5 Reasons To Shop For Halo Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is one of the most important jewelry pieces, period. It reflects true love shared and the beginning of love’s new journey: marriage.

Shopping for lab diamond engagement rings is excellent. They’re an eco-friendly alternative to traditionally mined diamond rings. Many couples today opt for lab diamond rings because they want to make a more environmentally friendly choice. 

And since lab diamonds look the same and have the same chemical and optical properties, it makes sense to choose them for engagement rings, considering they also come at a more affordable and budget-friendly price. 

 But when it comes to ring styles, choosing to shop for halo diamond engagement rings is better. Here is why.

Why Halo Diamond Engagement Rings?

Unlike most engagement rings, halo rings have a more exquisite look and better overall aesthetic. As the word denotes, a halo is a finely crafted circle made with pave or micro pave diamonds and placed around the ring’s center diamond, giving it a halo-like effect. 

It adds more personality to your engagement ring and makes it look more prominent in case you opt for a small center diamond. A bigger ring, a better aesthetic and an added shine are all benefits of choosing a halo diamond engagement ring. 

Where To Shop For Halo Diamond Engagement Rings?

Halo diamond engagement rings can be shopped from physical or online jewelry stores. Shopping online is a better option as you may get a better deal and a range of options, especially when looking for halo lab diamond engagement rings.

With many brands offering halo rings online, Friendly Diamonds, a brand based in New York, US, offers budget-friendly deals on engagement rings. You can also create your halo diamond engagement ring in a simple three-step process where you choose your ring setting and lab diamond based on your preference and then complete your ring by adding the ring size. You can also get a free engravement on your ring if desired.

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You may also opt to create your ring from absolute scratch by taking up the brand’s bespoke jewelry feature. The feature allows you to share ideas with the brand’s team and then have a design created to your exact requirements. 

It’s a bespoke/tailored experience where you can connect with the brand’s team directly online through a free online consultation, get a quote for your design and then have it created just for you and delivered to your doorstep. 

Simply put, halo diamond engagement rings are a unique ring type that turns a standard diamond ring into a marvelous and aesthetically appealing ring. Halo diamond rings have more shine and brilliance and appear more enormous thanks to the circle of diamonds surrounding the main center stone.  

Always shop for your engagement ring from a trustworthy brand, especially when shopping online. Also, look for features that give you control over how your ring will look. Most importantly, make sure you can connect with the brand’s team to discuss and have any queries resolved about the ring, as you should be well-informed about everything related to your engagement jewelry