Top Superfoods for Stronger Nails


Do you usually pay attention to nails? How much money have you spent on nail care annually? You need to know one thing: it is not costly to have healthy nails.

For those who still do not know, our nail’s visible part is made up of dead tissues. That’s why you do not feel pain when trimming nails.

Nutrients will come to your nails lastly, so make sure that you have got a great diet to offer them enough nutrients to stay strong. Here are some of the ultimate foods that will help you achieve that.

Top Superfoods for Stronger Nails

Most of these foods are very common in this day and age, no matter where you are. They are also not expensive, so it is not difficult to get stronger nails.

Before getting to know some specific names, you should bear in mind that some nutrients play an essential role in strengthening nails. Normally, iron-rich foods will fulfill the task perfectly.


This vegetable is very familiar with most of us. The mother may urge you to consume it since your childhood. And she makes sense when it comes to huge benefits of broccoli.

In addition to its great impacts on skincare, broccoli provides iron more than you might need.

Iron is crucial to strong nails because it has stimulating effects on the release of red blood cells. Furthermore, it improves the level of oxygen to our tissues, especially in our nails.

If your body is short of iron, your nails may turn weak and easy to break.

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Therefore, the ultimate suggestion for those to build stronger nails is to consume broccoli regularly.

Sunflower Seeds

Stronger Nails sunflower seeds in hands

Sunflower seeds are the next name we would like to address as a potential contributor to stronger nails.

In spite of its small size, sunflower seed provides such an impressive number of minerals and vitamins. For example, you can get zinc, iron or vitamin E in large quantities.

More importantly, this type of seed offers a great amount of vitamin B6. It plays an essential role in our body’s ability to absorb zinc from our intestines.

If you use about one ounce per day, you will get an amount of copper equivalent to 1/3 of the suggested consumption.


Stronger Nails eggs on toast

Perhaps the simplest thing you can get right in your kitchen to get your expected nails is an egg. It provides such a great amount of protein your body needs to nurture healthy nails.

What’s more? Our body can digest and use proteins from eggs very easily and efficiently. Therefore, the egg has been widely known as an excellent source of quality protein for athletes and bodybuilders.

Now you can make use of it to enhance the condition of your nails. Egg also offers many other nutrients, including iron, vitamin E, A, or B7. All of them contribute to stronger nails within a short period of time.


Stronger Nails oatmeal berries

Oatmeal is such an ideal option for you to start your day. For years, it has been suggested to use oatmeal in breakfast to help your body get as many nutrients as possible.

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Now you should know that oatmeal contains many great minerals, such as copper and zinc. They are micronutrients your nails need to grow.

Besides, a lot of high-quality protein can be found in oatmeal as well.

To use oatmeal, you had better keep it in water for some hours first. It is necessary because raw oatmeal is said to pose some threats to our absorption of minerals.


Stronger Nails carrots

Using carrot on a daily basis not only strengthens your nails but also improves your overall beauty. It is a wonderful ingredient for improving hair and skin condition.

With its richness of vitamin A, carrot can help you avoid dry and dull nails due to external damage.

Carrot can be consumed raw or cooked. Another option is its fresh juice. You should follow this method patiently to keep healthy nails over time.

Other benefits of carrot you might be excited to know are better eye health and immunity enhancement.

What to Avoid

Make some slight changes in your diet with these recommended foods, and you will get strong nails. But is it enough?

In fact, experts gave advice on what you have to avoid if you want to improve your nail condition.

First, you should not use nail polish excessively and constantly. It serves as a make-up for your nails, and it is very popular in fashion, but at the same time, it damages your nails.

Second, dehydration is a possible cause for nail damage, so please make sure you get enough water every day.


In general, to get stronger nails requires you to combine diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

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