The Best Vegan Meal Delivery Options in Portland for 2022

The vegan lifestyle is gaining momentum in every part of the country, and as one of the places that originally made the vegan diet popular it remains one of the most rapidly growing vegan markets in the country. This means that there is going to be a substantial amount of competition in the area for vegan customers, and with low-contact lifestyles still being popular, the meal delivery sector is one of the places where those customers are being fought for.

It’s hard to believe that 2022 is already here, and while winter is winding down in many parts of the country, people are starting to feel that spring drive to get back on top of eating healthy, and taking control of their meals. There are a ton of Portland vegan meal delivery options, and you may not think that there is much difference between them, you may be surprised. We’re going to take a good look at some of the best and most popular vegan meal delivery options in Portland for 2022. 

Green Chef

With meal options for the most popular dietary systems, including paleo, keto, and vegan, Green Chef can provide you with an entire, balanced meal plan for your needs. You can order weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly, so that you have meal kits that fit your schedule and needs.

The recipes are made with premium ingredients that are certified organic, and are able to be easily cooked in just 30 minutes or less. Their main focus is enabling people to follow the diets they want to follow, with a minimal amount of trouble with creating the meal plan and doing the shopping.

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Marley Spoon

In partnership with Martha Stewart, Marley Spoon is a great way to get vegan meals in family quantities delivered to your Portland home. They are signature Martha Stewart meals that you choose and have delivered to your home, ready to make for a low-effort 30-minute or less masterpiece.

You can choose from 29 weekly options that include vegan and one-pot meals, with each one being ready in just a half-hour. For those that enjoy the service, you can even include upgrades that provide desserts and additional proteins if needed.

Blue Apron

While they generally have a more limited array of options than other services, they can also be considerably more robust and unforgettable meals. Each week you get 11 recipes that are aligned with your diet, with each one taking between 20 and 60 minutes to prepare. Other prepared meals are available that heat to ready in just 5 minutes.

Home Chef

Home Chef is a very versatile and simple way to have easy and delicious vegan recipes delivered right to your door. They are much more versatile than many other services, and allow you to mix things up relatively simply, while working around your daily and work routines. 

Home Chef Will give you a list of 38 meal options each week, and you use their customize-it functionality to make each meal unique to your tastes. You will have portioned and measured ingredient assortments delivered weekly, along with the easy to follow recipes that let you stick to vegan meals with less hassle.

Purple Carrot

Purple carrot is one of the lesser-known meal delivery options, but it is a hidden gem. They provide the ultimate in prepared vegan meals that are loaded with nutrition but low in calories. In addition to vegan options, they can also accommodate gluten-free options, and most meals are less than 600 calories per serving.

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Each week, you’ll be able to choose either six, eight, or ten pre-prepared plant-based meals each week. They are already prepared and refrigerated fresh, you simply heat them up and enjoy. They are never frozen, so you can enjoy premium nutrition delivered directly to you. 

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is one of the original meal prep and delivery services, and is a great way to get an assortment of seasonal produce and vegan-friendly proteins each week. Every week, you get to choose from 50 various items and have all the fresh ingredients delivered right to your door. 

Each meal is limited to a one-hour prep and cook time, so you don’t have to worry about long prep times and highly involved meals. You just get quality plant-based supplies, professional meal plans, and simple instructions. There are no contracts as HelloFresh is a monthly subscription, so you can cancel anytime, even pause it for vacations. 

Getting Vegan Meals Delivered in Portland in 2022

No matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to find at least one or two meal delivery services that will not only fit your budget, but that will accomodate a vegan diet. You may even be able to enjoy a free trial from one or more services to try them out and decide which you like more. That way you’re able to decide if you enjoy the meal delivery format, as well as the general process of having your meals planned and groceries taken care of ahead of time.