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It can be the zipper of a bag, a jacket or the backpack of the child’s school. It is common that, with frequent use, the zippers are damaged and do not want to close again. What to do in these cases? Many choose to but the new product directly. However, the ordering can be done in less than a minute and does not require great skill to put it into practice. Ready? Zippers for sale at are with teeth in the metal of great durability, for users that need an extra contribution of resistance. This type of zippers is usually used for jeans, either short-throw or high-throw. They can also be the perfect zipper for that purse or purse that does not close well. You can choose…

It is true that it is a very specific kind of zipper, of those made to measure, of which there is no stock in stores and stores because only garments with very specific technical characteristics assemble them. It is also true that all this time has been necessary since from the first sample sent to us that we received this week there is a lot of difference. At first, we use a completely sealed zipper, which carries the hidden tooth and is resistant to immersion. Those come in rolls of 200 meters, the cursors or what we commonly call shooter to go apart and are mounted at the moment. These do not go to size, cut with scissors the size you need the roll and go.

Everything very comfortable:

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At zippers for sale at, you will find a large assortment of zippers.

  • Zippers closures divisible and indivisible in different models and sizes.

In addition, zip closures of bed linens, zipper closures such as gender per meter, locks, and zippers.  Always looking to exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of quality and service, zippers for sale at has been working for more than twenty-five years to offer products made with the best materials that guarantee the quality that characterizes the brand, from zippers of aluminum of different sizes up to fabrics for mosquito nets made with a wide diversity of fibers. In addition to the manufacture of these items, we are dedicated to the marketing of them and we deliver the goods personally in extraordinary times.

Since we have a special focus on the continuous improvement of our product catalog, we look for innovation to be present in the company’s processes throughout the entire production chain, and as a result of an effective collaborative work between the different actors that are involved in our production chain, can work hand in hand with distributors to finally have a significant presence in the market. The commitment by zippers for sale at lies in the total satisfaction of the needs expressed by customers, in addition to the gaps found in the industry that concerns us.