Bathroom Wall Remodels Before and After

Among the most important areas of the home, the bathroom wall is one that should be given an ample amount of effort to remodels and improve.  

This is primarily because of the way we use it and the various elements that interact with it. Since it is always exposed to moisture, there is a chance of fading the colors in it and even damaging the overall finish.

But the good news is that you can always spare some time for a Bathroom Wall remodels of the walls. It will give your beloved bathroom a much-needed update and a fresh new look for more enjoyable concerts in the shower.


Here are some ideas you can consider for Bathroom Wall Remodels and see the improvement between the before and after.

From bland to beautiful

Most bathrooms are white. While that is fine by regular standards, but if you are the type that feels that everything needs a touch of a bright and cheery air, then go ahead and remodel your bathroom walls with colored tiles.  According to the experts at, adding better fixtures and lighting to your bathroom can also improve its aesthetic appeal.

Pick out the design that speaks the most to you so that you will feel right at home whenever you enter it.

Make it a whole

If you love showers and the calming effect that it has on you, then you might want to consider installing a full granite slab on the bathroom wall.

Granite is not just limited to bathroom fixtures. This material can also be used on walls and will provide a huge (pun intended) effect to the bath. Since it’s resilient and will look as good as it does when newly installed and after a while, it is a worthwhile investment.

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Accent wood

Wood is known to be a great addition to any room. Putting it in the bathroom is no exemption. It will provide a mellow and organic effect in it. 

Add it to your bathroom wall and include some greenery to make it an entirely new environment whenever you use it. This will invite a warm feeling to anyone who uses it. Choose woods that have beautiful grain in them to create a greater effect when going in this direction.

Let stonework work

If you want to give a touch of classic home design in your bathroom walls, ask your contractor for extensive stonework. This will give a traditional vibe in your bathroom that will provide a gentle contrast to your modern bathroom fixtures.

At the end of the day, Bathroom Wall Remodels is a fun project that will provide you with the opportunity to add value as well as make your visit to the bathroom a pleasing and satisfying one every time.

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