3 Tips for a Flawless Valentine’s Day Celebration

A Perfect Valentine’s Day Celebration With Your Significant Other

The phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” applies to more than physical appearance. Beyond beauty, there’s this phrase that essentially means the same thing: “the only thing in life you can control is your reaction”. The beholder may find ugliness beautiful, and the emotionally stable person may react favorably to the worst news.

With these things in mind, consider any holiday. You could look at Thanksgiving or Christmas as a time when you get together with your relatives and argue—that’s looking at the glass as “half empty” in a pessimistic way. Or, you could regard these holidays as excellent opportunities to spend time—any time—with your family; the glass is “half full”.

Valentine’s day is very similar. Some consider it to be a holiday designed to sell greeting cards and chocolates; that’s the pessimistic perspective. But finding beauty, controlling your emotions, and looking at the glass as “half full” would position Valentine’s day as a prime opportunity to spend quality time with the person you love romantically.

Your attitude is absolutely integral in helping you have the most flawless Valentine’s Day celebration, and it is that component of the holiday over which you have the most control. That said, there are a few other things that can help as well, and we’ll briefly cover three of them here.

  1. Do Something New to Both of You
    The novelty of something new tends to stick with a person. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. The drive out will seem to take longer than the drive back. Your mind is encountering new data, so it has to process it, and that makes anything “new” seem more “substantial” and “memorable” than that which is common. So do something unique with your lover.
  2. Flowers, Candy, Cards, and Gifts
    Valentine’s Day is designed for gift giving. Get her flowers, sweet boxes full of candy, a Hallmark card, or a fancy gift of some other kind. You don’t have to break your budget, either. You can find some of the most gorgeous flowers for under $50.

  3. Eliminating Distractions
    The day is about you, and it’s about the one you love. So why are you checking your smartphone for Facebook notifications every five minutes at the fancy restaurant where you’re taking her out for the evening? Forget that noise. Leave the smartphone behind, and focus entirely on the one you love, rather than the ever-present static of daily life.
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A Valentine’s Day You’ll Both Remember for Years to Come
When you eliminate distractions, both of you focus your time and attention on one another, which is as it should be anyway. Gifts are also memorable, and Valentine’s day can represent a fine opportunity for giving flowers, candy, cards, or other things your lover wants. Finally, take the opportunity to do something new that you’ll both remember for years to come.

These are just a few tips to help stimulate your imagination. Remember: it’s about celebrating your relationship together, so whatever you do, make sure that’s what happens.