Wondering how to remove eyeliner? Here’s the trick and treat!

The eyeliner can make you go all bold and gutsy. Oh, did you say you want to go natural? In that case, also, eyeliner is a staple! Did you know? Ancient Egyptians made their eyeliner by combining oil, malachite, and lead – all in a pestle and mortar. They believed that it would protect them from bad omen! Sounds like fun till here? What’s not so funny is – figuring out ways how to remove eyeliner before you call it a day. If you just go casual and don’t remove it, then you know for a fact – the skin breakouts, allergies, irritation – the list is endless. Why take the risk? 

Spare 3 minutes of your time and scroll down this content to find out some handy ways to let go of your eye-accentuating make-up. Tomorrow is another day, after all – let your eyes sleep well! 

how to remove eyeliner

The first question – How to remove eyeliner?

There are multiple ways and formats to follow while the removal process. However, in this article, you will find a list of ways – so you make the choice according to your preference and priority. Take your pick then – 

1. Nothing beats traditional – the cotton dab

Since you are a regular user of make-up hence having a make-up remover is natural. All you have to do is – dab the cotton swab in that make-up remover and rub your eyes slowly with it. Do not tug or scrub at your eyes, just rub gently. 

#If it’s your first time, then gently press the swab on your eyes for half a minute, and then try smoothly rubbing it. This will not only remove the liner but massage the area as well. 

2. Petroleum jelly is as good for lips as for eyes 

For starters, get the jelly from a reputed brand. Use a very thin lining on your cotton swab and slowly move it around your eyes in a clockwise direction. After a couple of rounds, take another cotton swab dripped in water and place it on the same area. (Modafinil Online) In most cases, the liner goes in a single round. 

If yours is one eyeliner that does not go in a single round, follow the same procedure a second time.

how to remove eyeliner

#Do rinse your eyes with water after this 

If by chance the jelly gets into your eyes, do rinse them with warm water 

If this works for you then do share this answer to how to remove eyeliner with your friends and family! 

3. Do you keep face wipes in your handbag? They can help

Mostly these face wipes come with fragrance and they are perfect for removing complete make-up. However, when talking about the area near the eyes – choose face wipes that are alcohol and fragrance-free. Take the edge of this wipe and try to remove the liner from the edge of your eyes first. 

Keep doing the same for some time, and take new wipes for each eye. #Just a note – Do clean your eyes till the edge of your lids. In most cases, the edge is left behind and this can cause problems for those lovely sights in the long run. Don’t pull them, you will end up getting wrinkles faster than needed! 

4. A bit dicier liner? Go for the oils 

Coconut oil or olive oil – take your pick – whatever is available in your pantry. Take a coin-size amount in your hand and rub it around your eyes. Keep rubbing in a clockwise direction and after some time use a face wipe to remove the eyeliner. 

You can also put either of the oils directly in the wipe and then try removing the eyeliner. Though multiple counts have shown the first trick to be more efficient to answer the query – how to remove eyeliner, this trick is no less. 

The don’ts of eye make-up removal

For those of you who are in a habit to rush, there are some major mistakes that you make. Here’s the list 

1.  Scrubbing your eyes roughly

Late at night, one does not really have the energy to sit down and remove their eyeliner in a specific process. Hence, in most cases, one tends to scrub their eyes out. The area around the eyes is softer and consistent scrubbing will damage that area. Also, chances are that your eyelashes will fall out due to this continuous scrubbing. 

how to remove eyeliner

2. Overdoing the product

Again, when in rush – one tends to forget the guidelines on how to remove eyeliner and starts overdoing the usage of the removal product. The key is not ‘hard work’ but ‘smart work’. So, keep it soft and long rather than short and harsh. 

3. Use good quality and branded make-up

This is not just the remover but also the eyeliner as well. Do use branded products that have a standing in the market. In case you wish to try some new products, do go slow and see how the skin reacts before overdoing it. 

Got the tips and treats on how to remove eyeliner? Well, do the needful then. 


Before you go – the Korean wave is soaring with every passing day. Do you know what they do in addition to removing their eye makeup? They rinse their eye with warm water. This not only helps maintain their eyes and keep the sparkle. Try dabbing your eyes with warm water and then rinsing. Who said that just because you are not Korean, you can’t have their beauty? Enjoy your sleep then. 

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