Exploring Different Types of Window Guards

Just like finding that one pair of jeans or t-shirt that fits you perfectly, discovering the right style of window security bars is an exploration process. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect fit.

Wrought iron personalization is a classic way to make a bar beautiful. Swooping cursive initials and a chosen font can add a stylish touch to your home while keeping children from climbing.


The sunburst is one of the most classic motifs for window guards. It consists of an offset semi-circle that radiates beams from a central point to create the look of a celestial star or desert. This pattern makes your home feel elegant while also enhancing its security and obstructing unwanted sunlight and vision from the outside world.

A sunburst motif can be incorporated into many different styles of window treatments, including blinds and shades. These window treatments typically have slats that block light and allow for privacy, though they do not provide a full sunburst effect when closed. A sunburst window guard, however, provides an elegant and unique alternative to these types of traditional window coverings.

These window guards have non-transparent louver-type slats spaced two inches apart, which provide the appearance of a sunburst when closed. They can filter in soft natural light during the day while still allowing for a view of your garden or backyard and blocking glare on TV screens and other devices.

In addition to the radial design of a sunburst, the wrought iron can also be crafted to have framing baroque corners that accent your windows and add an ornate finish to the design. These details are often used to accentuate gates and fences but can also make your windows stand out.

SUNBURST checks for analysis tools as part of its functionality by checking process names and file write timestamps. Combining these checks allows the backdoor to determine when it is being monitored and delay its execution to avoid detection. This approach helps SUNBURST evade detection for seven months, as shown in the diagram below from ExtraHop’s threat intelligence (TI) search results.


Baroque is a classic design style for iron fences, gates, and doorways. It’s an elegant, visually detailed pattern that includes swooping curves and ornate curls. When incorporated into window guards, it can make your windows look stunningly unique. You can add a touch of baroque to each individual window or frame them all in a single baroque design to accent the whole front of your home. You can even create flowing vines that look like they’re climbing down the windows or winding across your entire front door. These sweeping vines can be modeled in heavy, ornate curls or a lighter, floating appearance.

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Swooping Vines

Many homes are made more elegant and secure by swooping vines that wrap around the corners of each window. These wrought iron patterns can be light and floating like the reach of tree branches or heavy, baroque curls. They can also be curved around iron flowers or leaves for a more feminine aesthetic or swoop down in cursive alphanumeric that spell out a family’s initials across the front of the house. They can even connect one window guard to the next for a flowing set that builds a piece of art along the front of your home. Flowing guards take longer to build, but they are worth it for the impact they make.

Framing Corners

Aside from enhancing your property security, window guards are beautiful pieces of art. Many designs are visually appealing, and the best fit will depend on your home’s current architecture, curb-facing design, and your own personal aesthetic.

The most common window guard design is the sunburst, which looks like a circle (or an offset semi-circle) with beams that radiate from it. The sunburst is a simple way to add an elegant look without overpowering your home’s architecture. Other wrought iron designs are more elaborate and can look spectacular on any house type or style. Starburst patterns in window guard iron are one example, and they can resemble stars in the night sky or a dessert motif. Another option is a curved pattern that is similar to the sunburst but has a more focused look.

Wrought iron personalization is also a popular choice for windows, as it can be used to spell out family initials or other words that will look striking on the front of your home. You can even choose to have each window guard frame a different color or add some sort of geometrical detail that will draw attention to your home’s windows.

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Some of the most exciting designs for window guards involve a whole series of them so that your entire house is covered in an elegant iron picture. The beauty of these types of designs comes from the way each window guard frames into the next, creating a flowing pattern that draws the eye across the whole front of your home.

A swooping vine is another option that can be quite elegant on any type of house, and it can be made to appear light and delicate or heavy and baroque. These swooping vines can be filled with leaves, flowers, or bare branches that reach up and out toward the window. You can even have the vines curve around iron flowers or butterflies for a more whimsical look.

Flowing Guards

Window deflectors, or rain guards, reduce turbulence and noise when driving with windows cracked open. They are also ideal for reducing rain spray when exiting your vehicle and can even help to slightly improve fuel economy by minimizing wind drag. These practical benefits of car window visors make them ideal for drivers who regularly cruise on highways or drive in stormy weather.

They come in a variety of colors and finishes to fit any style. Some styles are low-profile and discreet, while others are more prominent and designed to blend in with modern vehicles. They are often available in chrome, smoke, carbon fiber, black, and a camo finish, so you can find the perfect look to complement your vehicle.

Some car window deflectors, such as the Dreambaby Breezz-Guard (Keyless Window Restrictor), are keyless. These restrict the opening of the window to a safe distance so that children can’t open it any further and risk falling out of the window. These can be installed on sliding or sash windows and are easy to disengage when cleaning the windows. They are compatible with many vehicles, including those with power windows. Most of these are easy to install. They either snap into place or attach with automotive-grade double-sided tape that adheres to the inside of your vehicle’s inner window channels or outer door frame.

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