How to Prepare Your Face for Occasion Makeup

When it comes to occasion makeup, you inevitably want to look your best. Whether it’s a significant date in the Islamic calendar, a birthday, or some other important event, getting the right makeup is incredibly important to lots of people. Despite this, when it comes to occasion makeup, you need to get the basics right. The occasion makeup itself is rather personal, but as long as you get the initial steps right, you’re golden. Listed below are the most important steps of preparing your face for occasion makeup, to provide you with the strongest foundation possible. 

Prepare Skin Properly

The first step of any makeup routine is clear skin, as you need to start with a blank canvas. Therefore, you should always start by washing the skin with a cleanser or facial wash that’s best equipped to deal with your skin’s hydration and pH requirements. It’s the role of your cleanser to remove dead skin cells, excess oil, bacteria, and dirt. When selecting the right cleanser, it’s important to listen to your skin; otherwise, you may be using a product that’s doing more harm than good. In addition to cleanser, you should also use a lip scrub to create a smooth surface, as well as a hydrating serum. 

Prime for Your Skin Type

Once your face is clean, it’s time to prime it ready for the makeup to be applied. Your skin type will determine the type of primer you need. For instance, those with oily skin should look for a formula that mattifies the surface, whilst those with dry skin will want to hydrate and create a glowing, brightening, luminous, or dewy appearance. Regardless of your needs, there’s a primer on the market for you. If you’re unsure about which skin type you have, be sure to determine this via thorough research. 

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Select Your Foundation Properly

As the name suggests, the foundation is the foundation of your look! Therefore, this foundation needs to be strong enough to uphold the rest of the look. When it comes to occasion makeup, it’s likely that you’ll be wearing it for an extended period of time, so be sure to select one that is long lasting. On top of this, getting the right color is immensely important, otherwise you run the risk of looking like your head doesn’t belong to your body. In addition to the right color, you need to also ensure that you have the right texture, whether that be dewy or matte. 

Color Correct Where Necessary

No one has perfectly one-toned skin, which is why color correction is sometimes necessary on certain areas of the face. Color correction works by using a color that is opposite to the one that is present on the face in order to neutralize it. You can determine which color is necessary by using the color wheel, which will show you the opposite color to the one that’s present on your face. For instance, if you experience redness, you can neutralize it using green.  If you have dark purpley circles beneath your eyes, you can neutralize them using yellow. 

Conceal “Imperfections”

The final step before you get into the thick of your occasion makeup is to conceal any “imperfections” that inevitably make their way to your face from time to time. If your concealer always seems to fade away as the day progresses, you can help its longevity by applying a small amount of translucent powder before the concealer and blending it out with a small brush. Always take care when applying concealer under the eyes, as this area is prone to creasing.