How Do You Introduce Womens Clothing to the Fall

Fall is almost like a new beginning, a fresh start. We probably get that from childhood with each new school year. It’s exhilarating and invigorating with the cool, crisp weather, the changing leaves, the sun setting just a little bit sooner.

That means bringing out cardigans, leggings, cute booties, long knit dresses, and a vast selection of jackets and blazers in a broad range of textures. Velvets are like a go-to in the fall and winter (or is that just my go-to – I love it.) There’s just something rich and magical about the fabric.

The thing to remember is that temperatures can be a little fussy for a few weeks, with some fluctuations from warm going back down to cool. That means layering, something you can do year-round.

There’s a misguided ideology that because you must add thicker materials means you can’t look as awesome as you did in the spring and summer months.

When you Shop The Mint, your favorite stylists will ensure that the same summer vibe translates to your fall wardrobe and that your body defines the clothes and not the clothes defining your body.

You don’t have to go out in standard sweatpants and bulky jackets just because it’s cold. Save that look for chore day. Strive for an autumn wardrobe that mimics the vibe your summer clothes gave you, and then carry that same mindset into your winter wardrobe. It’s easier than you might think.

Tips On Carrying Your Summer Wardrobe Vibe into the Fall Season

Summer clothes make everyone feel good, free, confident, and happy. The objective in summer is to simply look good. The misconception about fall and winter is that the only goal when dressing is to get warm. It doesn’t have to work that way. You can strive for a balance between the two.

While it’s tempting to fall into the ease and comfort of a pair of worn sweatpants and a favorite oversized jacket, you don’t want that to be your go-to for the season. Learn about fall outfits to wear at and follow for a few tips on dressing to feel that summer vibe in the autumn.

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·        Layer

While summer might be over that doesn’t mean you must put everything away. The tees, a favorite sheath, and other favored pieces can still be incorporated into your fall wardrobe by layering them in.

The weather will still be variable, some days warmer than others where short sleeves make sense; with others, you’ll need that light cardigan and maybe a pair of lightweight corduroys.

Maybe you start with the T-shirt dress and the denim jacket with leggings, only to be sweltering hot in the afternoon. A quick change out by adding a leather belt, a pair of sneakers, and a brown newsboy cap, and you’re still falling minus the sweat. Layers ensure you’ll be ready for any temperature and every situation.

·        The old is new

Women in the fashion industry love the vibe from the 1960s and 70s, particularly for the fall season. This usually involves an A-line or mini skirt traditionally paired with your choice of boots or flats depending on the occasion or the situation.

Boots can be as high as you choose; if it’s cool, you can take them higher to keep your legs warm, while your upper body can be wrapped in a light sweater or jacket. The great thing about the 60s and 70s is the wild patterns and colors. The only thing with these styles is you want them to be the sole focus.

You want to avoid piling on the accessories or adding much detail to the top. It should be simplistic and neutral.

·        Boots for fall and winter

Boots are a staple for the fall and winter wardrobes. It can take a little time to get used to wearing a closed-in shoe after months of sandals and flip-flops, but these can be a statement piece all on their own.

You can take an outfit from summer and turn it instantly into one of your favorite fall outfits by adding a pair of booties, knee-high boots, or even a couple of rustic cowgirl boots.

While it might be warm enough for a pair of walking shorts if you want to transition them into a fall vibe, add slip-on boots with a soft, faded denim shirt and a bandana to knot your hair. You’re ready for the pumpkin patch.

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·        Use a scarf

Outerwear is not always a necessity in the fall. Often, you can get away with a light cardigan but even then, maybe just in the evenings. Sometimes the ideal accessory during the day is a thin scarf, which can sometimes suffice in the evening instead of a jacket.

It keeps the cool air off the neck and chest making you feel warm without being overheated and with the vast fabrics, styles, patterns, and colors, you can make the outfit with just the addition of a scarf. You can easily stash a scarf in a bag if it gets warm.

If you need to change from a daytime to a nighttime look or go from business casual to a first date, change the scarf, add different footwear, switch up the makeup, and you’re ready to go.

You can never have too many scarves. These transition from season to season with a multitude of purposes whether you use them around the waist, neck, or in a pocket to accessorize, they’re a must-have. Click here for fall fashion essentials.

Final Thought

Fall is that transitional period from the hot summer months leading into the frigid cold of winter. It can be temperamental with some hot days and then some incredibly cool days leaving women baffled about what to wear. The priority is to bring the vivid warm brilliant colors that come with the season to fruition.

Everyone can pull off jewel tones, emeralds, navies, burgundies, and browns. You can even slide in mustard, orange, and red if daring. The priority when being bold is to let that vibrant piece be the focus and be subtle with the other items.

Shop for the 1960s and 70s even if it’s one A-line skirt with a wild pattern or a vibrant color and look for boots in all shapes and sizes.

These will carry you through the fall into early spring. The idea is to have fun with your fall wardrobe like you did over the summer, enjoy your clothes, and don’t fall into the frump. If you feel yourself slipping, reach out to the stylists at the boutique to rescue you from yourself.


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