All about diamonds and the birth stone of April

Diamonds as the birth stone of April

There are so much more to love about diamonds. This precious stone makes up interesting history and meanings that define its value and worth. Diamond is also the birth stone of April. The world’s most expensive and valuable stone is honored to be April’s birth stone as believed that the month is named after Aphrodite, the Greek equivalent of Venus as the goddess of beauty and diamond’s relevant appearance can be compared to such personalities. In the Roman, Celtic, and Greek mythologies, April falls under the season of spring which is associated with abundance, beauty, romance, and fertility. The lavish meaning of this may have inspired why diamond as the world’s most precious gem stone is April’s birth stone. The appearance of diamond is timeless, classic, and ultimately elegant. The versatility is undeniable as it can be characterized as a modern and traditional looking stone. Diamonds are very stylish. The ensemble of this clear, transparent, and uncolored stone makes it iconic and incomparable. 

A diamond’s charm is divine

Diamonds are not only known as April’s birth stone. This stone has been used for thousands of luxurious compositions and treasured possessions. Diamonds are commonly present in jewelries and can also be found in crown, scepter, clothing pieces, watches, belts, bags, shoes, and bod parts accessories. This precious stone is seen to be indestructible and unconquerable by the ancient Greeks. Another reason why this stone is the most expensive is because it takes billions of years to form and is very hard to break, cut, or carve. Diamonds, raw or cut, were proven to stand the test of time. Chemically and scientifically speaking, April’s birth stone, the diamond, is composed of transparent crystalline in a form of carbon. This is the hardest natural element that is sourced from the earth. This pertains to the fact that crafting and cutting a diamond requires expert and seasoned skills because of its relevant difficulty due to its hardness. 

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Diamond Symbolism

More than its beauty and related purpose, diamonds also have healing powers which are associated with mystical and other-dimensional energies that can help in fortunes, protection, and good vibrations. It is believed to bring positive energy that brings mental clarity, makes one strong, and helps in eliminating the blockages that creates challenges and difficulties of one’s life. As a protecting element, diamonds carry energies that block harm, evil eye, and curses against its wearer. Giving someone a diamond, or a jewelry with diamonds is a clear symbol of love, appreciation, and care. With all of these descriptions that define the value of diamond, it is considered to be the symbol of love, luxury, strength, courage, and perseverance. As what they say “diamonds are forever”, it makes sense why a diamond engagement ring is the most practical and perfect for a marriage proposal or confessing love to someone. This precious element is not only perfect to be given to or worn by people born in April or to your partner. Diamonds’ versatility is appropriate to be given to everyone who is important to you, and the ones who you want to see very happy and flattered like your sister, mother, aunt, daughter, or grandmother. Diamond jewelries are commonly in a form of a ring which are used as wedding bands, anniversary gifts, debut gifts, and rewards. The stone has now been considered as a universal symbol of love and opulence. 

The best diamond jewelry 

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