A Guide to Pairing Antique, Vintage and Modern Rings

Mixing jewellery is suddenly the thing to do, as most jewellery etiquette guidelines have gone out of the window, so to speak, thus allowing you to be much more creative when accessorising. In this article, we will give you some tips on how best to blend old and modern rings, with the aim of helping you to accessorise like a pro. Read the article on pairing antiques, vintage and modern rings.

  • Stacking Rings – This is all the rage today and stacking a modern ring in between two vintage rings is a great idea, especially if you mix some gold and silver. With the central ring having a raised stone, this looks like they were meant to be together. If you Google image search ‘stacked rings’, you can view literally hundreds of images of great stacking ideas.
  • Width Similarity – If you want to blend an antique or vintage ring with a modern one, the two rings should be of a similar width. This gives both the old and the new a common factor, which gives a sense of balance. If you are looking for a special antique ring, check out the stunning antique diamond rings at Kalmar Antiques in Sydney, Australia, who happen to be one of Australia’s leading online antique dealers who focuses on jewellery from all eras.
  • Diamonds and Other Precious Stones – Mixing diamonds with emeralds or sapphires seems to be very popular among the ring stackers, so check to see what you have in your jewellery box, and should you be short of something old, search online for a reputable online antique jewellery dealer, as they would have a wide choice of genuine items. Colour can definitely have a place in your ring stacking experiments and with all of your rings on the table, you can try a few ideas and see how that looks.
  • Mixing Metals – Rose, yellow and white gold can all be intermingled, as can platinum and silver. Indeed, mixing metals adds another dimension to ring stacking and is something worth exploring.
  • Pairing Engagement and Wedding Rings – This can be done regardless of styles and traditionally, the engagement ring should be worn first, with the wedding ring on top. Some women actually have both rings designed with pairing in mind, which is great, but in reality, any pair of diamond rings will sit nicely together, and they obviously have a very special meaning to the wearer. If you’re looking for a great pair of rings, you may visit a reliable dealer near you so you can check the rings in person.
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There are other aspects to take into account when mixing rings, such as having to carry out dextrous manual tasks, which might be impeded by wearing prominent rings in close proximity. You also have to guard against damage, which could be the result of one ring hitting the other, or simply that they rub together.

 Engagement and Wedding Rings

If you are looking to acquire an antique or vintage ring, you are advised to search online for a reputable dealer of such items, and they would have a wide range of styles that are guaranteed to please.

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