Shirts 101: best shirt hacks for guys

So, guys, we all know that wearing shirts properly is the most important thing for us. Why? Because shirts are the only clothing that we wear most of the places we go, be it to our workplaces, or formal or informal parties.

So, to look good in all these sectors of our society is the primary concern for us. There is a variety of shirts in the market, which shirt to choose for which occasion is a tricky thing to handle. (xanax) You need to be dressed appropriately for your workplace. You might ask why it is so important to know which shirts to wear at what places, or how to wear.

To get the answer to this first, you need to know the atmosphere of your workplace or any other social gathering you are going. You should not wear a loud pink shirt with its sleeve rolled up to your formal workplace.

On the other hand, it is not good to see if you wear a long shirt without tucking or rolling its sleeves up to a night club party. When to tuck your shirt or when you should not, all are those tricky things that are important while you are wearing a shirt and going to a place. So, without much ado, let’s dive in.

Building a perfect wardrobe:

So, first, to have some shirts for all purposes, you need to build up a proper wardrobe. Your wardrobe should contain shirts in three primary colors. The first is a dynamic white shirt, the second is a versatile black shirt, and thirdly, your closet should have a crisp light blue shirt. Why these three primary colors? Because first of all you can wear them to almost every occasion, be it a formal or informal occasion. You can pair those shirts with blue jeans, chinos, deep grey or formal black pants or with even shorts.

Are you going to your formal workplace? Please choose any of these three above-mentioned colored shirts, pair it with official deep grey or black pants, tuck your shirt in, do not roll up your sleeves and voila, you are ready for your workplace. Are you going to a nightclub party? Again, choose a shirt of any of these colors, pair it with jeans or chinos, tuck your shirt in, roll up your sleeves in a tidy manner, and you are ready to rock your nightclub party.

Focus on quality above quantity:

Do you think that to have more variety of shirts in your wardrobe? Are you compromising with the quality of your shirt to match your expectations? Then, my dear, you are making a big mistake. You might own only three shirts. But the quality of those three shirts should be good. If the quality of your shirt is not right, having a good range of shirts will not enhance your personality. Because of having good quality, those shirts will also last more. So, if you are from India, spend at least fifteen hundred on one shirt.

Patterns on the shirt:

Apart from solid-colored shirts, if you are extending your wardrobe range and looking for pattern shirts, then you should keep some ground rules in your mind. The first rule is your pattern shirt should have two coloreds maximum. The primary color is of your shirt, and the secondary color is of your pattern. It would be best if you also made sure that those patterns should cover your entire shirt. Having a fragmented design in your shirt will not be considered as a patterned shirt.

Another thing to mention is that the pattern of your shirt should be small. The large patterned shirts are very tough to carry. So always choose smaller and simpler designs like dots or stripes. If your pattern is other than dots or stripes, then you should opt for a monochromic design, i.e., black shirt white pattern or white shirt black pattern. Any different colored large pattern will look lousy.

Try to buy button-down shirts:

Yes, the collar of your shirt should stick out. Your total attire will be washed down the drain if your collar is flappy. In button-down shirts, you have buttons in your collar so that your collar can be firm, stiff and upright. If you do not have button-down shirts, then do not worry. You can stick double tape under your collar so that the collar can be stiff and upright.

Sleeve rolls:

We have said earlier that rolling your sleeves up brings a classy and sexy look to your attire. But if your sleeve rolls are untidy, then your look will not be chic. So, the first rule of looking classy by rolling your sleeves up is that your sleeve rolls should look neat.

Iron your shirt before wearing:

If your shirt is crumpled up, then it will hamper your personality and look. Wearing a crumpled-up shirt is another way of looking untidy. Instead, iron your shirt before wearing it.

Make sure no loose thread is hanging out of your shirt:

If any thread is sticking out of your shirt, then it will completely ruin your look. So, make sure no loose thread is hanging out of your shirt.

Sleeves should be of the exact length of your arm:

If your sleeve lengths are longer or shorter than your arm length, then it will also ruin your look. If you do not want to roll your sleeve, then make sure that you have the physique to fill up the sleeves. Otherwise, your sleeves will look baggy.

Choose slim fit shirts:

If you are not too fat or not too thin while shopping for a shirt, always opt for slim fit shirts. Why? You can tuck your slim fit shirts or not. It depends on you. But in the case of regular fit shirts, you have to tuck it. Otherwise, it will look baggy.

Layering your shirt:

If you want to layer your sweater with t-shirts, then keep in mind that you should layer your shirt only with a solid white or solid black t-shirt. If you are layering your shirt with a t-shirt, then you should keep the buttons of your shirt open.

So, fellas follow these essential tips, you will look more gorgeous and handsome than ever.

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