Check out some delectable ground turkey and rice recipes for your weight loss regime!

Well, it seems that you do not have much good news to share in terms of your weight. As you had assumed – losing weight was at the top of your doctor’s prescribed medication for you. You will need to lose 20 lbs atleast – and that too without shredding down portions of your diet. That is precisely why you have been searching for ground turkey and rice recipes!

After all, turkey is the powerhouse of protein, and match it up with the carbohydrate powerhouse – rice – there’s no better combo pack for the weight loss but nutrient gain strategy. Fair enough – scroll down, and you will figure out some amazing concocted dishes that will leave your lips smacking – albeit with no extra nutrient in the body!

Ground turkey and rice recipes – for losing weight

For starters – as you will scroll down, you will find some of the ground turkey and rice recipes that are available from different corners. However, the cooking process is more or less similar – with the only difference in cooking time – that too will depend on the quality of the rice used. In place of rice – you can also use other alternatives.

Also, since these rice bowls are of the – once cooked and later garnished type; hence you can prepare the base and freeze it for up to 4 days. Reheat and add on the sauces and vegetables – and enjoy your dinner.

The curated recipes –

1. Go for the Mexican Taco Type

As one of the best ground turkey and rice recipes – this works well for your taste buds and weight. Apart from the constant turkey and rice (quantity as mentioned below), you will need –

  • Sour cream and mild sauce (any flavor) – both 1 tablespoon each
  • For seasoning – you will need – Nacho cheddar, cherry tomatoes (4-5 in number), around 15 gm of avocado, and 1/2 cup of lettuce

ground turkey and rice recipes

The rice and turkey bowl are to be prepared in the normal procedure. The vegetables are to be concocted with the cream and sauce and used as a topping.

2. The Greek style is one to try

A slice of cheese (fat-free though) in this variety of ground turkey and rice recipes makes this a wee better choice vis a vis others. In this case also, rather than the sauce – the vegetable toppings bring the taste. Get the rice and turkey and –

  • For the seasoning – 2 cucumbers, cherry tomatoes (4-5), 1/4th of red onion with 1/4 cup of Feta cheese (the fat-free one).

The vegetables are to be mashed along with the cheese and served as a topping.

3. The Italian style is quite easy

Now, this is where you will have to allow the sauce to seep in (almost every time). For the seasoning, you will need –

  • Spaghetti sauce – around 1 ounce. Along with that – you will need to have 3 cherry tomatoes, around 100gm of zucchini, and 1/4th size of an onion. Concoct these and either fry them on medium heat with the turkey every time you reheat the rice bowl. Else, you can just use this as a topping.
  • Just fry it to keep it simple

Nothing better than the simple flying – reheating strategy! In fact, this is one of the most opted ground turkey and rice recipes, and as per your wish, you can keep garnishing it. Get the turkey and rice accordingly and –

  • 1 whisked egg
  • A combination of peas, carrots, broccoli, beans, corn, tomatoes (cherry ones), and (any other vegetable that you may like)
  • Soya sauce – (sugar-free) – 1 tablespoon
  • In that vegetable combo – you can add Fajita seasoning, bell pepper seasonings, or even black pepper if you want.

In this case – all you have to do is – every time you reheat the rice bowl, just add the vegetables and the egg (sunny side up) and whisk a little in medium heat.

#Try to keep onion out of this dish. It does not suit the palate.

# If you want a little variety in terms of rice – jasmine rice or parboiled rice can be an alternative to the usual brown or white rice. In case you want to ditch rice for a day or two – quinoa is just the perfect replacement. Consult with your diet chart and trainer.

What to cook? 

  • You will need 1 ground turkey (it will serve 4 people – so make the changes in portion accordingly). Approximately – on a single day, you must have 4 ounces of turkey to maintain the daily protein level.
  • In the case of rice – on a per-day basis – 1/2 cup of rice (according to the standard 250 gm per cup) is what you will need for your carbohydrate maintenance.
  • The vegetables must be measured as per their raw weight. Also, here you can make some changes in the portion – as per your wish and the trainer’s instructions.

ground turkey and rice recipes

How to cook? 

The cooking procedure is usual. Cook the rice first (as per instructions). Then you cook the turkey – which should approximately take up around 12-15 minutes. Once it is tender, you can add the vegetables or the sauce and saute it for another 4-5 minutes.

# To make the sauce – add the other ingredients (as mentioned) and concoct it until it becomes thick.

Once prepared – when you are preparing it for a considerable amount – freeze the rice bowls for up to 4 days. Every time – reheat it and garnish it with the vegetables or sauce.

The nutritional information

Since the ground turkey and rice recipes are a little different from each other, the nutrient content changes a little depending on the ingredients used. However, as a standard rule, remember to get products that are low in fat and sugar. This is a weight loss strategy you are following; therefore, it is important to measure the count of the ingredients used.

#Approximately, these dishes have a Calorie count ranging within – 350 – 370 KCAL. The Carbohydrates and the Protein content range within – 35 to 40 grams. The Fat content is restricted to 7 to 10 grams.

What if you want to cheat?

That’s absolutely fine! No diet is complete unless there is a cheat meal included. So, whenever comes that day in your schedule when you want to go a little astray in your diet – one of the Korean ground turkey and rice recipes is a great proxy.

What to cook?

You will need –

  • Ground turkey – 1 pound
  • Uncooked rice – 2 cups (choose whichever variety you use  – the white or the brown ones are traditionally used here)
  • Honey, Soya sauce (the one where the sugar content is less) – 1/4 cup
  • Ginger, red and black pepper – all these 1/4 teaspoons
  • Sesame oil – 2 teaspoons
  • Garlic – 4 cloves – either you can grate it or even mince it

For garnish – use green onion and sesame seeds – either one of both as per taste

This package will serve around 4 people. Also, the cup is the standard 250 ml cup that you must take.

ground turkey and rice recipes 1

How to cook?

The cooking process is similar to that mentioned above.

In case you have any side dishes (Koreans are high on side dishes) of steamed carrots or broccoli is a great idea. A little portion of Kimchi is also acceptable.

Once the turkey is ready to be served – garnish the turkey rice bowl with sesame seeds and green onions. You can use either one of them as well.

What about nutrition? 

Well, just remember one thing: There are ways wherein you can cheat on your diet and yet not completely give up on the body’s nutritional demands. So, apart from the carbohydrates and protein content – this style of rice bowl includes –

The Calorie count is around – 600 KCAL – while the Fat count is restricted to – 11 grams. This includes around 2 grams of Saturated Fat and around 9/10 grams of Unsaturated Fat. The Cholesterol count is at – 120mg, while the Sodium level is kept at 940mg. The Protein level is kept at 30 grams with Carb limited at 96 grams. However, the sugar content (almost negligible in the other ground turkey and rice recipes at around 18 grams here).

Since it is a cheat meal, you can always make some swappings. By the way – if you want to keep the turkey completely away – try lean beef (that is originally used). (

Wrapping up

So, all ready to enjoy your style of ground turkey and rice recipes? Have a fulfilling meal then. Also, if you have used any of the alternatives mentioned in place of rice or have made alterations in any of the recipes – do make it a point to share it here. Till then – pin this article up and pick up recipes that satiate your taste buds and enjoy the same!


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