Christmas wedding ideas in Australia

Polar X OrnamentsOne of the hardest wedding decisions is who to invite and who to leave out. When you can only accommodate a specific number of people, it’s taxing having to whittle down the list. As we approach the end of the year. Christmas is a great excuse to avoid this exercise.

Simply have a wedding in your childhood home, and whichever neighbours or family members show up for the holiday, they can attend your nuptials. Plus, since there was sure to be a budget for holiday hosting, your wedding food plans can coincide with whatever was planned for Christmas lunch or dinner!

The only tricky part is deciding if it will be done at the bride’s home or the groom’s. If you’ve been together for a while, it’s likely that you already have a system for deciding where you spend your holidays, so you can probably go with that. Let the women make the final decision since the men will probably just want to toss a coin.

Christmas wedding dresses

In many parts of the world, a Christmas wedding is a white wedding, but here in Australia, we are basking in the heat of summer, so there’ll be no snowflakes or blizzards. If you’d like a Christmas themed wedding dress, you can wear a red sash, sparkly red shoes, and a gleaming red bridal clutch. You might also try a holly garland in your hair, and mistletoe at the altar.

For your wedding dress, you can still wear the traditional white. The Beatrice dress by Rebecca Ingram is soft, delicate, and romantic, with its illusion lace and sweetheart neckline. Add a touch of red with coiffed ribbons or little red flowers in your hair. You could also use a holly wreath as your bridal bouquet.

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An interesting touch for your bridesmaids, if you don’t mind some colour, is to dress them in alternating red and green dresses. If you prefer something more subtle, go for alternating gold and silver, which are also recognised as Christmas colours. The rest of the wedding décor could be tinselly since snow-themed designs would fall flat here.

Yuletide wedding cards

Many families have a tradition of sending out Christmas cards with family photos on the cover. Tweak this slightly and send out your wedding invitation in the form of a Christmas card. If you’re worried about numbers, you could follow up with a phone call because few guests bother to RSVP. Of course, having a Christmas wedding has another advantage: food.

You won’t have to dabble in endless discussions about whether to serve chicken or fish. The menu will be pre-set since it will all be Christmas food. And as for drinks, lots of eggnog and brandy to keep your guests happy. Since it’ll be too warm for hot chocolate, you can serve chilled chocolate beverages instead, for the kids and non-drinkers.

In keeping with the theme, have your flower girls and page boys dressed as adorable little elves. The kids will love it, and they’re more likely to co-operate than green and red bridesmaids. Groomsmen can wear bright Christmassy happy socks. If you have a quirky enough wedding officiator, you could dress him up as Santa.

A Christmassy reception

The bridal table at the reception can be decorated like a Christmas chimney, complete with stockings and a tree. It will make a lovely backdrop for wedding photos. For the guest tables, give each one a name based on Christmas. It could be reindeer, archangels, shepherds, or even sheep, for a touch of local humour.

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Ask guests to have something Christmas-themed in their outfits. It doesn’t have to be fancy dress. It could be something as simple as a candy cane brooch or a tinsel-laced hair. Award the most creative ones with a gift and a special Christmas cocktail named after them.

Centrepieces and party favours are probably the easiest part of a Christmas wedding. Cinnamon scented candles cushioned in a holly wreath are festive and romantic in the middle of the table. For your guests, a Christmas cracker that they can rip apart at home.Visit  Polar X Ornaments for the best Christmas Decors for your Christmas Wedding.

Contemporary Christmas wedding music

If you’re having a church wedding, you can sing Christmas carols as part of the ceremony, but for the reception and after party, get a little more creative. Instead of jingling bells on the dance floor, have the DJ work up a playlist of Christmas pop songs. There’s a massive variety, from romantic ballads to playful dance numbers.

You might even pay tribute to your guests. When you send then your Christmas Card Wedding Invite, ask them to include their favourite non-traditional Christmas song when they RSVP. It can be added to the DJs playlist for the day.