Keep your food and daily routine in check to lose weight

People are turning obese these days due to unhealthy eating habits. Eating outside and fried and oiled foods have become a regular thing these days. That is why, people are getting fat. At the same time, people do not have a regular regime of exercising. These unhealthy habits are making them ill at a very young age.

If one wants to lose weight, they have to follow a strict routine. One can get weight loss tips in Hindi in some fitness magazines but taking help of an expert dietician that can also help to get rid of that extra flab. Here are some basic tips that one can follow.

  • Building a better breakfast can help you to start the day on a right track. If a proper breakfast is done. It can fill up your stomach well and can save you from sudden cravings of food. Morning meals are suggested to be an amount of 400 to 500 calories which should have source of proteins like beans, eggs, unsweetened yogurt and nuts. One should also have a fruit on a daily basis as it has a lot of dietary fibres.
  • Make sure that whatever you eat are not packages items. Eat things that are freshly cooked like green vegetables and plan your meals around whole grain items. If you love to have dairy products, choose those which have low fats. Do not indulge into cheese and butter.
  • You can always eat snack but you have to count your salt in it. Choose those food products which have low sodium content (for example: 140 mg or less per serving). This will help to keep the sodium level normal in your body which is a huge fat burner.
  • If you are a morning person, then always start your day with a cup of coffee. This is an excellent source of anti oxidants and it also helps the human cells from getting damaged. It is said by expert dieticians that one can consume at least 400 mg of caffeine per day but one has to consume it black and absolutely without sugar. You can also go for herbal tea if you are not a coffee person.  This can burn at least 70 percent of additional calories in a 24 hour period.
  • Try to drink more liquid throughout the day. Do not stick to water only. Drink fruit juices and green tea. You can also go for vegetable juices or soups if you love them. But strictly avoid aerated drinks and energy drinks. Those are not good for your health and it also adds on extra fat.
  • Follow a regular regime of exercise. You can join a gym and ask your trainer what exercises will help you to lose some fat or you can also do regular yoga sessions. This will not only help you losing weight but will also keep your mind fresh. You can check online for the Wartina South Anytime Fitness gym classes or go for jogging everyday as it can also help.
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There are many health magazine tips in Hindi, from where one can get diet plans.