too for a long period in your ear canal can breed bacteria. Hence, whether it is the eardrops you use or the oil – ensure that it is removed completely; it will become a breeding ground for bacteria and will result in further problems. 

Measure 4 – Connect with a professional 

Lastly, if you have a history of noted ear infections, or if you see any sudden infection cropping up after you have used this technique, connect with a doctor immediately. 

Parting thoughts 

Assuming you have read this content well and followed the given guidelines, you have probably gained an idea regarding how to massage ear wax out gently, with minimum pressure. Experts suggest that before you actually perform the same, do give this content a read once again. We have tried to provide a detailed procedure for the same. If you liked this know-how guide and have benefitted from it, share it with your friends and loved ones to assist them in the long run, especially when they are running low on time. 


1. What is an ear drainage massage? 

As you must have already figured out, this ear drainage massage is a gentle massage wherein you manipulate the tissues around your ear to relieve the clogging and promote better drainage of your ears. 

2. How safe is this massage? 

Since it has prominent roots in Ayurveda and Chinese treatment methodology, the negatives or side effects associated with this are minimal. Having said that, you must be extra cautious and apply minimum pressure to the ears for better results.

3. How often must you do it? 

This depends precisely on a case-to-case basis. Though the experts advise practising it only when required (i.e. in case your ears are clogged), there has been more than a single instance when this massage has helped ease stubborn headaches. 

4. Are there any side effects of this? 

If you know how to massage ear wax out correctly, usually, there are no side effects of the same. However, in rare cases, it could cause temporary dizziness. If this exceeds a couple of minutes (2-3 minutes overall), discontinue the practice and connect with a medical professional immediately. 

5. Does it help with tinnitus? 

There have been instances, to and fro, of people being affected by tinnitus getting relief with this technique. However, if you do suffer from the same, it is advised to connect with an ENT before you try out this technique.