Tips to Store your Mink Coat

For some people, mink coats are a must-have fashion accessory for winters. However, they cost a fortune and need to be stored properly to last you for many winters to come.

Your mink coats make an appearance only in winters and this is why they stay stocked inside your cupboards for months. Needless to say, it is a reason enough to store them properly, if you want to maintain your mink coat luxuriance and brilliance.

In this article, we will discuss some practical mink storage tips that will help you preserve your favorite coat through the years and keep it in top condition.

Store it in a Ventilated Room

Your mink coat should never be smothered in your cupboard with other clothes. Not giving it enough room to breathe will matt the fur and make it look dull. However, a mink coat that breathes can stay fluffy and fresh through various seasons. While storing your mink coat in a cupboard, do not cover it with plastic. Instead, use a roomy cloth bag or paper bag to cover the coat and hang it on a broad hanger in a cool place.

Do Not Use Chemicals

Do not allow household chemicals like cleaning solutions and pesticides anywhere near your fur. The chemicals can be absorbed by the fur hair and ruin your coat. Maintain the cupboard temperature to prevent moth invasion. Do not use mothballs for storing your mink coat.

Use Organic Methods

You can also use natural methods, such as dried orange, geranium leaves, and tobacco to protect your mink coat against moths. Replenish your organic moth killers every few months if your mink coat will remain stored inside for a while. You should also avoid storing your mink accessories in cedar-lined closets. They can be really bad for your fur quality as they absorb all moisture from the air. The fur, in general, requires a humid environment to retain its plush look. Take it out of storage every now and then to air it out.

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Maintenance Tips

Before you stow away your mink coat for the season, use your fingers to lightly brush away all dirt. Never use a comb or scrub on your fur coat. Doing this will damage the fur hair. If stained, take it to a professional fur cleaner immediately. Delay in action can ruin the coat forever. Do not panic and attempt to remove the stain yourself. Mink cleaning requires specialized techniques that only professionals know. It doesn’t matter if you wear your mink coat once in a season. It should still be cleaned once before being stored away for a long time.

Did you know you can test your fur to check if it is in top condition? Just squeeze a small portion of fur in your hands and then let go. If the fur bounces back to its original shape, then it is in its finest condition.

Storing your mink coat is no rocket science. Just use these tips and some common sense to prolong the lifespan of your expensive coat!