Physical Symptoms Of Kundalini Awakening To Know

Spiritual awakening is something that most of us face during some point in our life, and this is mostly the kundalini awakening. If you ever have it, you will be able to recognize it with the physical symptoms of Kundalini awakening. 

The primary force of kundalini awakening may be subtle in some while very intense in others. Many people experience complete kundalini awakening and understand it even when they have no experience. 

What is kundalini awakening? 

Kundalini awakening is a type of energetic awakening that will lead to transformation on physical, mental, and emotional levels. In Sanskrit, Kundalini stands for “she who is coiled.” 

Kundalini is the primary force of life which often appears to be stored at the base of the spine in the form of a snake. Kundalini is the serpentine energy that traces its path from different centers and eventually enters the crown chakra. Once it hits the crown chakra, the spiritual awakening happens, leading you to achieve higher consciousness. 

It refers to the process of understanding one’s life purpose, soul, and what true reality is. It has several health benefits too. 

What leads to kundalini awakening? 

There are different kundalini awakening stages. Many people do kundalini yoga for years to awaken their energy. However, in many people, this can eventually occur without any experience. Many spiritual masters believe that kundalini awakening is automatic. 

Physical Symptoms Of Kundalini Awakening
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It can happen easily as long as you follow a spiritual discipline, even yoga. It helps you achieve a balanced and neutral understanding, thereby overcoming the awkwardness. People need to follow the goal to raise their energy, and it is an awakening goal that can be quickly attempted as long as you practice yoga

Depending on your attempts and practices, kundalini awakening duration can vary from being short to long. 

What are the physical symptoms of kundalini awakening? 

It is necessary to be familiar with the kundalini awakening stages, and this is mostly because kundalini awakening can be confused to be psychosis in many cases. It is advisable to keep a check on every matter closely. 

Some of the common physical symptoms of kundalini awakening include the following:

Energy level in your body increases

When you start experiencing the kundalini awakening, it is very natural to experience an increase in energy in body. It feels as if every cell of your body is giving out energy. This sudden rush can make the energy flow haphazardly in our bodies. 

It is advisable to learn how to manage kundalini awakening, which will help bring positivity in life. Nonetheless, it can also lead to a feeling of uneasiness and restlessness. 

Practicing yoga can play an essential role in helping you manage your body’s energy flow. Moreover, it can lead to a much smoother and pleasant experience. 

Constant headaches

If you have been suffering from headaches frequently, you need to address the problem. This is one physical symptom that many people do not follow. You experience sudden headaches because your body suddenly develops a connection with the universe. 

Physical Symptoms Of Kundalini Awakening
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The sudden headaches are usually caused due to the crown chakra, which can lead to a spontaneous flow of energy. Kundalini yoga can be of great help in helping you get control of your mind. 

Irregular sleep pattern

One of the main reasons we sleep is to restore our body’s energy. Nonetheless, when you start experiencing the symptoms of kundalini awakening you won’t feel like sleeping and stay awake the entire time. 

This is mostly because people who practice kundalini yoga don’t need much sleep. In fact, people who experience kundalini awakening are likely to be wide awake at 3 AM. 

If you are going through this stage, you don’t need to be worried or scared. It is also a sign that your body has started to replenish itself and start merging with universal energies. 

Stay connected to nature

Where is it that you feel lively and the most connected? People experiencing kundalini awakening need to be careful with where they feel the most connected. Energies make you feel connected. 

When you suddenly start feeling close to nature, it will feel as if the energies are pulling them close to you. This can also indicate that you are undergoing some physical changes in your body. 

Indulge in Non-violence

If you were violent in nature, you eventually switch to becoming non-violent with kundalini awakening rising. It helps you understand the fighting spirit and eventually meet the requirement of survival of the fittest. It is often beliefs that like these that make you violent. However, people undergoing kundalini awakening will feel extra calm. 

Furthermore, the violent sense of pattern will also go away. You start to become calm and considerate towards different things. This will bring about a lifestyle change. In fact, many people also change their food habits and become vegan. If you ever feel this kind of rush, don’t be frightened. 

Strong immune system

Your immunity is extremely important for your body. When your body starts to experience active cosmic energy, you don’t need to indulge in material things to get nourishment. 

Physical Symptoms Of Kundalini Awakening
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Rather than the food, the energy will play an essential role in enhancing the impact. It also helps to bring about a cleansing system in the body, which will benefit your overall health. 

Is Kundalini Awakening Safe?

You need to observe different signs that point towards kundalini awakening. Many people believe that when kundalini awakening occurs, it feels the energy stands on our doors to drive our attention towards it. If you experience any of this, it means that the time to address the higher living or call has come.

No matter what symptoms you experience, do not try to pay extensive heed to it or you may not be able to absorb the energies. If you resist the feelings, it will go away. Kundalini awakening is nothing to be worried about, it is completely safe.

As soon as your body changes, it can be physical symptoms of kundalini awakening. If you want to know the kundalini awakening duration, you might consider consulting professionals. The best person to reach out to is surely your yoga coach. How you experience this will vary depending on different factors. (  

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