Choosing an engagement outfit for men? This listicle has it all!

Congratulations! It’s been less than an hour since you received the confirmation about the wedding. The last couple of days were disturbing, with things going haywire. Now – it’s all set! The families have talked it out, and the issues have been sorted. This is why you seem to be hovering all over the search engines looking for the perfect engagement outfit for men! After all – she is going to look nothing less than a miracle. So, why should you be left looking just like a man? Be THE MAN!

This post is just the exhaustive one that will provide you with complete details regarding the ‘in’ and the looks you can try. Let’s not wait any minute and dive into the checklist!

Engagement outfit for men – the looks to try

This write-up has some of the chosen attires that are subtle in their show but do leave a loud statement behind. Here they are –

The Classic Black Suit 

Nothing can beat the ‘Gentleman’s Look’! A clean shave, well-brushed hair, and a black suit is the engagement outfit for men. For the uninitiated – add a tuxedo to enhance your look!

For those who prefer to play a little with the look – check if the blue shade is suitable for your suit or not. Maroon suits complementing your would-be-brides look are also a great alternative.

In all these cases – choosing pastel shirts and matching trousers (black and cream shades are the best) are very important.

engagement outfit for men

#If you do not prefer a suit but want to keep it formal – go with a jacket over your formal attire. A black or a navy jacket is a great combination. 

Would you like to explore the Eastern domain of the world? 

The classic western looks are good enough. However, nothing can match the Pathani suits, sherwanis, Kurta – Pajama coupled with Nehru jacket looks! So, if you wish to look different amidst the lot on your special day, the Eastern domain has a plethora to offer about engagement outfit for men.

  • Starting with the Bandhgala suit

One that is a little above the knee or touches the knee casually is what you need to look out for. If you are in for it – style your suit with achkans (highlighting one of them – either the collar or the chest pocket, or the hemline).

  • Kurta – Pajama – Waistcoat

This is a classic Indo-Western combination. Go in for traditional Chikankari Kurta or even Lucknowi Kurta with simple white cotton pants. Restrict the tones of the kurta to pastel shades and contrast it with the waistcoat (either embroidered or printed).

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#If you wish to twist the engagement outfit for men a little according to your terms – you can choose a Kurta either in plated cuts or cowl drape. Pair it up with a Nehru jacket that has an asymmetrical opening. 

  • Sherwani

One in pastel hue with a dupatta to carry by is a great choice. Keep the one with low embroidery – especially at the edges. Try to keep the color palette on the lighter side. In case you do choose any of the solid colors – make sure that it complements your bride’s outfit. A statement Maharaja necklace is a must!

Gender Fluid fashion, anyone? 

Well, though, you may think that it is not the correct place to show off your newly acquired fashion taste, especially concerning the engagement outfit for men. However, if your partner is cool with it – nothing is stopping you!

  • A Jodhpuri suit with dupatta tucked, on the one hand, clipped together with a belt. Tying it up in a bun (the man-bun is still in fashion) or a pony is a good idea if you have long hair. Go in for a stone-crusted watch with a chain.


  • If you insist on wearing a formal coat as your engagement outfit for men evening look – then you can always accessorize it with a big-sized pendant or a watch that is perhaps on the better feminine side.


  • If you are going Indo-Western – and that too for a Winter engagement ceremony – a sherwani suit, Jodhpuri suit, or a Bandhgala suit will perfectly be complemented by a floral shawl in contrasting hue. Ever thought of pinning one ear with a small stud
engagement outfit for men
Image Credit: Girlyfab

What to wear when?

If your engagement is set for a summer evening – then formal coats, tuxedos, or classic suits are the ultimate choices! There’s no replacement for that! If you want some engagement fashion tips from the Eastern side of the globe – a light Jodhpuri suit or a bit loose-fitting Pathani suit with a waistcoat is a great option. In the current list of engagement outfit for men – this is in the trending zone.

If your engagement is settled for a winter evening – a formal coat with a classic handloom shawl is a great pick. If you intend to go Indo-Western – nothing can beat the charm of a Bandhgala suit. A statement piece in the form of a Maharaja necklace – will leave you with a regal look.

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If you plan to twin on your engagement day – we leave it to your future partner. Just do as you are told and be ready to dazzle!

#Have you decided on the accessories? Well, cufflinks are important. So are bracelets. Make sure you keep it simple yet classic. White stones are the best choice – for every shade of your outfit. If you are choosing colored stones – check if it contrasts your attire. The watch is very important. Choose something elegant but not too dainty (if you are not interested in gender-fluid fashion). 

What to check before choosing?

It is very important to note that a man’s metabolism rate changes with age. Therefore – noting the current weight and height is very important for choosing an engagement outfit for men. If you are of the tall and big combination, make sure that your attire is one size larger than usual. Make sure that it is not flappy, and if not custom – made but atleast should not be too loose. If you are stout – avoid large cuts and baggy tops.

Also, please be careful with the color. Twinning is a great idea – provided that the color palette suits your skin tone. Otherwise, you might look like an ‘out-of-weather’ rainbow on your engagement day. Pastels and solid colors such as – darker shades of red, black, and cream hues never go out of fashion. If you are going for something unconventional – such as green or yellow tones – or even the brown and beige ones, make sure you take multiple opinions and check the season before you finalize.

#Very important – The pocket size (if stitched on the exterior) must be proportionate to the size of your ensemble. 

engagement outfit for men

Get set for the big day!

Given that you have a plethora of engagement outfit for men to choose from – first, check what suits you the best and then finalize. We suggest that, apart from your stylist, consult your partner. She’s your woman – she will have an idea of what will suit you better(she’s the one who will be checking you out)! If there’s anything that you like from this list – do leave a comment below. Wish you luck and love for the upcoming journey.