5 Common Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Instastories and Reels

Instagram stories and reels are a great way to engage your current audience and attract a new audience as well. Therefore, these features can help you even increase your followers too, so you can achieve your brand goals.- Your Instastories 

Some Instagram users even try to leverage the paid organic Instagram growth tools. However, the ones that offer a few days of free trial can assist you in analyzing if the tool is right for you. For instance, a trial from SimplyGram does the same, so you can confirm the effectiveness of this marketing service.

Nevertheless, we’ve discovered 5 common mistakes that may be hurting your Instagram stories and reels performance in this article. Keep reading to learn!

Mistake #1: Super Lengthy Reels  – Your Instastories 

Taking inspiration from TikTok, the Reels feature was introduced in 2020 by Instagram.  You can create a reel anywhere between 15 and 30 seconds. But the problem is when you make reels longer than 15 seconds, the video pauses and asks the viewer to tap on the “view more” button to continue watching. This can be a huge turn-off and with so much content to watch on Instagram already, viewers don’t even complete the video and skip to the next one.

Hence, you should create up to a 15-second-long video to ensure viewers get to listen to your call-to-action or watch your content to the fullest.

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Mistake #2: Late to Trends- Your Instastories 

Nowadays, most of the trends come from TikTok, and hopping on the bandwagon too late can make the potential viewers lose interest in watching your video.

Hence, you must keep checking the latest trends on TikTok, such as the “discover” or “for you” page. As soon as you come across a trend, and you think it resonates best with your niche, create an Instagram reel and post it on your account to boost views and engagement rate.  

You should also keep an eye on your competitors on Instagram to check what kind of trends they are following. Discovering the “explore” page will also be effective for this purpose.

Mistake #3: Putting Non-Instagram Watermarks on Your Reels

Instagram users want to see original reels that were created solely for Instagram, as this shows you care about your audience, and you are true to your Instagram strategy.

Uploading videos from other platforms with their watermarks, such as TikTok, will be a huge bummer for viewers. Make sure you create reels for Instagram and upload them on Instagram to show you’re committed to this platform.

Mistake #4: Using Too Much Text in Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are more engaging and interactive with visuals. Using too much text in the stories can put off the viewers who are watching your stories regularly.

Hence, you should use this feature to add attractive, high-quality images or include up to 15-seconds long video. If you have to include text in one of your stories, you must limit it to a very few sentences.

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When tagging the relevant users on your stories, make sure the tags are big enough to be easily clicked by your viewers.

Mistake #5: Constantly Publishing the Same Format of Posts in Your Stories

Posting the same kind of content every day on your Instastories can make them look boring and can hurt the performance.  

For example, if all you do is post videos on Instagram stories regularly, this can be predictable and boring. Try to mix the different types of content formats such as text, pictures, videos, boomerangs, polls, etc.

They will keep your Instagram stories section interesting and highly engaging.