Beauty for Spring – Tips and How-Tos

Old Man Winter is no friend to your beauty regimen – he dries your skin, damages your hair, and chaps your face. Most are glad to see him go; but when spring arrives, how should you ready your face and body? You can come out of hibernation, ladies, because these beauty tips will help you prepare for warm weather. Spring has sprung!

Banish Bumps

Before you break out your favorite halter top or bare your legs in the season’s hottest cropped capris, be sure that your skin is ready for spring. Shave your legs and armpits correctly: First, wet the areas that you intend to shave. The heat and moisture of the water will soften your skin. Shave your legs from the ankles up, and your armpits in all directions. Apply oil or moisturizer when you are finished, and prevent ingrown hairs through daily exfoliation and use of a glycolic acid body lotion. Be sure to change your razor or razor cartridge regularly – dull blades can cause cuts – and there will be no reason to be afraid to show some skin.

Lighten Up

Spring is bright, flowery, and of course, natural. Halve the amount of makeup that you wear each day to match the feel of the season. All you really need to do is dress your face with a tinted moisturizer, sweep a barely-there blush onto the apples of your cheeks, and coat your eyelashes with a dab of mascara. To maintain your youthful skin, stay hydrated, eat a healthy diet, and use moisturizer on a daily basis. You will look fresh and clean, and your skin will thank you.

You Glow Girl

Don’t fake-bake to get the perfect tan this spring – you know that ultraviolet light is not good for you and will damage your skin. For an all-over tan that won’t lead to wrinkles or cause cancer, consider a self-tan delivered via moisturizer. Jergens, Dove, and Nivea all offer products specifically designed to enhance the color of your skin: You can choose a lotion in fair, medium, or dark to match your complexion. Slather up daily for a natural-looking, sun-kissed glow. If you’re in search of a deeper color, consider a true self-tanner, or visit a salon for a spray tan. No matter what you choose, choose sun safety! Get your glow without damaged derma.

Treat Your Tootsies

If your snow boots have wreaked havoc on the skin of your feet, give yourself a pedicure before you step out in your sandals. Remove any toenail polish that you are wearing and soak your feet in a combination of warm water and a commercial foot soak for 10 to 15 minutes. After you’ve soaked, use cuticle oil and an orange stick to push back your cuticles. Next, clip your nails straight across and file down any rough edges. Use a pumice stone to remove any callouses that you may have developed on your heels or the balls of your feet, and then massage moisturizer into your skin. Separate your toes and paint each nail with a base coat. Use two coats of colored polish for vibrant color, and finish your pedicure with a clear topcoat. Let the polish dry thoroughly, and viola! Your toes are the stars of spring.

Care for Your Hair

Loose, bouncy waves are hot this spring. Lucky for you, all you need to create this style is some mousse or gel, a hair dryer, and a large-barreled curling iron. First, massage product into your damp hair to tame flyaway and frizz. Dry your hair straight, and then divide tresses all over your head into one-inch sections. Use your curling iron to twist the sections into spirals: Work from the bottom of your head toward your crown, and twist your hair vertically. (Provigil) When you are finished, use your fingers to separate your curls. Toss your head, spritz in some hairspray, and look in the mirror to see your Hollywood hair. Waves too dry? Winter weather can make your hair look damaged, so deep condition your mane to create the shine of spring.

Step out with confidence, ladies. You are ready to face spring: You are beautiful.

About the author:

Isabelle Clover is a health food champ and a stay-at-home-mom. Isabelle spends much of her time raising her son and teaching him about healthy eating and caring for the environment.

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